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we are in the canary islands, la gomera.
are you still there???its a long time ago,,i am in tenerife!!

So now theres tanya, salvador, nic and me behind computers looking for other possibilities than australia. We found that Australia has minimum temperatures of 20·cel. in winter, in northern queensland. We found a couple of places in south america that has nothing under 23. Australia is still very apealing to us, for nic did found lots to start with over there, but we understand that we will create contacts very easily wherever we go.

the big question is can we sleep naked under the rain even in winter!! We need hot rain in winter, locals in canarie islands said it was like that here, then we found it wasnt!! next time we fly we all agree that there is no more flying after that trip, and we will make the best of that place.

If anyone can help us find a contry that is like that 100% guarantee please tell us!!

also we are looking to buy an existing fruit farm or a farm with fruits on it next to a forest reserve. We soon hope to have 150 000$, sould be more if people have more to pitch in.
what about el ninio? did you live there?
and what about the ice caps melting? and tsunamis?
fruitarianism is my dream, my family stand in my way, they accept low fat raw vegan but they have a crazy outlook on fruitarianism, My diet seems to be more 90/6/4 which I know is very healthy so I have no worries staying this for now but to be part of your community or another LFRV community one day would clearly free me from the burdens of western society.
its a journey!!
what about Madagascar
well its an island, discussions seems to go towards a continent, for the futur climat changes might make us move a lot, wehere talking for our children also, or their children. Thanks for helping!!
So today we figured that islands are not an option, for we might have to migrate a lot over the next century and more because of climate change.

Also we are looking to get in contact with the rastafarian settlement in shashemene, ethiopia, just winting to get someone to install skype, we are in a library...

We are still thinking about australia though its an island, small factors are making us hesitated, like enough room to migrate far enough, the climate might not be hot enough, and the land prices.

The decision should not be difficult, we know we will make the best of everywhere we go, we just want no island and hot enough in the winters, we found places that never goes under 23c.. Not a big difference with australia that has minimums of 20.6, and 22 in the winter, of course we are looking for hot hot!!

We want to pick a continant first!!! america, africa, or australia!!! we have about a month before our friend salvadore here has his passeport ready, we move together!! we are family now!
What about central america. Places like costa rica, nicaragua, belize, panama? Those should be awesome for this kinda thing and really cheap with great surf :)
i know its interesting, we investigated a litle bit around there.... we just have to focus in one continent, right now we are thinking about gabon, africa, seems pretty right. We have to wait for our firend to get his passeport to move, so we have maybe a month or two to make the decision.

for more research we look at the minimum temperature in the coldest months, above 22-23 seems not right, cause we can find better, thats it, and chek the temperatures when you go inland a litle, it usuelly varies a lot, gabon so far stays damm warm up to about 500km inside.

like we said twe don't want to be too close from ocean.

ho yhea we look at not further then 10 degrees above or under the equator.

thanks for searching!!


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