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I just decided to quit being a fruitarian, my teeth, my head, my breathing cant take it anymore. My teeth kill me whenever I bite on something sweet, right now this has become like torture to me. I still stand against eating animals and killing innocent animals for food. 

Anybody have any suggestions for me?

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I've had the same thing; sensitive teeth. I found it was the oranges and mandarines that did it. They can cause alot of problems, especially when juiced as they would be even more concentrated. I would suggest rinsing with water and gurgling after every meal for now on, and brushing and flossing twice a day softly with a soft toothbrush. Also, I would recommend eating foods that are not such an issue with your teeth. It's not worth losing your teeth over, and you will lose your teeth if you keep this up. Let me repeat that, you're going to lose your teeth. This is no joke. You'll lose them unless you make a change. I know I came close to it. My teeth felt like they were going to fall out. They felt like they were loose in my gums. It was as if the plague had penetrated below the gums.

I'm okay now because I stopped the oranges and citrus fruits and blending of all fruits such as tomatoes, lemons, and grapes and I rinse and gurgle after every meal. It must be done and done well or, like I said before, you'll lose your teeth. We have to be careful with our bodies. They are like glass and once broken often cannot be repaired.

If you'd like to eat cooked food for now, just to be careful, I'd recommend eating some cooked sweet potatoes or brown rice for calories. Please be careful.

Though you could be going through some kind of healing crisis -- the body reacts in different ways to detoxing and it can sometimes be surprising and unexpected.  However, if you are in discomfort -- you can slow down with other foods that cause you no pain.

What is your B12 level? Are you deficient? Do you know?

- If you don't know, get it checked. This aspect of health is more important than you may realize. Get both types of tests done (urine and blood analysis).

What is your Vitamin D level?

- Even though you live in the Middle East where sun is more prevalent than in the northern hemisphere, regardless, what is your Vitamin D level? Is it low? Are you deficient? Do you know? It's another all too important aspect of overall health.

How is your water intake?

- Are you drinking enough water to urinate, clearly, 8 to 12 times, consistently, everyday of every month of the entire year? Is your water clean? Are you drinking the heavily fluoridated, chlorinated, pesticide ridden tap water? Are you drinking well water that has traces of toxic drainage from sewer systems? Are you drinking mountain spring water that is succumbed to aerial spraying, processed in a factory and sat on a shelf in a plastic container? Stop. Drink distilled water. 

How is your resting?

- Is your resting habits consistent every day? Are you consistently sleeping in a dark, quiet location that doesn't silent interrupt the R.E.M. phase of your rest? If your rest isn't consistent and well, use earplugs and a sleeping mask or fix your sleeping situation.

You say you have only easy access to pesticide covered non-organic fruits and vegetables? You might as well eat cooked starches over non-organic fruit that is full of toxic chemicals that can adversely effect your body, especially if you're recovering from an already toxic dietary regimen.

How well are your vegetables grown in your country? Is the soil properly taken care of so that proper levels of minerals are contained in your vegetables? Do you know? Are you eating non-organic when you do eat them? 

You may be better off taking a high quality multi-vitamin and eating clean, unsalted, sweet potatoes and brown rice over eating non-organic, pesticide covered, fruits and vegetables that have low mineral content due to terrible soil practices. Talk to Don Bennett on 30BAD or see his website at http://health101.org for more information on not getting enough minerals through eating vegetables grown in poor soil and why it may be important to take a high quality multi-vitamin. For the record, I'm not recommending that this is the best way to health, but if you live somewhere on the Earth where vegetable growing practices are poor.. then you may be just ingesting plant fiber, pesticides, and a minimal amount of raw minerals.

Regardless if fruit and vegetables are the best for your body, if you're eating poor quality, pesticide covered, conventional and eating in massive quantities per day; you're going to obviously run into health problems. Some people may be better at dealing with pesticides, some run into severe health problems and fall off the fruity wagon quickly.

If it's too difficult to obtain proper food in your country, then leave. There's no other way around it, unless you have the funds to grow your own food. Even if it requires that you change your life's vocation, leave family and friends, and venture off to somewhere completely unknown; if your health is an important aspect of your life, then change your personal environment to better assist in your health goals.


I never thought of checking my b12 level to be honest.

However, I checked my vitamin d levels and they are okay since I am exposed to the sun 60% of my time.

 Are you drinking enough water to urinate, clearly, 8 to 12 times, consistently, everyday of every month of the entire year?

Yes, I am, I go to the bathroom more than 10 times a day

 Is your water clean?

Well, I hope so, since I only drink bottled water, and no, I dont drink tap water its unhygienic and tastes like chemical infested crap.

How is your resting?

Well, my sleeping habits are incosisten since I am an engineering student, I barely get sleep, but when I am able to I usually oversleep, I would sleep from 8 pm till 8 am and I always sleep with earplugs to avoid nose pollution.

How well are your vegetables grown in your country? Is the soil properly taken care of so that proper levels of minerals are contained in your vegetables? Do you know? Are you eating non-organic when you do eat them? 

