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So I recently bought a water distiller and started experimenting on different waters I had around the home.

a) soft city tap water

b) hard city tap water

c) store bought distilled that went through our water stand (those stands get dirty if they don't have regular maintenance)

d) the crystal clear tasty finished product!

I'm so glad I bought this. No more shelling out $5 a jug to the store for something that should be free. Plus those jugs are made with the BPA type of plastic just so you know. Ridiculous that they still use that.

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you are already drinking clean water, but for those like me who thought they were doing the right thing and weren't - just a heads-up!

Not sure if you can really see the difference between "c" and "d" in the pic. "C" is cloudier and has little bits of sediment floating in it. The difference is much more apparent in real life. I'll have trouble drinking out of those coolers now I'm sure!

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I bought a water distiller last Wednesday, and have a few questions, pictures included: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/want-to-buy-something-to-...

I had a few question about the smell of the residue and the gasses the distiller produces, also what is all this talk about H20 water molecules being dead when cooked... and being distorted when going to a filter membrane, can somebody explain this with biochemistry it does not make sense to me.

just as one cannot inhale pure o2, h2o are not the only mollecules found in natural occuring spring water.

i never said h2o is dead. rather to make it safe for bottling it is either cooked or irradiated.

water is meant to be a living vital thing. and all we drink is cooked dead water.

here is a link http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=4A6D759B96A0DD0F3B6DBD940A75A308

and http://www.holisticmed.com/detox/dtx-probio.txt

i am aware that daniel vitalis is not very popular on this site for good reason but this link has some videos of his where he is not pushing any b.s. product. these videos make alot of sense to me http://www.findaspring.com/

I have to say that I am a bit confused about dead vs. live water. I have always heard that distilled water is bad for you, spring water and well water are best (filtered if needed)... Now I wonder. Dr Doug seems to be a big advocate of distilled water, but so many people say not to drink it...

Some people claim that distilled water leaches minerals from us. Doug says this isn't the case and says we aren't meant to have our minerals from our water anyway but from our food. He talks about having some minerals in a glass, and if you add some distilled water you don't end up with less minerals. Apparently much of the minerals in water aren't absorbable anyways. Look at the heavy sediment in my picture in the first two jars - much to heavy and large to absorb much of it I would think.

I watched those videos (also part 2 and 3) they don't contain any explanation why H20(==water) with added salts and minerals would be better for the human body. (there is a lot of healing water, living water bs in my opinion)

I agree that good spring water would be the cheapest way to get reasonable quality water. But I don't see why distilled water would be sub-optimal, its seems to be the most optimal water, only the creation of distilled water is a bit inconvenient, but so is natures process of creating spring water. (nature also makes distilled water)

There is no living water in my opinion. H20==water there is not an other molecule we call water. If there are other materials like bacteria or salts dissolved in the water then it's a solution and its still not alive.

If my logic is false I would like to here it :D

Folks, there is no such thing as "dead" or "living" water. Water is an inert substance. You cannot attribute qualities of life to it. Sure, there are bacteria that live in water. Ingesting these bacteria are not necessary for life (duh) and there is bacteria in water whether you take it from a river or distill it. (Right after it's done being distilled, the millions of bacteria floating around in the air just dive right in.) This is completely irrelevant as there is bacteria in/on everything and does not make the water itself "living or dead." 

Now, on to distilled water. The myth that distilled water is bad for you was perpetuated by the companies that sell "mineral water" and re-mineralization solutions. However, the body cannot absorb inorganic minerals, which are the form found in "mineral water." They are essentially a toxin and contribute to ossification of the joints and the brain. Inorganic minerals are assimilated by plants, and the organic minerals in the plants are assimilated by humans when we eat the plants. It is said that distilled water "leaches minerals from the body" but the only minerals that distilled water can leach are inorganic minerals. 

Distilled water is pure water with no contaminants. Well water and spring water are generally not. They are contaminated with inorganic minerals (basically, little tiny bits of crushed rocks in solution.) The human body cannot utilize inorganic minerals and they are actually harmful. Then there is also the issue of pharmaceuticals and many other chemicals which find their way into the water table (oh and fracking of course). There are "natural springs" but where does this water come from... unless you're in the middle of nowhere, there is significant groundwater pollution and no groundwater is free of it. 

The human does best when getting his/her water from juicy fruits such as melons and citrus, which contains no inorganic minerals. Additional pure water "in the wild" could have two sources: Rainwater or perhaps glacial run-off. Let's explore these two sources. 

