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Nutritional discrepancies in Cronometer - massive differences in vitamin amounts

Has anyone used both the online and download version of Cron and noticed any difference between them wit foods?

I use te download and my boyfriend uses the online program. We are confused about mangoes:

Cron download says that 1 mango 3635IU of Vit A

Cron online says that 1 mango 604.2IU  of Vit A

This is a HUGE difference. I double checked by using FitDay and got a different result again

Fitday says 1 mango contains 1583IU of Vitamin A

Again, a HUGE discrepancy.

I have not noticed this with Cron for any other foods, anyone have any ideas?



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Because I am a health researcher, I write books and magazines and present factual information - ergo, I need to fact check before I publish otherwise I lose my professional credence.

and my Cron tells me all is well but as we are looking at the same program saying either 3000+ or 600, it seems there is an issue with data somewhere whic needs to be looked into.

The numbers say that there is a problem with the data, I feel that this should be addressed - whether you think you have diet issues or not is irrelevant. I am merely looking at data issues in a piece of software

you're missing the point, I do get my research from source, I am interested in why Cron has such a huge discrepancy considering its data comes from the same course - namely the USDA.

I am asking this as it seems odd considering Cron uses the same data as itself, so why would cron download have such a HUGE variation in vitamin data of mangoes from the online version.

It is only with mangoes no other food, I am curious as to why - not because I use cron to source my data.

I am not really interested in other topics here just the one I posted above

Plus I get my nutritional clients to use Cron to track their own data so I want to work out why tere is a difference in data between the online and download version

ok great. but my question is really about why cron download and cron online have such vastly different data on vitamin A in mangoes - any ideas?

It would be nice for someone to actually answer this question lol

indeed! :-P

I presume that there is an error in the programming. Would be very interested to hear what the creator of Cron says, somewhat disturbing to have such a large discrepancy. I use the online version and I always struggle to get enough Vit A!

I'll email him if you'd like?





I am pretty sure that the online one has it wrong, as even FitDay has it at 1,500IU but still yeah, it would be interesting to see where the error has occurred eh

You have to careful about what units you use. I saw that calorie differences were massive in some of my entries and then realized that sometimes I thought I was specifying, say 1 banana and I was specifying 1 gram.

If it's not something like that, send them a message to let them know exactly what you are seeing so they can fix it, it could be they have a database glitch for that food, or some other error. I am sure they would want to know about it!

Yeah it's not that, cos we had both entered 1 mango

Yeah, definitely submit it to them then, I bet they'll fix that. Here's their email address:


Try putting in the amount by weight and see if that makes a difference?

makes no difference :-( 300g of mango on Cron download has still a zillion times more Vitamin A than 300g of mango on Cron online


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