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do most watch there portions or do they just eat till they are content?

Me? I eat as much as i want. I cant help but wonder if i over eat to be honest becuase I've managed to gain / loose /gain etc.. I might be lean looking in the pic but after almost 4 years on this diet i've up about 24lbs since that original pic. Dont get me wrong its fluctuated in that time back and forth. 

So I wonder if i should excercise some portion control. but to be honest every single time i've done that in the past I'd sit around hungry and pissed off and give up on it within a day lol. 

I cant find a rhyme or reason to my weight gain either. I've tried it all with the exception of staying fully raw for a long period of time. Nothing but mixed results sometimes up sometimes down on the scale really cant put my finger on it to be honest.

All i do knwo is i feel my best eating this way which is why i continue to do so despite the fact that weigth wise i'm not super happy.

I"m 5 foot 7 164lbs. And i'm not some muscular dood I run 40-50 miles a week and never lift weights. and I know some might suggest hey try lifting weights and maybe i will but I dunno that thats a requirement to be a lean bean.

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Eat less fat and CYCLE.

I already eat like 90/5/5. Running burns more calories then cycling and I only have a limited time to exercise per day so I've chosen running to maximize the benefit besides the fact that I prefer it over cycling anyhow. 

If i had multiple hours per day to devote to excercise tho I'd probably be more inclined to mix it up more and cycle some. and it is on my list to do more cycling. Just lack the funds for a bike and the time to do it. 

Running doesn't burn more calories in a week as you are limited by how much you can run.

Cycling has almost no limits in regards to impact injuries.

Also are you in bed by 8 and do you do drugs like caffeine etc? 

Do you have a past of calorie restriction? 

Do you drink enough water? 

Drink 1L of water before each meal, in the morning and before bed. In between drink anywhere from 250ML to 750 per hour depending on activity levels etc. Be sure to be peeing clear always. Peeing 2-3 times per night as well. 

oh and i drink so much stinking water. I pee probable 15 times all night long! if anything I might drink too much water lol.

Do you eat a lot of oil, nuts, seeds, avocado etc? 

nah i really dont eat much of that. I have tried it however to see if it impacts things to go the other direction no such luck. 

I'm not limited really by how much i can run i just have a certain amt of time per day to devote to excercise I can torch more calories running during that time and prefer running is all.

I really dont see how cycling would be any better in my case. Now if i where to go out all day long and cycle vs run cycle might win or maybe rotate days and such. But I dont have that kidn of time sadly.

no other things like caffine and I'm rarely in bed by 8 and even if i was i'd never fall asleep then. Sleep is still a huge problem for me I struggle to sleep well and consistently. I have yet to find a solution.

Running is not good for your joints if you are over weight or if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for most of your life.

If you want to lose weight I'd suggest cutting out any refined processed food you're eating and stick to whole foods instead.  Things like sugar, oil, and salt are going to slow or inhibit weight loss.  Also, stop eating when you feel satiated, not when you can't physically take another bite.  

I've experimented with it a lot over the years and I've gotten a good sense of when I'm satiated vs when I'm full.  Sometimes that means eating beyond being full, or eating less than full.  It depends on the meal or your activity level for that day.  Usually when I have dinner I'll get to a point where I feel good and satisfied, but I could eat more.  It's at that point I'll either choose to eat more because I'm trying to gain weight, or I won't because I want to maintain.

yeah already do all this but thanks.

I'm baffled to be honest. there is no ryhme or reason. I've eaten considerably more then i do now even and weighed less and had a lower BF etc.. It really makes no sense.

at one point iw as running about 70 miles a week what happened? gained weight go figure.

Point is none of it relaly seems to make sense. i just assume my body is trying to find some equilibrium but at almost 4 years of eating like this I would have expected it to be there or almost there by now.

Sugar will slow or inhibit weight loss??? haha. 

The fat you eat is the fat you wear sugar has nothing to do with it. 

Sugar may not contribute to weight gain on the same scale as fat does, but if you are exceeding your caloric needs on a daily basis you will not lose weight.  Whether those calories are from fat or sugar. 

Bananas cannot make you fat. Lets agree to disagree


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