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I'm 16 years old and I live with my parents. I haven't told them that I'm going raw, because they WOULD NOT understand... but I've been buying a s*** load of fruit and vegetables.


-24 bananas

-A head of lettuce

-10 mangoes

-3 cucumbers

-5 tomatoes

-15 oranges

-15 apples

-A bit of cilantro

-2 bags of grapes

-3 cut up bowls of pineapple

-3 avocados

-7 pears

-10 kiwis


The total came to around $100. With my parent's groceries the total was $250. We just spent $250 groceries last week and we already ran out of food. My dad turns around and starts full on screaming at me because food was so expensive. I have had an eating disorder for four years and so food, money, and disappointing my parents are all things that REALLY get to me. I just fell a part and I'm really considering all of this. I want to be LFRV more than anything, but I don't want my parents to have to pay for it. Not to mention this is the only thing that helps me control my eating disorder. If I go back to cooked foods I'm going to continue the binge and purge and starve cycle because I can not control it.


What should I do?

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That is really helpful. It's nice to know someone went through the same thing. I'll have to stop buying mangoes, pineapple, and all that stuff. Thanks so much. <3
Where do you live that minimum wage is $10? In FL it is only $7.25!

What about food stamps? Get a part-time after school job. Let your parents know this is the only way to control your disordered eating, try to work something out with as much positivity as possible :)

Try to cut back on your other expenses to "sacrifice" your budget for food. Do you receive allowance? How bout selling stuff online, like clothes or other material possessions? Lol. Just thinking outside the box here. Good luck! Where there's a will, there's a way! Don't lose hope, it'll work itself out the way it is supposed to and you are going to THRIVE!
I'm home schooled so the job could be all day if it had to. My mom understands that I am vegan to control it, but my dad is another story.

Honestly, they don't buy me much. The only time I ever get clothes is when my grandmother gives me money on my birthday. I haven't been using a bunch of hygiene products, and so all the pay for is my Tom's deoderant, Tom's toothpaste, Dr. Bronner's soap, and food. I'll try to think of something. :D Thank you for your suggestions!
I might be able to baby sit. Actual jobs are so hard to find at the moment, that I doubt I'll be able to get one.

I think I will simplify my diet a bit. I don't know why I thought I had to buy such a variety of fruits. I never really thought I could just buy a load of bananas. Thanks for then suggestion.

Thanks so much Adrienne. :D I'm defiantly going to start making babysitting fliers and pass them around my area!

Thanks so much. :D
Some of us on here have been able to find large amounts of free food by searching Craigslist from time to time. (Recently I saw that someone near me was giving away 3 huge boxes of apples to whoever wanted them.)
That is awesome! I'll have to look into that! :D
I already shop at a pretty cheap store. Win Co! The fruit I buy isn't organic either, my parents would not go for that, but like you said, it is a ton better than processed junk food. My parents are that way with my veganism, they are accepting but they do make comments. Raw veganism would just be too much for them. I think I may be able to do baby sitting in my area for money. I just gave my dad $27 that my grandmother gave me to calm him down, but I gotta figure something else out.

My parents do know about my eating disorder, but they would believe that LFRV would be a way to fuel it, and not cure it. They would not accept it.. my mother is overweight. My dad is obsessed with body building and getting enough protein. They are not the kind of people that would understand.
I am 18 and a freshman college student currently at home for some intensive binge eating disorder treatment. I am also not really sure HOW I can afford to eat this way when I get back to college, because I have to pay for it myself again. :( And any job money I make has to go towards my education. I know some of you prefer to drop out of college and engage in "free learning," but I am hoping to become a physician someday!

I will eat as much 811lfrv as I can, but I am afraid I may have to settle for cooked foods or rice or beans or the like, as well. :( *sighs* At least it will be impossible to binge on such a pathetic intake of money!

Not really sure how to help you, but just wanted to say you're not alone. :)
Aw, man. How is the binge eating treatment going? That stuff is hard. Did school stress make your BED worse? I haven't even thought of that yet. Free learning sounds tempting, and Freelee and Durianrider sort of inspired me to go out and explore the world, but I do want to go to college and all that "fun stuff." Aha.

It's good that you are trying, though. :D If I figure out a way to get cheap food I'll let you know!

Thanks so much. <3 It helps a lot to know that I'm not the only one struggling. I hope everything works out.
Thanks! :D

The binge eating disorder treatment is going well, but it is not easy. I have had some issues with purging, as well, but those were much easier to deal with than the binging is to deal with! :(

It was parental stress over Christmas break that actually made it worse! :O They forced me to eat cooked food, and after 4 months of being 811lfrv previously, I cracked! :( And I binged nonstop on 5000++ calories for 2 months and gained like 40 lbs. :( Gah. From underweight, but it was still horrid. *gags*

Haha, what are your future interests then? ;P
I can relate to that. I went through bulimia out-patient treatment for a year and it was difficult. I actually ended up not going anymore because it was so stressful.

Gosh, that is horrible. Last month I went from 130lbs to 145lbs from eating 3,000+. The stress of changing school and having to get 130 credits done by next year is stressing me out. I know how you feel, though. <3

I'm really interested in the medical field. I love psychology, but I also love medicine. Since I was 13 I really wanted to work for WHO (wold health organization), so maybe I'll try to aim for that. I dunno, really. :D

Oh, and thanks for the friend request. :D
That is an amazing idea. My parents have never offered me an allowance, and I only clean up after myself, but if I offered to clean up after them too maybe they would give me money for food.

I'll print out a "will work for food" paper and get on that! Maybe if I do that and get a job they'll stop making me feel so guilty.

Thank you!



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