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Ok, so I just saw a commercial this weekend. "Sugar is Sugar" Commercial. Any thoughts or opinions?

I don't have cabel but was over at families and saw this commercial that made me a bit upset. Still new on here, the commercial just didn't sit right with me.  Does anyone have any thoughts and opinions on this?


Here is a link but would also like any other helpful links that anyone runs across.


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What's new? It's just "good old" propaganda which is to be expected to keep people scared of fruits and other carbohydrates. 

Bingo. It makes me sick, once you understand the truth or in my case as a newbie starting to understand the truth how media will blantantly lie to convince the public otherwise.

ever watched Manufactured Consent?    The media (major) is owned by the military industrial complex


Thanks for the link I will watch it. What isn't the military behind, seriously!

Yeah, ikr. :/ 

Hopefully us going against the stream will influence this positively, make more people aware of how this is bull**** and spread the message forward. 

absolutely, the more you read and realize, the more you realize there's a ton more to learn.

The Corn Grower's Association started a public relations campaign after the growing negative publicity surrounding High Fructose Corn Syrup. They wanted to rename it as Corn Sugar, and they wanted to tell the public that it is no different than any other refined sugar. They made a website, http://www.sweetsurprise.com, full of misinformation for the general public. 

HFCS is made with genetically modified corn, using genetically modified enzymes. 

It can contain mercury. 

It is still refined sugar, which is bad for you no matter whether it's from corn, beets, sugarcane, maple tree, agave, parsnips, dates ("date sugar"), palm, etc. So even though there are health concerns specific to HFCS, they are not relevant once one embraces whole foods as man's natural and most health-giving food. 

The CGA are *****ing their pants because now, even major soda manufacturers have released new formulas with cane sugar rather than HFCS, because of customer complaints. The damage has already been done. 

I used to drink soda all the time, so I've probably drank many gallons of HFCS in my lifetime. *SHUDDER*


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