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I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and trying to do an all raw pregnancy from here on in. I did a really high raw content my last pregnancy with great results. My issue is I have no desire to eat when I am pregnant. Hence why I've found my way back to raw food as its the only food I find appealing. I know I'm  undereating though and I am struggling to get around my body's lack of interest in food. I feel full all the time and have a lot of energy but I want this to last. I don't want to crash and burn. It's not an option with a 19 month old toddler who needs his mom.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? I haven't been tracking my food the last week I've been doing this but if it'll help I'm totally willing to start.

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You definitely need to start tracking your food, to make sure you are getting enough. I don't know what people recommend when preggers but try to start hitting at least 3500 daily and from there, see if you need more. Of course if you have a toddler to take care of you will need even more. If you don't track your food, you will underestimate and will crash. Eventually you will know how much to eat, but for the foreseeable future you will need to track. 

One thing that helps me to eat more is this: Get up, drink 1-2L of water. Eat juicy fruits for breakfast - melons, citrus, etc. A note on melons - if one end doesn't smell, it isn't ripe. Only buy ripe ones for they do not ripen any more once picked. Eat denser fruits for lunch - bananas, mangos, soaked dates or datorade, etc. Try to keep it as mono as possible and as ripe as possible. These are basic Natural Hygiene principles. Often I have a mid-afternoon meal if I still need more calories. Then for dinner I might have a big salad, sometimes with fruit on it. 

If I eat denser fruits for breakfast, I eat less, then I can't eat as much for lunch. 

How about trying to plan more frequent meals with high calorie fruits?  Just remember, as your baby grows, eating raw will feel so much better, digesting so much quicker for great energy and room for growing babe.  Does your toddler wake at night?  If you have to get up anyway in the night, down a few bananas then.  When your baby is born you'll be up at night for sure, and you could get used to eating then, may be a good way to up the cals.

I understand this is meant as a suggestion to help up the cals. But with all respect, I disagree that eating in the night is a good solution. This can disrupt sleep more than waking up to calm a toddler can - the food is digesting for much longer than you were awake for. REM sleep is important. I feel that the benefit one would get (a few hundred more calories) is outweighed by the risks (disturbing sleep for a significant period of time by having food digesting during the night.) 


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