30 Bananas a Day!

Newbies: if you don't own the 80/10/10 Diet - buy it now!!!!

Stop browsing the forum and go to foodnsport.com or amazon and order a copy.

Put it on your credit card. Figure out how to pay for it later if you don't have the money.


I'm serious!

I keep reading posts here on 30bad which show that some folks don't have a grasp of the basic concepts of 811.

PLEASE for the benefit of this community and for health seekers everywhere get yourself a copy of the book ASAP and read it cover to cover at least twice.

Don't become one of the people who failed on 811 and went back to animal products and now shouts from the rooftops "811 didn't work for me! It's not the diet for everyone! Eat grass fed beef! Suck on a cow's teet!" to rationalize their failure and laziness and cowardice and selfishness for wanting to take from another living creature something that does not belong to them for their own ostensible benefit.

A good way to fail at something is to not know what the h-e-double-hockeysticks you're doing. Most of these so-called failed 811ers never read the book. How can they say it didn't work for them? They weren't even doing 811.

I know deep down in an indescribable place in my heart that humans are frugivores. Most people are trying to live their lives as if they were otherwise. How much pain and suffering of human and animal alike goes on this very moment because of ignorance or denial of the truth of who we are?

Most of you have no idea what this lifestyle and this forum means to me. 811 will save your life. But only if you do it right.

Ignorance kills. Look at the world around you!

Every person who fails at 811 is another nail in the casket of our species. Don't underestimate the impact you can have on the world. Ordinary individuals can change the course of history.

I want you to succeed on this path. I want you to have your life back. I can't give it to you though; you alone must overcome all obstacles in your way to find it.

The first obstacle is lack of knowledge.

So please for your own benefit and for the good of the planet buy the dang book already. That is all. thanks. :)

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Top advice indeed! You nearly inspired me to buy a second copy!
thanks tom, I hope I'm mostly preaching to the choir here. in any case I own 2 copies of the book, it's not a bad idea actually because that way I can lend a copy to a friend (which I'm doing atm).
I need to get another copy too, lol. My 811 book is such an (ethical) slut.
Why 80 10 10? I am doing a raw food diet, but don't know what the benefit would be to do the 811rvf. I have no craving and am doing raw vegan. Just curious to see what the hype is regarding 811rvf and also what it is doing 30 bananas a day. Haven't seemed to be able to navigate around here very well since there is way too much to look at.

Be curious to know.

Thanks so much!
Basically when eating a raw diet you have to make sure you're getting enough calories or eventually you'll go back to cooked food. Scientific evidence points conclusively to high levels of fat and protein being the cause of most degenerative diseases in humans (see The China Study) which leaves us with carbohydrates being our main source of calories. Raw vegetables are low in calories so can't make up the bulk of our diet and nuts contain too large an amount of fat to be eaten in any large quantity. This leaves us with the sugars contained in fruit. Indeed if you look at other animals who have a similar physiology to ours, they all thrive on high carb fruit foods so a high sugar diet could be called a 'species specific' diet. The 80-10-10 in Dr. Grahams book refers to the minimum of 80% of our calories from carbs and a maximum of 10% from protein and fat.

Hope this helps.
great points ryan and tom.

not to mention 811 has also helped folks overcome chronic health conditions ranging from depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, type 1 bipolar disorder, type 2 diabetes, obesity, anorexia, colitis, schizophrenia.. that's just off the top of my head, there's more maybe other folks can chime in.

In any case jennifer order a copy of the book and find out what the hype is all about! you'll find out it's like the hook from that well known public enemy song without the word "don't". ;)
I am struggling with an eating disorder. I always come back to this way of life. I have been having some health challenges and have been realizing that I have been undereating for quite some time. I definitely need to buy the book because I am tired of food controlling my life. I just do not want to fail or give up on this diet.
There is your mistakes right there Holly.

1. This aint a diet, its a lifestyle!! Sleep, water, sun, exercise, life of contribution etc.
2. You dont have an eating disorder!! Nobody does! They just aint eating enough calories from sweet fruit and therefore reach for second rate calories and feel the consquences as a result.

Stop being a victim and start being a champion.
I'd like to agree with you here DR but for instance, take someone who who self induces their own vomiting, their eating has to be considered disordered.

What you should really be saying is anyone & everyone who is not following 80/10/10 or something similar has an eating disorder which needs correcting, would you agree?
That's an interesting way to look at it. The eating disorder part is that people don't allow themselves to eat an appropriate amount of calories on a consistent basis. Then anything can happen.

Not only does a persons metabolism get out of wack but so does the ability of their stomach to digest food.

It is really a thinking disorder- and this affects everything..



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