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Hi there,

My name is Josette, aka DJ imaginette, and I'm new to your site.  I stumbled upon it while looking for some information about food combination diets, and have to say that I'm quite impressed with all the information.

But seriously, you're all so HEALTHY compared to me.  I'm a lovely, yet morbidly obese lady that has literally come to the end of my rope and decided to change my attitude toward food and how I deal with it.  Emotional eating, using food to fix things it's not meant to fix, etc... 

I've always had a low iron count, and was basically a vegetarian, but only went in 100% fruit/veggie for 6 months.  Doctors screamed "eat this meat, your iron is too low, eat this meat", but I basically only ever ate meat out of habit.  John Robbins movie "DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA" really opened my eyes.

In the 6 months that I was a vegetarian (in the late 90's), eating with food combination (and a LOT of fruit), I lost 100 pounds.  It's since found me again, and brought a lot of it's friends to the party, but that's only temporary insanity.

I'm as big as I ever want to be - and it's not a pretty number.  I'm dedicated to eating this way for the rest of my life.  As I have soooo much waste/weight to release back into the universe, I'm confused about how many calories I should be eating.  I've been to CRON-O-METER and NUTRIDIARY, and am getting different data.

Any support/hugs/information appreciated.  My Dad ruined his body with his poor eating habits - I feel sorry for him, but can't help him.  I also will not end up in a similar situation.  Long story, but he's still in the hospital/rehab, kidneys shot, heart issues, cancer recovery, it's not pretty.  He still can't control his cravings.

I'm on day 2.5 of this journey, and my head is clearing up nicely.  So excited!  Look at me, I'm all about fruit and veggies!  :-)

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yup over eating on simple carbs melts away unwanted weight

Hello there! I am new to this lifestyle as well. (Day 3) Good luck on your fruitful journey!

yay! good for u for reclaiming your health!

 I'm a lovely, yet morbidly obese lady that has literally come to the end of my rope and decided to change my attitude toward food and how I deal with it.

The end of one rope is the easiest time to grab hold of a different rope ;)

Check out the Welcome Wagon for all kinds of useful info. And just dive in to the fruity lifestyle as best you can!

Jossette, so glad you found us at a time when you so needed us! This is the information you need about calories: 

Most of us are used to "calories in/calories out" models of weight loss, and we think that in order to lose weight, we need to eat as much calories as we would need at our "target weight." Completely erase this information from your mind as it is wrong. 

Your body is a big physical living mass. Every square inch of it needs carbohydrates as energy - every cell. If you decide to eat as much as you'd need if you were, say, 100 pounds lighter, you are essentially starving all of your cells. In response, they go into ketosis. This is why Dr. Atkins was obese and died of a heart attack. Low-carb = ketosis. Not enough calories = ketosis. Some people manage to lose weight this way but it is not sustainable since you are robbing your body of energy and so eventually will gain the weight right back. 

As long as you are eating less than 10% fats, you will lose weight. Start out at 2500 calories a day of fruit, since that is the minimum that we recommend for women here. Note that it will be very hard to eat that much fruit at first, since your stomach is probably used to low-volume high-density foods and fruit is high-volume low-density. I feel that because you are overweight by a significant amount, you will probably need more than 2500 cals to maintain your energy level. Don't be scared, because 2500 cals of fruit will do nothing except give you energy and help you drop weight. You might even need 3,000 or 3,500. I am a 140 pound 6'2" male and if I don't have at least 3500 calories daily I don't have enough energy and I crave fatty junk foods. My weight has been stable for months. 

One last note - the calculations that Cronometer and Nutridiary do for daily caloric intake are based on Standard American Diet models. Not accurate at all. For instance, it tells some people they need 1150 calories. That is called starvation/path to anorexia. 

Wow, thanks for the information.  I started eating like you all do on Friday, having only slipped up to eat breakfast with my stepson and husband on Saturday (french toast) - felt slightly ill afterwards, but got right back on track with the next meal. 

When I started this 811 way of eating last Friday I weighed - wait for the gasp - 321 pounds.  Yes.  Yuck.  It hasn't even been a week, and I am already feeling much better, and even managed to drop a 3.5 pounds.

