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Hello everyone, I'm making this post while I'm having this issue, and really need some advice. I've struggled with binge eating for years, and I'm trying to transition to raw foods, and I'm doing well so far. I'm not 100% raw yet though. At the moment I'm having urges to go binge eat, and eat some boca chicken burgers, which are vegetarian. I know I'm not doing it for hunger reasons. I'm wondering what do to, should I eat nothing, or should I load up on fruit? I'd usually have the desire to binge eat pizza, so I'm atleast happy I don't have that desire.It's night time, after 9pm, so I don't know if all the sugar would be good, especially if I'm gonna sleep good tonight. Any suggestions?

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Just keep eating lots of fruit. Don't even think about it. Just stuff the fruit down your face. Binge on fruit and you'll be happy.

If you eat refined sugar or carbs like bread it will cause you to be hungrier. Stop those. Don't eat anything that says dextrose maltose or any other processes sugar mind control substance. Don't eat honey or agave.

Just keep eating fruit and you will be happy! I promise, I'm just starting also but I got past the cooked food cravings because I trusted the fruit (and Freelee's advice). Just eat it fruit and you'll get it like a bright light going off.

Hi Micah, I would recommend that you get rid of all of the foods that your inclined to binge on...and even though the boca vegetarian chicken burgers are better than pizza I would suggest that you avoid indulging in them (high fat). Instead eat some fruit or force yourself to go to sleep. But if the urges are too great drink some water and eat as much fruit as can fill you. Maybe fruit with high water content would be best...

I think another great thing to do would be to change your current thought patterns...try not thinking about eating, especially if you're worried about doing it before bed time. Maybe read a book instead? I hope this helps, have a great one :)

I'd say go with more water, and snack on healthy foods. Heavy meals aren't good for late night. Thing about fruit is its not an oily mess.

that is an excellent approach:) Thank you!

I eat when ever I am hungry. It took a long time to break my ice cream binges...and my other really bad (not tellin) binges.
Make sure you get your calories. Make sure you never leave home without your food. If the food ads on TV make you crazy, quit watching TV. Don't go out to eat with anyone until you have full control. Take a couple of bananas or apples to you room at night to eat in case you wake up starving. Always eat before you are hungry until you are long, long past this stage of changing your life. Think of this as a battle for your life because it is and you can't afford to lose. If you do end up on a binge, put it right out of your mind and restart with the very next thing you put in your mouth.

i love all of this stuff you said and i just want to add that if you want to eat ice cream, you can take frozen fruit and blend it with seed mylk that has a tiny bit of vanilla in it. it's so good, and really easy. cures the craving and you feel so good for so many reasons!

you could just put something quick together like that anytime you want something in particular. if you saw freelee's video on raw tiramisu, it's a perfect example. there's a million different ways to hit the spot without dumping garbage in. <3

btw, i used to eat boca and tofu crap, it is sooooo bad. that's maybe a whole different story in a way, bc you wanna focus on the good, but you could prolly benefit by doing what arvis said up there. maybe not throw it away; maybe give it to a food bank or something for people who would choose to eat such sh## and worse. . . but, yeah. good luck.

Yep, iI let myself do that and resort to drug-free escapism.  I rode out my last cravings watching dvds on my laptop.

Life changing book that I read to help me stop bingeing, it truly changed how I thought and how I dealt with my ED, Book: Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen

I don't have experience with serious binge eating, but I feel I can chime in with the eating late at night topic. If I am hungry at night then that tells me that I have not eaten enough during the day. Hunger can keep me awake. I try to eat enough during the day so that I don't have to eat too soon before going to bed, but failing that I will eat enough to satisfy my hunger until the morning. 

Joe Best from BestTransofmation on Youtube has experience with binge eating and "addictive" eating and talks about this topic allot. You may like to check him out:


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