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Need Help, My mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer

Hi everyone,


My mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer this week.  It is sad but we are both ready to fight.  Luckily she is in great spirits and she isn't afraid to die nor is she afraid to fight.  She is 58 and just quit smoking 10 months ago, which is already the biggest hurdle we needed to get past as we try to heal her. 


I had her move into my home the day after we found out.  This has given me complete control of her diet. I've also been able to surround her with positive energy, provide her with positive books, and I have her watching the planet earth series on dvd.  This week I have been having her eat a mostly LFRV diet with some LFCV meals.  So far she loves it and it seems to have already cured her colitis and given her an energy boost.  She loves the green smoothy I gave her as well as the raw pasta sauce I made.  


We will be meeting with the oncologist next week to discuss chemotherapy options.  I want her to make the best decision going forward about how she wants to move forward with this.   And If I was in her shoes I wouldn't want to undergo chemotherapy.  I also have two sisters, a brother, and my mother's mother who are going to be influential with her in making this decision.  If anyone has any information on the effectiveness of diet on treating cancers versus the effectiveness of chemotherapy on treating cancers, particularly lung cancer this would be very helpful.  If anyone has any personal stories from themselves or family members this should also prove influential.


Thank you!


In the picture my mom is on the left and my grandmother is on the right, with their grandchildren.


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I have a lovely personal story that I would like to share. About 6 years ago my 67 year old father, who had been in excellent health all of his life, was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. He had either Hodgkins or Non Hodgkins. The cancer had metastasized to liver, stomach, bone and it was already in the lymph system. I could not figure out how dad didn't notice something was wrong until stage 4!

He had almost a year of chemo and was declared cancer free. The first 2 months was very rough. His temp hit 105. and he was placed on a cooling blanket. It was awful.

Within 2 months, he was being seen at the VA hospital in Gainesville Florida and he noticed a lump in his neck. Easily felt, visibly seen. He showed it to the physician and she said it was 'nothing'. He showed it to her over and over and requested to be referred out, she refused. 

One whole year went by, he finally tells me about the lump. I freak out and get him to Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville Florida where he is again diagnosed with cancer. A biopsy reveals it is not the same cancer as before...It is the other Hodgkins, and he has had it for the entire year.

Now they say he is terminal, there is no hope at all...except a stem cell transplant. Now my father is a devout Jehovah's Witness and he will not accept a blood transfusion. This stem cell transplant cannot be done with out blood. So he turns down the doctor knowing it is the only hope. After he turns down the stem cell transplant, the doctor says...well there is a doctor in Pennsylvania that will do a bloodless stem cell transplant. He went to Pennsylvania. He has been cancer free for almost 4 years. One another thing, my father never stopped eating.   


Thanks for that.  Very happy to hear he has been cancer free for that long after a stage 4 diagnosis.



I would be very clear when going to see the oncologist about what questions you need to be asking. A priority is for you to ask what the actual benefits are for patients who undertake the chemotherapy regimens they recommend. That term is important 'Actual benefits'. Actual benefits, as a percentage, tell you how many patients out of every 100 have benefitted from the treatment. Of those benefits, you want to be clear about how many went into remission for at least 5 years.


Often, doctors are taught about the "relative risk" benefits of drugs like chemotherapy, but these are manipulations of statistics and do not give a real indication of what the actual benefits are to patients. Relative benefits are severely misleading and dangerous. For example, if someones actual risk is reduced from 8% to 4%, this is regarded as a 50% relative risk reduction. Rather than a 4% actual risk reduction. 50% sounds much more effective and trust worthy, but in actual fact, only 4 people in every hundred will experience reduced risks.


Your doctor will probably try to give you the relative risk numbers. Ask specifically for studies to support the numbers he gives if necessary to prove that they are indeed actual benefits, not relative risk statistics. 


For example, this australian study in 2004 showed that in Australia, Chemotherapy benefited only 1.5% of those patients with Lung cancer in terms >5 year life expectancy. In USA, this was only 2%.


Morgan G, Ward R, Barton M. The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies. Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2004;16(8):549-60.


Whatever she chooses, I would encourage her to take her time and to at least look into Burzynksi Clinic methods. A good place to start would be http://www.burzynskimovie.com I can't attest to the benefits of this treatment, but it does seem to be a much safer approach than chemotherapy and apparently more beneficial. 


