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are really starting to hurt, I dont think I can chew another bite.

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1 lemon almost everyday and i had some pine apple too
Cut back on the lemon and the pineapple. Both are very acidic. (they are alkaline in the body, but have high amounts of acids). Pineapple hurts my teeth. Actually it hurts every area of my system. I love it, but it makes my mouth bleed. :o(
I've had this experience with pineapples too. i've eaten pineapples and felt all types of sores in my mouth and my mouth bleeds also. Wow, is pineapple a dangerous fruit or is something wrong with our bodies?
for the past two months I've had a bunch of kale and a head of romaine everyday, not to mention varrious other greens like spinach and parsley that I add every so often.
Yup, nuts seeds and citrus dont do my teeth any favours.
Cut out the Kale and eat more romaine. My teeth ache if I eat kale. Its not a natural food for humans imo. How much does the head of romaine weigh? They all weigh something different. I only recommend judging greens intake by weight rather than vague amounts. I recommend a bare minimum of 800g romaine per day.

Take care

Adam x
Hey Elliot,

lol, thats my dramatically reduced version. I actually think we should be eating more like 1200-1600g or more. Romaine provides heaps of nutrients like amino acids, EFA's, minerals, vitamins. It helps ensure we are getting enough nutrients, and in the right ratios.

If you look at all other primates, they dont just eat lots of fruit. They are eating greens all day long.

If we dont get enough nutrients from fruit and greens then we will want them from more concentrated foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, durian etc.

Take care

Adam x
sure thing, always happy to help. :o)
great idea. We wont be able to use yours as an ideal, as some of the nutrients will be different depending on age, sex, activity levels etc. But I like the idea about doing all that as a starter kit article.

Take care

Adam x

Great idea. Im really liking it. I will definately be happy to work on that with you. Sounds fun :o)

Take care

Adam x
Sounds like a top idea chaps. I'm just starting up with cron-o-meter having previously used nutridiary from time to time and it's quite reassuring to see I'm doing all right on vitamins and minerals. But some guidance would definitely help as I'm guessing the standards in the program are based on a cooked diet...

Adam, how many calories would you be consuming a day if you're having 800+g of romaine?



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