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Hello friends :).  I have been trying to raise consciousness of veganism by posting facts on facebook.  The downside is that all of my friends on facebook are pretty much people that I went to high school with or family members and they aren't so enthusiastic of the facts I share and the posts are left to stagnate.  So! I am hoping that I can get like minded people to copy + paste my entries into their own facebooks, twitters and whatever else is out there!  I don't want/ need credit all I want is to get this stuff circulating.  Here is the one I did this morning:


--Good morning! Before deciding what breakfast will consist of, you will want to consider the origin of your options.  If you are thinking eggs or any product involving eggs, here is what such a decision looks like:  there are more than 280 million chickens inside what are called 'battery cages.'  The cages, which are comprised of four chickens, measure 1' x 1' 6'' to allow for the USDA regulations of four inches of feeding space.  With such a restriction to space, the chickens can not turn nor stretch their wings; furthermore, being as these cages are made of wire and tilted (so that the eggs roll out onto a conveyor belt) the chickens' feet are covered with blisters and sores.  Living in a cage with a tilt yields deformities in the chickens' legs to such an extent that if they were to be put on solid, level ground they would not even be able to stand properly.  Because of the anxiety and frustration of a near-constant struggle for space, these chickens must be debeaked. Yet even with these precausions, bloody and defeathered chickens are commonplace. 

After a year of laying eggs, these up to 15 year-lived creatures are gassed, ground up to be fed back to the chickens or put on the market as food (if they can even survive the first year).  The healthy survivors are starved for as long as 15 days to shorten the time between laying cycles; nearly a third of these chickens will die of starvation or stress.  If they can survive this shock to their body, they will attempt another year in a battery cage. 

Knowledge is empowering.  Action is power.  Know the consequences of your actions.  Much love friends- please share.

Sources: "Slaughterhouse" by Gail Eisnitz and farmsanctuary.org.--


Again, I am simply asking for a copy+paste bit.  I'll add new posts to this forum discussion as I write them.  :)

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Did you know that in 1998 (when this book, "Mad Cowboy," was written) that 75% of all cattle are fed a nutritous blend that consists of rendered animal parts.  What is in this "rendering" that I speak of-? "...ground-up dead horses, dogs, cats [the six or seven million dogs and cats that are killed in animal shelters every year], pigs, chickens and turkeys..., as well as blood and fecal material of their own species and that of chickens...The use of animal excrement in feed is common as well, as livestock operators have found it to be an efficient way of disposing of a portion of the 1.6 million tons of livestock wastes generated annually by their industry."  Add roadkill to that list too.  Furthermore, "there is simply no such thing in American as an animal too ravaged by disease, too cancerous, or too putrid to be welcomed by the all-embracing arms of the renderer."  It, afterall, is a $2.4 billion a year industry.

this is an excellent idea, rudy!

it great that you include sources too!

if you want, i can collect your efforts into a document such as this:


we can keep accumulating facts and even categorize them like this:



that way they are available for easy copy/paste for everyone!


i don't do fb, so i can't help you out that way, but i'm happy to assist in other ways.


have you been keeping up with the how to do ar study group?

here's the link in case you missed it:



this distribution of data bits, is good concept to add on to the arsenal!


in friendship,




Do whatever you think will get these facts out for truth belongs to everyone :).

ok then just keep this thread going and i'll copy things out of it.

try to keep things consistent with this format

  • start with a title
  • have the body content
  • end with sources

doing so saves me some time.

your page is underway right here:

let me know if you want anything edited.

in friendship,


 By the way, I have been reading the "How to Do Animal Rights" and have visited the study group.  Thank you for providing such a resource my friend.  What you do is truly beautiful and I want you to know that I appreciate it deeply :).

thx rudy!

just let me know if you want to participate in the group and i'll create an account for you.

btw, since your postings will likely lead to discussion, you may find B's group helpful (i think i already told you about it, but here's the link again):

30bad internet guerilla outreach

in friendship,


Posted : ) thank u 4 this info n making it as simple as a click to try to end these perverse notation of "food"
What u guys r doing is great! Thank u!! I already had a reply to the post from an old friend that said he'd never look at an egg the same way again. I told him the best part is, he never has to eat another one



This is excellent news my friend!  Later today I am going to put together some facts given in "Mad Cowboy" and "Slaughterhouse" on how dirty chicken meat actually is.  I'll post it here as soon as I am done. 


Environmental Consequences of Eating Meat: The Rainforest-

You will want to read this friends, trust me.  I'll be making a few posts on the topic of environment degradation caused by eating animals.  For this particular post I am going to focus mostly on the rainforest.  Here are some facts founds in "Mad Cowboy" by Howard F. Lyman (1998):
-About 70% of rainforest destruction is for cattle pastures
-We are losing 2.4 acres of rainforest per second
-An area the size of Maine is cleared from the Amazon annually
-Two human-created phenomina can be seen from space: The Great Wall of China and the fires in the Brazilian rainforest.  Ranchers say that forest fires are the quickest way to clear land.  There have been up to 7000 fires spotted in one day in the Amazonian rainforest.
-Rainforest soil is fragile and lacks nutrients and thus is depleted in a few short years of growing grass for grazing.  "Humanity is rich in folly, but it's hard to think of a folly more mind-bogglingly stupendous than that of transforming infinitely rich, diverse, dense jungle into desert in a few years' time for the sake of a few more hamburgers."
-Approximitely 55 sq. ft. of rainforest is cut down for every one burger exported from Brazil.
-At the current rate of deforestation, there Brazilian rain forest will be no more in 50 years.
-A mere 3-4% of Brazilian beef comes from once-rainforest area. 
-In the last century, 2 million acres (half) of Mexico's largest rainforest has been destroyed
-In opposition to sustainable farming methods which can employ up to 100 people per sq. mile, rain forest cattle ranches need only to employ one person per. 12 sq. miles thus proliferating impoverishment.
-90% of Central American beef is exported to North America
-More than 1/3 of the Earth's land surface has suffered, to varying degrees, at the hands of livestock grazing
This is insanity my friends- unsustainable insanity.


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