I would also encourage her to eat as much organic produce as possible, to stick with her new low fat vegan diet and to cut out gluten, soya and salt if she hasn't already. I would also encourage using only water-based cooking methods if she is to consume cooked foods (ie. steaming, boiling, broiling, slow cooking, pressure cooking below 15c) or if baking is to be used, cooking for a long time at a low heat below 120 celcius (this is the temperature at which acrylamide is formed).


I would encourage her to eat as much fruit as possible, especially organic berries, like raspberries and blueberries, which are high in ellagic acid, an anti-cancer nutrient.


I would also encourage her to consume lots of raw greens. If she is going to have any cooked greens, I would advise lightly steamed cruciferous vegetables to be consumed, since they are also a good source of anti-cancer nutrients, as well as nutrients to support liver detoxification.


I would encourage her to get practising deep breathing, particularly methods like 7/11 breathing, which focus on breathing out slowly for longer than is breathed in. Eg. in 7 out 11. This can be modified to lung capacity eg. 3/5. 4/7, 5/9, 6/10 etc. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which will boost the immune system and reduce stress hormone levels, which can promote anaerobic metabolism. The increased oxygen supply promoted by this new way of breathing, along with the decreased stress hormones will increase aerobic metabolism, which will help to provide a less cancer-promoting environment.


I would encourage her to cut out all overt fats, except for some occassional flax seeds or chia seeds, or small amounts (eg. 1tbsp per day) flax oil.


I would also encourage her to cut out any refined sugars (like juices, dried fruits, syrups etc) and focus exclusively on whole foods.


Getting plenty of fresh clean air every day is important, as well as plenty of rest and relaxation. And it goes without saying that alcohol, caffeine and other toxins are not good. I would also encourage her to stop dying her hair, to stop using make-up, or at least switch to some of the raw, organic make-ups and keep its use to a minimum, in order to prevent the skin absorbing more toxins and inhibiting elimination via the skin. Switch to organic shampoos, or even better, lemon juice and/or bicarb if necessary.


Gerson Therapy is another alternative to cancer treatment. Again, I can't attest to it myself, but it is a popular alternative to chemotherapy that she could research further.


Take care


Adam x



Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all out.  It all makes complete sense to me and I will definitely strongly propose it as an alternative to chemotherapy.   If anything maybe they will accept the argument to delay Chemotherapy until we give this approach a try.




Hey Jesse


Just to clarify, whether she chooses chemo or not, the dietary suggestions will be beneficial.


Take care and best wishes to your family.


Adam x



I am very interested in Burzynski's therapy but it appears that people are only being treated through FDA approved trials.  Is there any other source to use his therapy?




I'd add switching laundry detergent to a natural non-toxic version like 7th generation or soap nuts and switch any fabric softener to vinegar.  These soaps and softeners can be the most toxic things in the house.  Also do the same with all cleaners and air fresheners, throw them out and use essential oils if needed along with vinegar and baking soda and 7th generation dish soap.

I was told by doctors in 1978 that I'd be dead in a month unless I took their route of surgery, chemo and radiation.  They said if I did that I'd have a 50% chance of living 5 years.  I told them my chances were 100% by not doing what they said, and walked out.  The reason I'm still here and healthy 33 years later is because I've not been to a doctor since then and I don't do anything that they say.  My guidelines are as follows:


Chemo = Death

Stop using any harmful chemicals, such as smoking, medications, toxic metals, and stay away from hospitals and doctors.  Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic poisons.  I would stay far away from them, and certainly not go to and would not tolerate anyone who prescribes them.


Fruit & leafy greens = Health

Keep focusing on the LFRV diet, consisting of fresh fruit and leafy greens.  You can blend the greens into a smoothie with fruit.  I usually have a full blender of these at least twice a day.  One's diet including staying AWAY from toxic medications and chemicals is the #1 most effective remedy for getting rid of cancers and regaining one's health.



Thanks for sharing this testimonial.  It is very reassuring.  Peace, PK
+ a billion!!

Thank you John for sharing and TriRaw I pray and hope your mother will listen and reverses her cancer. I'm in a similar boat, my mum has recently been told she has breast cancer and has had a lump removed but the doctors want her to do 6 rounds of chemotherapy :(



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