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This is what some of my family members believe. I have never had any problems being overweight, but my father and cousin have. They eat a lot of meat, and believe that certain fruits makes you fat. Papaya is one of them they think. When I tell them i eat papaya every day, at first then don't believe me! I mean, I should be huge by this time.

My italian cousin even made a special diet during one week, (just the week when I came for a visit!) eating only mostly meat, thinking it would make her loose weight. She did this also to show she thinks that my veganism at the time was pathetic. So to make a point, she ate only meat. haha! Imagine the atmosphere at the dinner table. NOT good !

It's sad. I am half italian, and italians can be a bit obsessed by food, and very rigid in their thinking. Bit I remember long time ago, my grandmother would cook a lot a traditional vegetable dishes, mostly vegan. Nowadays, my italian cousins( the younger generation) eat so much meat it is sickening. Much more than in the past. Disgusting!!

Imagine when i'll visit them next time, on this fruitarian way: they'll think I mentally sick, honestly! It's me against the family...lol!!

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Si, essere vegana in italia e' molto strano! Ma essere fruttariana...dio mio! Cosa si puo' dire!

Good for you Dolce! Fruit is the way to go :)

The papayas pictured above are from my papaya tree which was heavy with fruit this year. Now that I have eaten them all the local supermarket has them on special.

I have been making a papaya tomato salad for lunch each day.

You should make a point of eating a large papaya in front of them as often as possible. You will grow fat in front of them and they will have proof!

Thanks everyone for your support... :)

I just love papaya when the inside is very deep orange, and so sweet :) In Thailand, the "outside" of the fruit is important (even worse in Japan, where the visual is so important when buying fruits), so some time they sell papayas that are just slightly damaged on the outside, but perfectly ripe. They always sell those cheaper (caus' the locals want "nice on the outside"), when in fact they are the tastiest ones

Papaya does make people fat. All them simple sugars.

Look at all them longterm fruitarians!! OBESE!!

Carbs make people fat. Look at these 2 families that sterotype the traditional diets of their nations and slim bodies.

If you look at Freelee in this video from 2 years ago you will see that Freelee is even skinnier. Freelee has eaten more sugary bananas then perhaps any women on the planet in the last 2 years..

Id like to see the picture of the women that has eaten the most animal products in the last 2 years...


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