I am not eating enough calories - and yes, it freaks me out to eat more.  Better have another pear ;-)

Use a CPAP machine to sleep at night, take AMBIEN every night to fall asleep and then stay asleep without waking up multiple times (mind also races at night), and take a mild blood pressure medication.  My blood pressure was just normal as of last month, but I'm not sure when to approach my doctor about this way of eating, getting heatlhier, and getting off the medication.  Anyone that has ever experienced this before, or if you know of anyone in my size category that had success in this 811 lifestyle, I would really appreciate pointing me in their direction.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, I really appreciate it and all the support you have given to me. :-)  you all rock!

Most doctors receive little to no nutrition training in medical school. They are bound to repeat you the same things that got you overweight "calories in-calories out, 'balanced' diet, everything in moderation, eat your fish and red meat, etc etc etc. 

What you can do, though, is wait, because eventually you may find that your body no longer needs the BP meds and eventually the ambien. At that point you can talk to your doctor. No need to mention the diet specifically, but if he asks, you can say you eat a lot more fruit and veggies. Unless your doctor is a "cool" doctor and "gets" it. Some people manage to find doctors that are "cool" with 811. Some people have doctors that are downright mean and try to scare them and guilt them into eating "normal food" again. So be careful with the doc. He only has your best interests in mind, but the information he has been taught suggests to him that everything you are doing is wrong (even if you're getting results.) If you need nutritional data to back things up for your own sake, read the 80/10/10 book and look around the forum because there are plenty of links and references and discussions of relevant vitamins (B12, minerals, vit. D, essential fatty acids, etc.) 

Hey, be sure to take some "before" pics so maybe in a year you can contribute to the "before and after" archives of 30BAD members. 

Thanks Peter, thanks everyone!

I've taken some before pics, and even am thinking about video.  The less we like what we look like, the more we shy away from the camera.

I get what you're saying about my doctor... I will wait it out, think about the meds further down the road.  My husband is very supportive, but even he was trying to get me to eat ice cream last night.  He knows I love it, but I think what I love is the consistency and flavor, not the dairy per say.  So time to try frozen banana or mango "ice cream" that I could make in the VITAMIX.

The thing that is the most different is the cooking food thing.  Warm meals, the normal routine thing I guess.  It's not that I miss it, it's that this is different.... it's new. 

Thanks for your notes, everyone.  :-)

Hi Josette, I also send you a biiig WELCOME and warm huggs :) I'm so happy you've joined us and that you want to change your life!! I'm sure you will get 10000..of benefits!! I wish you all the best, peace and love from Desi

Welcome!!!  I am so glad you are here.  I also am just starting out.  This is day 2 for me.  I have researched this calorie thing way too much myself.  I have been making sure that I get at least 2500 calories, like everyone recommends, yesterday was 2600.  I by the way, am 5'8 and 193 pounds.  So, I also need to lose and it was hard fro me to eat more(mentally), but I felt great and no cravings!  I also lost almost 2 pounds in two days, probably water weight, but I am happy.  I will friend you and we can help each other out!!!!  Have a great day!

Hiya Josette,

If you use food emotionally and comfort eat - it's my opinion that you don't try to take that away from yourself right now. That would maybe create resentment towards your new lifestyle of healthy eating. It is possible to take comfort in the rich dense fruits like ripe bananas and dates (or whatever other fruits you fancy, I find these to be the most heavy and settling though), you can eat as much as you need to and you don't need to feel any guilt afterwards. Always, always have an emergency stash of the good stuff to hand, and you'll avoid slip ups and unnecessary suffering. I used to scoff down a pint of ice cream like it was nothing, enjoy the buzz for an hour before the sugar-crash descended on me with a physical wave of guilt and depression. Horrible. I have never yet felt that crash/depression after the buzz of a 2ltr fruit smoothie wears off. Fruit sugar is very different!

Don't ever let yourself get hungry either. I only really crave things I know are not healthy for me when I have not had enough fruit carbs during the day, and if you are well prepared your habitual cravings will eventually fall by the wayside :)

Josie (((((HUG)))))!!!!  I really also want to say that it isn't all your deciding to eat that toxic phood.  It is designed so that we eat it more and more and more!  Then we feel like crap and eat more!  Then we beat ourselves up!  Viscious cycle and one that ends in disease, being overweight, lack of self-respect, and early death.


You are here now and you have support.  That is the only thing you need to concentrate on.  One step at a time.  811rv is THE best and safest program for us to have.  Do your best and reach out when things get choppy. 


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