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I hate pulling all-nighters and normally I would try my best to avoid it, but I have a final exam tomorrow and I am NOT ready. What raw foods or drinks do you suggest to help me stay awake and keep me focused and energized? 

My problem is that when I lack sleep I feel physically ill and get a bad headache. I would like to avoid that as much as possible.  I am going to the grocery store today, so I am going to pick up my "study foods".  And later I think I am going to go get a fresh juice. What kind should I get? veggies or fruits?

Thanks guys!  I don't want to blow this raw food diet just because I didn't study enough for this test. 

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So you suggest oranges? How did you feel after those bananas?

my friend suggested fat and protein...but i obviously don't eat too much of that.. 

Eat lots of really juicy fruits like oranges and water melons that are easy to digest. Stay away from dense fruits with lower water content like bananas and dates. Drink tons of water. 

When you are sleep-deprived the left side of your brain (which needs more sleep) is tired and fighting, and the right side of your brain (which barely needs any sleep; this is the side that dreams and is active while the left side is asleep) is still there. Unfortunately it is your left brain which will try to do most of the work on the test. Your right brain will help you understanding concepts and ideas, but your left brain will not do very well trying to read text and memorize data by rote, which is what it is good at when awake. 

Thanks to Said and Peter!  I was able to stay up on oranges, bananas, and nuts, though I did end up falling asleep for a couple hours, but that's ok. After my exam I came home and slept. Normally I don't feel very good after I do this, but this time I feel fine. In the past I would always eat junk food and energy drinks though. :-)  Thanks again!

I heard studying isn't as useful if you don't get a full nights rest after it. Because sleep helps put what you've learned in a file to remember for later or whatever. Doesn't sound like a good idea.. maybe sleep 3 hours or something?


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