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Hello, I’m new here. 

I've only just stumbled upon this raw vegan life style and have been steadily making changes to my diet. I still eat cooked food and a small amount of animal based foods from time to time, mostly chees, but have drastically increased the amount of fruit I consume. Since this changed in diet my teeth have started to ache. I have never had any major dental problems, and zero cavities but I do however have some chips in my teeth which these teeth seem to be the ones that hurt the most, the other teeth hurt only not as bad. I’m just wondering if there are specific types of fruit to avoid in large quantities. Is there something I can do to prevent this? Or am I just cursed with sensitive teeth?

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Avoid unripe fruit and dried fruit.  

Hello there and welcome! Hate to be a downer, but the fruit isn't what's causing these sudden tooth problems, the acidic conditions in your mouth caused by animal products/other cooked food are--fruit however is excellent at highlighting these problems, but even a dentist will tell you sensitivity and decay don't happen overnight, they take years to develop (:o/.  In general your tooth sensitivity (also known as decalcification) goes back to the meat/dairy, as the human body needs to maintain it's alkalinity to remain in homeostasis (the ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes). To do so in the presence of highly acidic foods like meat and dairy and coffee etc... your body will draw Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), K (potassium), and other alkali elements from your bones/teeth to balance the acidic condition of your system after ingesting things high in S (sulphur), P (phosphorous), and other acidic elements. Tooth sensitivity is one of the obvious signs of early osteoporosis, loose teeth and gum disease signs of advancing osteo. 

If health and ethical reasons for laying off the animal products haven't got you convinced to eat vegan yet, your health problems will. Keep researching friend, and keep asking questions! :o) 

Thanks for your reply.

I'm curious you said that fruit is good at highlighting teeth sensitivity, could elaborate on that.

If I increase my consumption of Ca, Mg, K can my body repair the damage?

Is there still a silver lining in regards to my teeth, should I continue to eat fruit and push through the pain?

Fruit is excellent at highlighting blood fat issues and tooth sensitivity because in both cases the cause is meager, but sugar screams ;o)  This is because sensitivity to cold/hot things is mild when compared to say eating a piece of dried fruit whose sugar is concentrated and sticks to the cavities that are formed when the pH in our mouths is consistently lowered by acid forming foods, eroding away the enamel (easily done when there is an imbalance robbing them from the inside). 

There's a rainbow lining in regard to your teeth!! Definitely keep eating all the colorful juicy fruit/leafy greens you can, as these are the things that contain the minerals that rebuild the density of your bones and teeth, and when you eliminate what's robbing them you'll see how quickly your body regenerates (very) :o) 

I think I understand what your saying, but one thing still doesn't add up. I was at the dentist only 3 months ago. I had no cavities. In fact he was raving about how awesome my teeth are. Furthermore, I have tested my mouth PH periodically since I started this, my mouth PH is always very acidic. Perhaps the fruit I'm eating is under ripe? I can tell for the most part but some fruits I have not figured out yet.

I will stick it out for a while and increase my leafy greens as you say.


Go see a dentist.

the dentist will only tell me to stop eating so much fruit.

I had this for a while after I started eating cooked foods again, I noticed it most with dates. I made a commitment to eat 100% raw again for a week, and after 5 days (today) I had dates for breakfast and lunch with no issues at all! I am fairly certain that, for me at least, the issue was eating cooked foods, specifically HOT/cold foods. Also just eating at least a pound of greens per day really helped remineralize me and bring my mouth pH back to normal.

Hope this helps.

Wow, someone was undercarbed when they logged on. You call ^this advice? The only one being a bitch in this discussion is you right now; please accept that he asked for help, not a rant after your apparently bad day. And for ***k's sake go get a hug or something, and eat some g****mn fruit VW--you're better than this, eh!! 

Thank you. I have now started eating foods like romaine and celery to reduce the acid in my mouth. I have to say that my teeth are feeling slightly better already.

Basically your teeth were already weak and your mouth was full of acid-producing bacteria, but you weren't feeding them much.  Then you put sugar in your mouth in much higher quantities.  This caused pain in the areas that were already vulnerable (the chips) and the bacteria population exploded and weakened your teeth further.  

I think Vegan Witch was commenting on the fact that you went to a traditional dentist and they said your teeth were excellent.  But probably they did things at that visit that further contributed to the deterioration of the health of your mouth--using flouride, vigorously scrubbing the teeth, poking at them with a metal pointy object, etc.  I may be giving her too much credit, but I think that's what she meant.  :)

Don Bennett, who is a member here, has lots of good tooth advice... Here's some.  Rinse your teeth with water after you eat.  Get a super-soft brush and brush very gently.  Check his website for more suggestions on technique. http://health101.org/edu .  The blog on dental issues is the 9th item down on the page.  Floss gently between the teeth but not beneath the gums.  Don't use a toothpaste at all.  If you must use something, use a toothsoap.  You can use a few drops of clove oil in water as a mouthwash.

He also uses pH strips to test his citrus for ripeness.  Bananas are easy to tell if they are ripe.  Avoid dates for now if they make your teeth hurt. 

Your teeth can remineralize, and eating greens can help that.  But chips in your teeth are not likely to fill in.  It would probably be a good idea to ask your dentist to repair those.  On his website, Don has a lot of good advice on what materials to allow and what materials not to allow in your dental work and why.  

Don't forget that Vitamin D is important for bone and tooth strength.   

Finally, in my opinion tooth health is a toughie because the roots of your teeth were formed when you were in the womb.  As our modern diet has deteriorated, many of us are born with shrunken jaws and teeth that are overlapping and close together.  It's a nightmare for tooth health.  Some of us are just gonna have some tooth problems and we just do the best we can and don't have unrealistic expectations of this diet to magically fix the bad teeth we were born with.

Thanks for all the advice, I will have a read through Don Bennett's blog.



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