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New to the diet and need help! Candida anxiety, low bood sugar

I have candida and tried the high protein/fat diet. It works okay, but not 100%. I tried to convert over to this by doing low/no fats for a few days and then I switched over and on that day I ate greens for breakfast, 4 bananas for lunch, and greens for dinner. I was afraid to load up on fruit right away and I am glad I didn't. What I experienced was a major yeast outbreak and even felt it in my head/ears. I also had extreme anxiety and moodiness to the point I couldn't be at work. I saw a bunch of yeast in my stool which normally I do not. When I took out the fruit the next day everything settled.

What happened? I am not sure I can handle that experience again.

Also, as much as I would love to make this my lifestyle, I have severe reflux and gastritis. Unfortunately, fruit tends to irritate my esophagus/stomach. I understand this may be the best way to eliminate candida imbalance, but am not sure I can do it beyond a month or so because of the other issues. I also get low blood sugar very easily. If I get to a point where I can't eat so much fruit, can I switch over to low fat grains for a carb source and lower the fruit and sustain my results?

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Welcome! :)

A great place to start is Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!

The anxiety and moodiness likely came from under eating on that day you ate mostly greens which are very low calorie.

The candida increases when blood sugar gets high.  Eating low fat will correct blood sugar problems but for the first few days or weeks some people benefit from a short 1-2 day water fast to reset things and/or eating low glycemic foods for a few days before adding in other fruits- plus you can add greens to your smoothies to help keep blood sugar stable.  Another problem people run into is not eating fruit that is truly ripe and/or eating vegetables that are high cellulose and therefore very hard on the digestive system.  The link above has lots to read which covers most of these issues and much more. 

I recommend implementing bitter herbs into your diet. Indian bitter melons are the least tasty thing on the planet, but you can drink a gulp or 2 every morning, and it should help you in every regard you seek (I used to have a huge problem with canker sores and never knew why, then I started to ingest bitter herb juices [bitter melon, cilantro/parsley] and they went away for good). They are cheap and potent, but not tasty, so chugging them is useful. Jackfruit might be useful for you if you want something tasty that is an ok alternative for those with diabetic mindsets.

I found drinking coconut water/ (coconut smoothies with herbs like Ceylon cinnamon/vanilla) useful in case you fear candida so much. Ayruveda has a ton of useful methods against 'parasites' including tongue scraping, oil pulling, and the useage of turmeric, black pepper/ cayenne/ fenugreek seeds, drinking water out of copper pots/cups is anti fungal as well.

Cold showers, dry skin brushing, not dwelling on stress/worries, and exercising might be useful to consider. While diets are impactful on our health they are not the only thing you should focus on. We all have to focus on our individual 'lacks'. While fruit is great, grazing fruit all day is not better than eating 1 meal of cooked a day.

To get healthier, the individual has to break their bad habits. Their bad habits of being guided by pleasure only. It is very easy to conjure up convenient excuses and seek convenient info on the web. Do not lose patience and keep aiming high.

Love, Nafets.



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