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This Post is from 6th August last year - thought it may assist others here :-)

I realise the power in keeping a journal of high standards both for my own motivation & for others so here I am with my best recently refined rawlife success recipe yet...

*Find a mentor who is holding themselves to a higher standard than I am and take notes, its easy to lower my standards to mainstream expectations but it doesn't make me happy or inspire/help others.

*Everymorning on rising drink 1.5litres of filtered water (has been great for my skin & digestion...well everything really)

*Everyday (no exceptions) listen to or read at least 1/2hr of inspiring material. Make it at a similar time each morning so I get into a routine.

*Help/contribute to others everyday at least 1/2hr either via forums/email/in person.

*Live a lowfat vegan lifestyle, only high water content fruits/GS in the AM, mono meals/GS throughout the day and heavier meals early in the night before 7pm and preferably on nightfall.

*LISTEN to my positive, productive intuitive inner voice, this served me well on my trip when the going got tough.

*Daily exercise (I mean breaking a sweat!) is a MUST at least 6 days a week and incorporating a rest day once a week.

*Currently developing the routine of 15mins of yoga & meditation everymorning after my waterfix followed by GreenSmoothie

*Spend time being grateful for my life and people in it, send blessings to everyone- my friends, family even people I feel tension around & thank God for the beautiful amazing life path I'm on.

*Nude sunbake as often as logistically possible There are glands on our body that never (but should) get exposed to the sun, any guesses to where they are? One is under our armpits.

*Always squat on the loo for proper elimination. I know I know you probably are squirming right now but hey we all go to the loo lets do it right!

*think about deleting the lesson above...;-P

*Aim for 4litres of water everyday. There is a reason to maintain our brains hydration at 85% water.

*Nip apathetic behaviour in the butt by doing whatever needs to be done as soon as I don't feel like doing it, live in the moment.

So this is the list I will keeping coming back to, the standards I aim to achieve, fortunately most I am already doing but staying consistent can be challenging & there is always room to improve.


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This is a great list :) Thanks for sharing! I already do a lot of these, but there are a few more I can incorporate now (except for the sunbaking...it's 2 degrees F here).
Hey Freelea. There is a guy on vegsource asking about his poor digestion. I would reply but it's not a problem I've had to deal with.

You might want to tell him how you dealt with your digestive problems.

Oh sorry Andrew i just saw your post....how is the dude doing? Get him to sign up here & we'll all help him
Yes i agree Annabelle it really does help a lot....when i blog I enjoy it but I can be a bit lazy with it at times and miss weeks....and sometimes yes months at a time too!
Thanks for posting this! This is really good guidance and I like it and am going to put it into place in my life too! I can go w fruit and veg only all day, evening is when I have troubles "bringing my energy down". Breaking a sweat daily and allowing a partially dehydrated meal w/out guilt in the evening might be just what I need to get past my wall right now. Thank you. You and this crew are BADASSES and I thank you for the precious info... know that you are helpin others when you share how you help yourself!!!
My pleasure Im so glad it helped.....there is lots of water-rich raw alternatives in the recipe section and also a recipe ebook ^ up the top bar if you want to download (there are currently changes being made to it) but it will be much better for you & still mega satisfying :-)

know that you are helpin others when you share how you help yourself!!!
I just want to really thankyou Dawn for this reminder....its exactly what i needed to hear right now! Back to blogging!
Oh that white ass must be remedied!!
I Usually go in the front or back yard. Do u live in an apartment block?
haha well get it out there!, theres nothing nicer than a brown bum!
Give thanks Feelea!
This is so inspiring.

I do many of these at the present,
however you have listed many that will
definitely help me on my journey.

One in particular:
heavier meals early in the night before 7pm and preferably on nightfall.

This isn't an easy one, however I used to do this and would wake up so refreshed
and earlier as well.

Give thanks.


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