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ohhh this is a fun topic.


So guys, I want some science behind your opinions ( whether it's yes or no, either require some information as to why you believe that).

All I know is I love them, but it would be nice to have some actual scientific backing as to why they're healthy or not.


& if you wanna branch out about how it's healthier ( or unhealthier) when experiencing them daily with yourself or with your partner(s) that would be great too.



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I don't have any scientific theory backing this up, but I think that having orgasms daily is healthy not only for your body, but more importantly for your mind and soul.  I truly believe that sexual satisfaction is very important for mental health and well being.  The only caveat to this would be that you would be having them everyday, only if that is where your libido is at.  Anything forced would be no fun at all.

Melissa, I love your discussions! ;)


Are you asking because you have a problem with too many orgasms?

alot of people love them too it seems ( my discussions that is:)


is to many orgasms ever a problem?



Never had too many so I have no clue. That's why I asked becasue I thought you may be the first lucky one I know (sort of).


reminds me of doug grahams a lecture where he talks about people that ask him "isnt too much sugar a bad thing?" and his answer is: too much anything is a BAD THING.
I must never had had too many in a session, in a day, or in 24 hours.
I second this. alot more enjoyable then sleeping pills too.
i think we should have as many as we wish for both sexes, that's for orgasms, as for as ejaculation male or female it wipes us out unless there an exchange of energy through the vagina and tip of penis whereas it wouldnt wipe us out. so either orgasm without ejaculation (yes men can do this too) or have a partner where u guys can learn to orgasm and ejaculate at the same time and exchange that energy. of course this can only be done with unprotected sex so it would behoove us to only do this with someone were willing to have a child with :-)
Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that male ejaculation wastes life energy or something like that. And to preserve that energy for other use it is good to learn to have orgasms without ejaculation.
"command and control" is also good by alex allman it's a really in depth 4 week how-to. what i like about alex is that he includes the mind/meditation aspect of it. not just the "penis work" :-)
I like what you wrote. : )

I like to orgasm when I feel my connection with my husband the strongest, I feel his love and devotion the strongest. For me, that can be multiple times a day when it is well. It is easy.
word :-), peace and love sister



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