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I have been following a high carb low fat raw vegan life style for over three years. For more than a year, I have suffered from paralyzing anxiety. I wonder if there is anything diet-related that is causing these problems. Any ideas? Does anyone else suffer from paralyzing anxiety?

My guess is that my problems have got to do something with eating too little fats or not eating not enough variety of fat sources (until recently I didn't eat nuts or seeds). I don't think my anxiety has a psychological cause. Before my anxiety problem started I have never felt this type of anxiety and nothing in my personal circumstances has changed since the start of these problems.

Below I will first describe my problem and after that I will describe some life-style habits, just to give some more detailed information.

1.  When I suffer from paralyzing anxiety, I feel a pressure at my sternum. Ever task, even the simplest, feels very heavy to me. I feel like I need to do something to make me feel good. If I feel this way, I usually listen to music, look at beautiful pictures, talk to friends or reminisce about the past.
However nothing can make me feel good. It is an ongoing feeling of anxiety.
While suffering from these symptoms, I am completely unable to work at my studies (I go to college) or anything else. This causes a whole lot of other problems.

The intensity of these symptoms increases near the end of the day. Usually I feel normal in the morning, the problem starts in the afternoon and I feel so bad in the evening that I can't even get to bed. This is because I have this strong urgency that I really need to make me feel better before I go to bed!

By the way, my heart beat is normal (not very fast), when I have the symptoms described above.

2. My diet habits: In the morning I have a mono meal of a certain type of fruit. In the afternoon and evening I have a meal of one type of sweet fruit, combined with leafy greens and sometimes non-sweet fruits or fatty fruits. I only mix fats with acid type of fruits. I don't do smoothies. I eat a small portion of a fatty fruit two or three times a week. Until recently I didn't eat nuts or seeds. Occasionally (about once every two weeks) I eat some cooked foods. 

Exercise: I cycle every day for at least half an hour. I do strength exercises once a week (1 hour) and I do a pole fitness class (1 hour) also once a week. In the past I spent a lot of time on sports. 

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When was the last time you did a b12 shot?

I used to cycle with a doctor and he told me about a patient he had that was really off the rails emotionally and he gave her a b12 shot and told her to come back the next day. He said it was like night and day.

The last time I took b12 (methylcobalamin sublingual) was about two weeks ago. I did the uMMA and vitamin b12 blood test about two months ago. My b12 blood levels were very high and my uMMA value was very low, so I doesn't seem like I am b12 deficient. But thank you for asking!

Have you tried a magnesium supplement? I was amazed by how much taking magnesium reduced my anxiety, as I had though mine was mainly situational.
Have you had any improvement in the anxiety? I just recently started to have the same problem and I am trying to figure it all out. I did find out I am magnesium deficient which can cause anxiety. But perhaps a lot of things are contributing to the issue. I am working with a naturopathic doctor to try and figure it out. I hope I do. I hope you are feeling better now. Did you have to go on medication for it?
I have taken several different medications in the past, but I haven't taken any for the past couple years, I never found them helpful anyway. Personally, if the problem is nutritional and or lifestyle imbalance than addressing those issues is a better solution than masking the problem with drugs. If your experiencing anxiety that your body is telling you something is not right. The difference I felt with adding magnesium was night and day, it's amazing. If I'm feeling more anxiety I sometimes will double or triple the amount I take. I started by using edible Epsom salts, but now I'm taking it as a pill, I think it's 300 mg. you might also consider a B complex vitamin, I've heard that different b vitamins can help too.
You may also look at how balanced your life is in all aspects. Are you regularly stimulating yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
+Green Leaf Thank you for your input. May I ask what brand magnesium supplement you take? I have been taking magnesium but it doesn't seem to help. I take one that is supposedly fully absorbed but I just don't feel a difference. Been taking it over three months now. My life is definitely out of balance in other areas. I certainly need to work on that.
I would up fat intake and general amino acid intake. I'm prone to anxiety myself. Awhile back when it was crippling, as soon as I started taking a scoop to two scoops of pea protein powder a day (tons of amino acids), I felt a lot better within a week.

Hi Mila - I wonder if you have found some relief yet for your anxiety? If not, have you ever tried Chinese medicine (acupuncture or Chinese herbs)? I know they work well for me when nothing else does.

I don't know if there are any naturopathic doctors in your area who do EDS (electrodermal screening)? That can pinpoint the cause and recommend a remedy. 

Do you know exactly when it started? Were you sick, did you get bit by something, was there a trauma that might have precipitated it?

Wishing you the best of healing.... <3



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