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Ok, this is bugging me big time now. I'm in Thailand and every morning, I wake up with half a dozen to a dozen mozzie bites. Some of these are over an inch in diameter, in fact I've got one on my right arm which is about 2". I love to donate blood and all that but the itching is really starting to affect my sleep.


Anyone have a really good idea of how to

a) get rid of the itching


b) keep the mozzies away?


Let me know - I'll owe you big time if it works.

EDIT: I found out most of my bites are bed bug bites. I've got a major infestation. Changing beds & contacted landlord to see if he can help.

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Thanks, I'm already using a citronella spray. There's no net where I'm staying, though I do have doors I can close so it's supposedly sealed against them. They seem to find their own 'doors' though.


Above all, I'd love something simple that just stops the itching. I don't even mind getting the red marks as long as they don't itch.

essential oil of peppermint oil in mostly water. Spray as needed. Or you can put the oil straight on.


Thailand sounds like fun.  Sorry about the bugs. 

Check the pharmacies and see if they have a product called witch hazel.  It is kind of a natural med that can be anti itch, and is good for other problems like burns and small cuts too. 

I am not quite sure how to keep them away.  Bugs seem to be more attracted to toxic bodies and or bodies that are stressed and giving off more CO2.  Hopefully, if you can maintain a 100% fruit and leafy green based diet, and yes, eat the greens, from local sources, hopefully this problem will become less after some time. 

Be careful with some of the so called anti bug products as they have chemicals that short term, keep bugs away, but long term may attract more especially if they keep the skin toxic. 

If you meet any locals, you might want to ask them what they do. 

What I have observed in my world travels though, is locals seem to have less of a problem with the local bugs.  I am not sure if it is because they eat the local food and smell local, or maybe eventually, the human body builds up some kind of immunity and gives off a smell the bugs do not like. 

Anyways, good luck and feel better, Peace, PK

Thanks, I'll check if I can find that. They say Thais don't get bitten because of the nastily spicy food they eat. I grew up in a place which was mozzie infected from June to August, worse than here, and though my dad was never bothered by them, they loved to feast on me, and I never got used to them. Hated it.


I'm not really that bothered by being bitten, as long as it doesn't itch! I don't mind the red spots and donating a little of my blood for the fortitude of the mozzie population of Thailand. I just don't want to lose my sleep over the itching. Best thing so far is to cut up the spots with a knife; scratching until bloody works too, but makes much more of a mess, whereas a clean cut looks relatively nice and turns the itching into a minor pain that doesn't bother me. I've tried various remedies sold here, with no luck so far.


It would seem I'm unusually sensitive to them, no one seems to sport bites anywhere near the size of mine and I get some raised eyebrows (particularly for the 1-2 inch red balls on my forehead). I think I was unusually sensitive to them as a kid too.

I think your sensitivity may be a body temp thing.   My daughter has a slightly higher temp than the rest of us and if there are mosquitoes in the house, they ALWAYS get her.  I will definitely let you know how the vegan 'mosquito magic' works out.

Jack, I know honey is not vegan but any salve with honey in it applied soon (within an hour) after getting bitten will draw out whatever causes the itch.  Honey draws.  As an herbalist I have tried this countless times on me and my kids.  I am currently developing a vegan salve but need to wait until next bug season to test it. 

Other things that draw include Burdock leaf (poultice) and onion.  I haven't tested either on bites.  I have also sprayed citronella oil on door jams.  Also at night we have turned out all the lights except in the bathroom before going to bed.  Then we sneak into our bedroom and shut the door.  A harmless ploy that sometimes works.


Let me know if you get that vegan salve working. Most of the anti-itching stuff I can buy here is probably somehow animal-derived or tested I'm sure, though hard to tell as I can't read Thai. Honey would probably be a less devastating choice in terms of animal rights. I'll give it a bit of thought.

oh and I second trying the witch hazel, most regular drug stores/supermarkets have it, though not sure in Thailand - Thailand?!?  you must be living it up in fruitiness!

Well I have this theory that they love me because  of all the fruit I eat; my sweat does not smell to me (though I have a very weak sense of smell) and it tastes sweet, and they absolutely love  it. I was out shopping the other day, mid-day, sweating profoundly carrying a backpack full of watermelons, went into an airconditioned 7-11 to get some water and dropped my backpack on the floor. It was dripping with sweat (I always sweat very profoundly) and there were a dozen mozzies circling around it, the only mozzies in the entire shop as far as I could tell.


The fruit's not bad, though I must say I'm slightly disappointed at the local offerings here on Samui. I have ended up not caring much for most of the fruits I've tried, and the pineapples still burn & don't taste good. But the mangoes make up for it, I've been going through around 20 of them a day.

Try rubbing banana skins onto the bites. seriously banana skins are really good for a lot of stuff on the skin, first port of call for anything with skin should be see if banana skins help it, if they don't then next step is worry like 'ell

oh and mosquitoes are attracted to people who produce more lactic acid and CO2 i believe, so basically the fitter you are the less you're going to attract them

apparently they stay away from people in lighter coloured clothing compared to people in dark clothing too, can't really comment on any evidence I've seen about that though, still worth a try surely.

Yeah, that was my 1st option, tried 2 different banana types so far - no effect :-/


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