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Moving! The mere thought of living with meat eaters terrifies me!!

So Im currently living with my parents on Vancouver Island BC which has been fine with my hcrv life  because my family is vegetarian. But Im moving to Kelowna BC for May 1st!!!! 

Im looking for off campus housing and Ive quickly come to realize how difficult it is to find veg roommates....... let alone health conscious all together!

I have had the privilege of never living with a meat eater in my life and am HYPER SENSITIVE to even the sight of meat! Now that theres a 90% chance I will have to spend at least 4 months living with the irjgkijsdrklgjhkdjklrfg carcass disgustingness makes me shiver.

Might I mention that Im 20, have no renting history and am on a college student budget. I would LOVE to live alone for now it looks like rooming is the only option.

Any tips for:

living with meat eaters?

Being a fruit vegan in college?

Any hcrv's out there that would like to be "real life" friends? 

Any input would be much appreciated :)

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If you are not able to find a vegetarian then look for someone respectful of your lifestyle. Also be respectful of their lifestyle. It may take a lot as the meat will bother you. Make sure they put the raw meat at the bottom of the refrigerator and keep bleach wipes around. Make sure they know not to use your cutting board as your food will be eaten raw. I have a cutting board for meat, and one for fruit and veggies. I don't worry about the knives because they don't have the material of a cutting board. I also have a large enough kitchen that meat is consistently cut up on it's own counter. Even though we keep them bleached, I don't like the idea of my fruit being on that counter. If you don't have that option, keep it very clean. You can live in a blended household if both people clean up after themselves and both are respectful. That is hard in this day and time.

thats a good idea, to have 2 cutting boards. since ive never eaten meat, i guess my body is very sensitive to its bacteria or something because if my food even comes in contact with it..... i get very ill. i guess the best thing is to do is to let them know i am raw vegan :)

thank you!

i just cant imagine being around it..... the smell is what bothers me the most. i guess being a life long vegan i just cant sympathize with it.

thank you i will look for some of the threads! :)


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