Rainwater is essentially distilled water. Or was. The water evaporates, condenses in the sky, and falls. However, in our modern world, it collects pollution on the way down. So this is no longer a viable source. 

Sometimes "mineral water" companies talk about the Hunzas getting "mineral rich water" from the glaciers. This is a load of baloney. The glacial run-off water melts from the frozen glaciers and is basically pure. Then, it runs down the mountainside. 

The inorganic minerals it picks up along its short journey are in suspension, not in solution, so the water just has to settle for a few minutes before it is almost completely pure of inorganic mineral contaminants. 

TL;DR: (1) No such thing as "living" or "dead" water. (2) Inorganic minerals cannot be absorbed by the body, mineral water is a sham and well water has inorganic minerals. (3) Rainwater is "distilled" but also full of pollution. (4) So making our own distilled water is the way to go. (5) Doug Graham recommends distilled water. The people who advise against it are still under the spell of the mineral water companies, whether they realize it or not. Inorganic minerals are functionally a toxin. 

I've heard that reverse osmosis provides water of similar purity with no electricity, but I have yet to research this. 

Also: http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/perfect-health-part-i/the-importanc...

Great summary here!

<10% of them, and the rest go towards ossifying the joints and the areas of the brain where cells have died off from MSG, other excitotoxins, and generally unhygienic habits. Irrelevant. Get your minerals from fruit and greens bro not crushed rocks. 

Great stuff Peter.

I agree 100%, distilled water is the best and the live/dead water thing is nonsense.

when i was in my early teens i spent a few summers at my uncle's cottage where we routinely filled up sterile glass bottles with spring water from a natural source.

the water was stored in a fridge. upon arrival at the cottage we would have to dump the previous batch that had been there for several months as it began to change colour and taste. the water would go bad.

water that we purchase from the store even when labelled as spring water has been treated in some way.

either it is boiled, sterilized through small amounts of bleach or other trace chemicals, and it is almost always irradiated.

this is what i mean by 'dead' water.  i cannot agree more that sourcing your water from juicy fruits is the best possible option. however i think it is important to be cognizant of the processes that our 'safe' bottled water undergoes.

the best water to drink in the world is whatever water is available when you are thirsty. but imaging that our store bought bottled water has zero long term detriments seems to me a blind approach to the subject.

it is not going to make you sick drinking it, but then you can also live past the age of 100 eating meat every single day. the issue is overall quality of health compared to squeeking by.  all the water i drink personally comes from the tap or bottles. i wish that were not the case as i feel i am missing out on the benefits of earth's true bounty.

I understand where you are coming from. I hope, though, that you realize the difference between boiling water, adding bleach and chemicals, and irradiating. 

Boiling water is essentially harmless. It does not become "dead". You could boil water and jar it and it would be safe to drink for years, and would not be significantly different from non-boiled water. The bacteria that would be living before you boiled it have no bearing whatsoever on the quality of the water. Adding chemicals is bad for obvious reasons, for then you have contaminated the water. And irradiation, if the water contains inorganic minerals, will turn the inorganic minerals into radiolytes which will damage your body. 

So I agree that bottled water is generally unhealthy, mainly because it contains plastic, chemicals, inorganic minerals, and has often been irradiated. Hopefully it did not appear to you that I was promoting bottled water. 

If you wanted to reap the benefits of earth's true bounty, you could relocate to an area near a glacial stream, as this would provide extremely pure water virtually free of mineral or other contamination. You could also harvest rainwater but this has to be re-distilled or R/O filtered due to pollution. So perhaps you understand why I say distilling your own water is the best method to get healthy water if you do not live near a glacial stream at the foot of a mountain. Usually God distills it for us i.e. rain but as usual we've messed with his process. 

Just to be clear, again, I do not promote the drinking of distilled water bought from the store in plastic bottles, or any kind of bottled water as it is likely to contain chemicals or other contamination. 

imagine trying to explain to someone fifty years ago that eating raw food gives you a boost of vitality...of vital energy.  Even given the science we have today on the subject most people, including many 'scientists' today look at you sideways when trying to explain that eating a full raw diet makes you feel more vital, as you are not robbing the food of its natural living essence.

i agree with 90% of your argument except when it comes to boiling water.  surely there is a  purity and vitality found in  water that has been filtered naturally through many layers of earth and clay and then incubated from a time before humans even invented industrialization.  

how can boiling this water not rob it of some vital essence. but in the meantime drink whatever water you can when you need to drink.

8 more days and i will be leaving for the tropics  for a long long time :)  peace.


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