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Which is worse for the body when it's trying to heal? If my organic fruit isn't ripe enough is it better to eat the cooked food or non organic fruit? I have a sensitive stomach and can only have certain foods, is it bad to have non organic bananas etc for a full day if the organic ones aren't ripe?

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There's plenty of people having superb results with 811rv with non organic foods. I've gotten super healthy with plenty conventional foods in my diet.
Thank you, I try to buy mostly organic but I am 20 and only have a part time job at the moment due to medical reasons so I am finding it hard to do fully raw organic financially as well as it's hard to find aloT of organic produce around. Which foods MUST be organic and which can be conventional sometimes? Will the residue of pesticides etc on non organic fruits weaken my immune system more? Or would say an organic sweet potato or organic grains be worse for immune function? Also what do you use to clean your fruits and vegetables? Is just filtered water ok? I've heard bicarbonate soda and apple cider vinegar solution helps with herbicides and pesticides but wasn't 100% sure on using that solution??? Thank you for your feedback

To give you a really clear answer, it probably depends on the person.  For example, organic grains might be ok for one person, and a definite no-no for someone with a more gluten sensitive genetic makeup.  Someone with detox problems (like a compromised glutathione system) might be better off with organic potatoes than conventional apples, while someone coming from a mal-nutrition background might need the extra nutrition density of fruit, and might do poorly on starches since they have very low nutrient density compared to fruit.  See what I'm saying? This might take a bit of experimentation on your part to figure out.

You said you have a sensitive stomach, and can only eat certain foods.  Based on that, it's probably much more important for you to eat the types of foods that your stomach can handle than whether it's organic or not.  Also, as you mentioned, ripeness is an issue.  If I have access to ripe conventional bananas and under-ripe organic ones, I'll eat the ripe ones every time.

Also, check out the "dirty dozen" list of fruits/veggies, and try to concentrate on eating organic versions of those.

I really don't know about properly cleaning produce.  Not sure if vinegar, bicarb, or store bought fruit wash spays are any good.


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