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Here is my first try at making Teri Leventhal's Pesto Pasta Recipe from her amazing blog; with pics!

LFRV Pesto Pasta


LFRV Pesto Pasta

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Thanks:) hmm that's weird it's www.terileventhalsblog.blogspot.com !!



ha, now the follow up link to the recipe is broken >./p>

awww, I'm so glad you tried my recipe Phoebe!! :) It's one of my favorites! <3 <3 <3

let's try this link: 80-10-10 Pesto :)

Thanks for posting your recipies!! :) It was so yummy.. Does the garlic affect you though? I did 2cloves and it tasted so good but felt a bit sick after?
Can't wait to try your other recipies :)

funny you ask - I've actually stopped eating garlic completely just recently, because I was finding the same. Dr. Fuhrman says it's really healthy for you - but I find it makes me feel a little funny? So I've cut it out of my diet :)

Hi Teri,

i love pesto as a SAD eater- I tried to make this version but it turned out as a mash of finely chopped green leaves, nothing like the photo above or on your website, which looks delicious. I didnt add much liquid to it and did it in the food procesor not a blender - would that be the problem?

now I'm going to have to make this for dinner heehee <3

Yumm! So you just make it the same but without the garlic now? il have to try that next time because it was so good! the garlic made me feel kinda funny and toxic even this morning!

poor thing! I find the same with the garlic, it like stays with you, in your breath etc. for a really long time! It's like your body is detoxing it almost. I was trying to add it to things a while back because Dr. Fuhrman is so into it, and I really like him.... here is what he says about it... "The Allium family of vegetables, which includes onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, chives, and scallions add more than just flavor to your diet, they also add anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant compounds." But, it's been less and less appealing to me lately; it just doesn't seem tasty anymore! And, I think the bad breath in the morning from it is enough to keep me away from now on heehee.


I've been making it exactly the same way, just without the garlic, and it's been fantastic! I actually like it better, it's more mild and sweeter almost. One of my favorite sauces! I'm so glad you tried it <3 

No worries you live and you learn ;p

Oh ok yeah I think Dr Fuhrman was on a Doco Premiere I went to recently called Vegucated really inspiring, it was more vegan for the main stream though they included simple grains, spices etc. Yeah ive found since eating more & more raw that I feel "off" after eating anything spicey, onion, garlic etc. Do you do sundried tomatoes? I love putting them in tomato sauces so good!

I cant wait to try that recipe again minus garlic. :D

haha yeah bad breath is a good reason too!

Just made it! Sooooo good. thank u!


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