In my country most fruits are exported and picked up before they've ripened, and the ones that are grown locally are infested with pesticides and chemicals. And from what I know it seems even the fruit that is labeled under locally organic grown is sprayed with chemicals and all that crap. And the only thing that I am able to get organic is basically zucchini and lettuce and some herbs thats all. All fruits are non-organic exported from other countries. This is usually due to the ignorance of many people around here, do you know what a certain dietician told me? When I asked her about why our country lacks organically grown healthy fruits, she replied back coldly by saying and I quote her "Well, organic fruit is for cancer patients and people with weak immunity" and that seems to be the popular notion around here. And again today for the millionth time I came across someone who told me that fruits make you fat especially bananas LOL! I was too tired to argue with her but I challenged her to bring me one person whose actually fat from only consuming fruits, she just backed out of it and left.

So from your post, I take it that its better for me to just quit eat fruit unless their organic because they are just depleted run down versions of the original fruit *sigh*  I am really jealous of anyone that lives in Australia/Thailand or any of these places.

I would recommend reading the book "Could It Be B-12?" You can find it on Amazon for a very reasonable price, and I'm sure you could have it shipped internationally easily. This book will further inform you on the importance of maintaining a proper level of B-12 in your body and also directions on what to order your doctor to test, to insure that they are actually properly testing your B-12. Anything from stress, pollution, improper diet, toxic food chemicals, pesticides, aerial spraying, poor water quality, past surgery or medication, born to a mother with lower than average B-12 can all lead to a B-12 deficiency. Considering that you can't overdose on B-12, and considering that the amount of health problems associated with it are very high; it's all too obvious that B-12 should be a main focus when achieving overall health.

If it turns out that you are low, than I would recommend a shot regimen of methylcobalamin once a day for a week, than once a week for the remainder of the month. Then have your levels checked again. If the B-12 level has dropped; try to maintenance your B-12 level with a high quality sublingual. Get checked again in another few months and if it drops even with a high quality sublingual, then you may be one of the many that have to have monthly B-12 shot regimens. At least until you change your environment and are living on actual clean and organic food.

Most bottled water that is labeled "drinking water", is in fact tap water from the place that it was distributed at. Even if they might filter it, filtering will not get rid of fluoride or other chemicals that water should not have. The only commercially bottled water that I know of that is labeled distilled (with added 'electrolytes') is "smart water".

If water quality is poor and you're forced to drink bottled water, and you are concerned with your health and well being in any sense, I would highly recommend purchasing a distiller and distilling your own water. Not only will you be drinking water that is in it's most pure state (H20), but you'll save much money and create less trash from not having to purchase bottled water. Seeing that we can go more than a month without food and just days without water, water in a sense is more important than food. Make sure you're drinking the cleanest source. Plastic bottled water that's sourced from the distribution centers local fluoride, chemically filled tap water is far from ideal.

In regards to sleep, consistency is key. It would be better to consistently sleep 6 hours per night, rather than barely squeeze in 4 and then make up for it with 12 hours of rest once a week. If because of school you're unable to squeeze in more than 6 hours, consistently, every night; then at least this weak aspect of your health is temporary, as I would hope that once you were done with school you would be able to focus on a more consistent sleep schedule.

If you're going to school for engineering, it seems as if you could find a job in most countries. Tough out the years you're in school in your sub-optimal living conditions. Find a job in Thailand, Northeast Australia, Hawaii, Central and South America, or at worst, Southern California, Florida or Texas. If you have the ability to work and live in these locations; you could not find a better place to live this lifestyle and easily thrive.

You dont get enough sleep but you want good dental health? Not gonna happen champ.

You have to be wealthy to get enough fruit cals in Australia or very well connected. US is the easiest place on earth to get good organic produce.


I have skimmed through this discussion, and I will try to give you some tips to help you make it work. 

First of all, have you been to a dentist lately?  Sometimes people come to this diet with pre existing teeth problems and then blame the fruit.  You teeth may be getting cleaned and or plaques are being removed which may be exposing sensitive areas.  The good news is, some of our members have been able to remineralize their teeth after a few months on this diet. 

Several things to consider are make sure you are eating enough calories, a minimum of 2500 for females, 3k for males.  If you exercise, work, have a family, go to school, ect, eat more.  This is to ensure you not only have enough energy, but you have the building blocks of vitamins and minerals to rebuild healthy body tissues. You can track your calories here:



Teeth and Greens

The next things is make sure you are incorporating leafy greens in your diet such as romaine lettuce.  I have traveled overseas, and I know you probably have access to things like spinach and baby spinach (if you like Indian food aka polak), cilantro, parsley, turnip greens, and or romaine lettuce. 

I can tell you from personal experience that if I get lazy with the greens, my teeth hurt too.  Think of fruits as being predominantly high in vitamins and some minerals, and greens are predominantly high in minerals and chlorophyll.

Make sure you are eating low fat raw fruits and leafy greens and not the cruciferous veggies like brocolli.


