30 Bananas a Day!

Update:  The friendship issue seems to have been resolved. 

I seems the update issue has been as well hopefully. 


30BaD Members,

During the last few days, there have been some glitches with our host Ning.  Some of you may have received ghost friend requests.

A few of you may be receiving repeat discussion updates within the last 24 hours.

Please pardon the dust, and thank you for your patience as these things get resolved. 

While the 30BaD team does everything in their power to make maintain this high vibe community and culture, occasionally, there are techno difficulties beyond our control. 

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Peace from the 30BaD Team

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ooops I have been sending friendship requests, hope they didn't look like ghosts ones...

No Worries.  I think the friendship thing has been resolved.  I am not sure about the updates though.

Peace, PK

A few of you may be receiving repeat discussion updates within the last 24 hours.

This has been happening with me and I have been wondering why... Now it's all explained! And of course I pardon you...

Why thank you for the pardon FaN:D  I much prefer to make Ning the scapegoat of all that is wrong:D

Peace, PK

well, the only reason i pardoned you is because you asked it... i hope you ain't too bothered by it.... love, daniel

ning is a dating service forum so what can we expect?

remember how you run out of replies? they figure if you haven't hooked up after 5 exchanges what's the point, eh?

in fiendship,


ning is a dating service forum??? really??? why do we use it here, then?

i'd be glad if i could get an answer. by the way, if there is a better system, why not use it? so, can we find/develop a new an better system? would it be much too difficult/complicated/impossible/catastrophic to change everything now that it's all long done? would we have to lose everything? do you have an answer to these questions? thank you. 


Ning is one of the most colorful and reliable social network systems out there.  Everyone can have techno difficulties.  Even last week, Yahoo was having problems with their mail system. 

I actually like the colorfulness and the way Ning has activity updates, and allows everyone to write a blog if they want. The ning platform meeting 30Bananas a day was a match made in heaven as they say.  I think that is part of the banana appeal:D  30BaD feels alive and there is always something going on. 

I forgive them the techno occasional hiccup. 

Peace, PK

remember how you run out of replies?

i'm sorry prad but i really don't get what you mean by this. could you please clarify it to me? thank you.

it's a long standing amusement of mine, daniel.


i've always complained about the ning threading structure as being unsuitable for serious discussion (as in contrast with the flat structures - ning offers that too, but we don't use it here). that's why i call it a dating service. if you keep replying to each other, you keep moving to the right until you run out of room and reply links. i claim that is so because ning wants you to hook up before that happens. :D


when i was doing some discussion reconstructions here more than a year ago, i was removed by the ningbot - my account was suspended. i like to blame that on the vengeful nings who were punishing me for making my 'dating service' comments ... actually, it was because i was repeating large posts (i was experimenting) and that triggered the ningbot to suspend me ... but i don't tell people that because it spoils the excitement of making outlandish accusations.


the ning people btw are really very nice - and i'm not saying that because i think the ningbot is watching me. they re-activated my account very quickly on more than one occasion, always responded promptly to any admin requests or questions i had a year ago. recently, they even helped my wife regain access to her account because she seemed unable to spell her email correctly or remember her password. so they really are a good bunch!!


however, when i get the chance to implement the 'dating service' attack, i do so!


in friendship,


do you think we can shift to another system? would that be possible/feasible/desirable? if so, how could it be done? if not, why? i want to help build and shape this site/community in any way i can. 

p.s. we could do the 5 replies experiment here...

no it is impractical to change systems at this point, imho.

i looked into this a year ago as far as the flat setup goes and though some people really liked it (because they were used to it on another forum), there really wasn't sufficient interest and i don't think there is sufficient benefit.


the biggest problem with ning isn't the thing i make fun of anyway.

the biggest problem has to do with allowing users to

  • delete their own posts
  • delete their own threads taking everyones work with them

people have complained about this from various forums, but ning refuses to make changes, so we're stuck with that.


in friendship,



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