In nature, our primate cousins subsist on fruits and leafy greens and do not have teeth issues.


Your diet:

1 liter of orange and mango juice

The 30BaD team does not recommend that new members do juicing.  This can lead to digestive problems and yes, the juices may be too acidic or high in sugar and may be causing your teeth problems.  Even though you may be getting enough calories, if the juices go straight through your digestive system, your body may not be absorbing them which will lead to deficiencies.  

Here is what we have to say about juicing from the banana wagon tour of which I highly recommend you read:

The case against juicing:

Based on personal experience and dealing with members of 30BaD, we recommend skip the juicing and here is why:

Many of our members have had troubles with juicing such as indigestion, sour and or acidic stomach, acid reflux,  blood sugar spikes, dizziness and brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, and inability to absorb and assimilate calories, vitamins and minerals in spite of high calorie count. 

Juicing removes the fiber from the fruits n veggies. 

Fiber is much needed in our intestines to regulate hydration and water absorption, to slow down digestion so that the body can slowly and properly assimilate vitamins and minerals, prevents blood sugar hikes, and prevents diarrhea and constipation. 

Without this fiber, nutrients, calories, and carbohydrates can pass right through the system without being digested and assimilated and possibly lead to weight loss and or malnutrition. 

It is better to train yourself and your digestive system right from the beginning to properly chew, digest, and assimilate fruits and leafy greens.

If you are having a difficult time with calories, then smoothies might be a compromise.  With smoothies, the whole fruits and greens are blended and some of the fiber is still intact.


Regarding your fruit:

Make sure it is ripe.  Unripe fruit can cause tooth pain and other symptoms such as gas and bloating.


What you are eating:

5 to 8 bananas 20 dates Mandarines Pineapple Apples Passion fruit  Green Apples

I recommend that you cut out the pineapple.  Many of our members have troubles and or allergies to pineapple. 



Make sure you are getting enough sleep for rest, and rebuild and repairs of your body tissues.   That could be 9-12 hours.

Make sure you are drinking 3-5 liters of water a day to wash out the toxins in your body.  You may be going through some detox right now which could be causing head aches. 

Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of direct sun light on your head and skin every day.  Sunlight is our main and best source for vitamin D.  Without Vitamin D, we may have problems properly utilizing other vitamins and minerals such as calcium. 

I already mentioned eating enough calories. 

If you are having any digestive upsets you can try a fruit island for a few days.  Pick your favorite fruit and only eat that for a few days to allow your body to heal.

In conclusion, many of us do best eating mono meals of fruit, but eating a rainbow of fruits and greens over the course of time. 

Peace, PK

BTW, for more information, you can read the following books:

The 80 10 10 book By Dr. Graham for purchase here:


Freelee's Ebook is for purchase on how to do this diet with success:


For more information on why we avoid coffees, teas, spices, and things like medicines:


And if you cannot get the 811 book, this free e book comes to the same conclusions of eating a low fat raw fruitarian diet and explains why animal diets are bad, high fat diets are bad, and why grain based diets are bad for human health:

Improving on Pritikin You can do better, By Ross Horne


Grains are very hard on the teeth.  As Adam wisely suggested, if you are going to eat cooked starches, eat potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I had a problem with horrible pain in one tooth when I ate dates.  I went to the dentist and turns out I had a crack in my tooth, not a cavity.  I had a problem with anemia when I was 19 and I chewed a lot of ice for about 2 years. So that likely caused the crack.  They put some bonding into it and now I don't have a problem eating dates.  

The breathing thing could likely be detox and a sign that your lungs are doing some healing.  Try to get a lot of rest.

Re: the breathing problems..

Mine are triggered from 1) mercury amalgams and metal dental implant I had removed, 2)gluten, 3)dairy, 4)soy, 5)corn, 6)any and all preservatives, practically and some oils (e.g. - canola oil and also I think some vinegars, but not sure)

I know I have an autoimmune condition and believe it's from the heavy metals that have been removed from my mouth and probably from vaccines I have received.

This supp helps me greatly: http://www.amazon.com/NOW-Foods-Thyroid-Energy-Vcaps/dp/B0013OZCGE/...

I only use Now Foods brand supps b/c they are gluten and dairy free and will list any soy they use.  Also they are careful to list any allergens and are mostly allergen free.

They also sell sublingual b-12.  I also like their Eve multivitamins for women.

Oh, and the Thyroid Energy supps contain Irish Moss, B-12, other b vitamins, no stimulants or anything and lots of iodine, which sometimes the thyroid is depleted of.

Don't know if it will help you or no, but I think I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism and it makes the world of difference to my body.

If you're on any other supps, I would take a good look at them, because I react to any and all other supps, but the ones I put here. (and no, I don't work for Now :) )


Hope you feel better soon.


I'm not a fruititarian. Try rinsing your mouth out with water after acidic meals and maybe add rice, potatoes, and more greens and just stick to vegan high carb low fat for now!

not that im trying to stir it up but..potato starch is acturly harsher on the teeth than sugar.

Just quit Nana. Its not for you man. 



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