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Mercury detox, banana island, transition to fully raw

I've been raw til 4 for about 7 months. I've been struggling with physical and mental symptoms that seemed unrelated and unexplained for years which is why I eventually came to this lifestyle. Turns out, almost all the things I've struggled with are related to mercury poisoning from mercury fillings in my teeth. I got them in elementary school and I actually swallowed a part of a mercury filling in 3rd grade on accident when it fell out while eating. I grind my teeth really bad too which doesn't help. I've been saving up money and at the end of January I am going to a specialist (trained how to take out mercury fillings safely with oxygen, vacuum, dental dam, vitamin c IV, chelation,  etc.) to finally get my mercury fillings out!! I am also wanting to transition from raw til 4 to fully raw.

I am wondering:

1. does anyone have experience with mercury poisoning, getting mercury fillings out, detoxing from mercury poisoning?

2. Should I do a banana island? Should I start it before I get fillings out and continue it after? Or should I start banana island once fillings are out?

3. Should I start fully raw right now or should I wait until after banana island? 


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Hello when i was about 11 years old i had a mercury filling put in that fell out shortly after that i chewed on and swallowed some and did not get taken to hospital or anything they just put another one in.. Now i look back that is pretty much when all my problems started depression, memory problems, cognitive problems etc..

I had my mercury filling out about two years ago with an holistic dentist that used a rubber dam, liquid cooled tools etc. For me personally the last three years to detox myself of this awful metal and other toxins etc i have drunk at least 4 litres of distilled water a day because it has an negative electromagnetic charge and anything bad for your body such as mercury has a positive charge so it works like a magnet pulling it out of the body via your urine etc. I also did multiple 1-6 day water fasts, a 3-15 juice fasts and i have been eating pretty much a fruit based high carb lifestyle most of last year which has cleaned up my body massively and i am now without any health problems within my mind or body.

Doing a banana island will help detox your body more so if it was me personally i would at least make sure im doing the banana island when it gets removed for that reason but there is no reason why you cannot start before then.

I personally would recommend going fully raw if you can do it so your body can detox a lot more and so your organs get more of a rest from digesting food so it can focus open healing you more.

I have plenty of experience with mercury toxicity.

First, before removing your amalgams, i would strongly recommend that you get tested for mercury toxicity. There's several ways to do this, and the only way that actually works is the quicksilver tri-test.  Amalgam removal is an extreme procedure that comes with its own set of risks (and obviously expenses), and if you don't get test results that would warrant this, I wouldn't necessarily go forward with removal.  Even if you get the removal done with the best dentist in the world, they still have to undercut the bone to some degree, and composites are not as strong as amalgams.

Second, in my experience, a 100% LFRV diet was a hundred percent effective in suppressing symptoms caused by my mercury toxicity (psoriasis, in my case), but years on 811 did little to address the root cause.

The problem with mercury toxicity is that the mercury basically turns off your glutathione production, and a well-functioning glutathione system is necessary to detox the mercury.  It's a vicious cycle.  Even if you eat the best diet in the world, it's not gonna kick-start the production of glutathione. In addition to eating 100% LFRV for a long time, I even did a water fast.  And even that did little to address the root of the problem (although it's been great in many other ways).

If you want to actually address the root of the problem and detox the mercury, you have to kick-start the production of glutathione in your body.  You do so, mainly, by supplementing glutathione.  The glutathione binds to mercury in your bloodstream, then the mercury-glutathione combo is escorted out of the body. With less mercury in your bloodstream, your body starts producing your own glutathione, the vicious cycle is broken, and your body begins to detox on its own.

This is the best and safest way to detox mercury, and it has been very effective for me.  If you choose to supplement, use only the liposomal kind of glutathione, made by quicksilver.  Other kinds (non-lipozomal) don't make it to the bloodstream.  Also, stay away from chelation therapy and chelation stress tests.

Thanks for the informative post Bart!  Do you think it's dangerous to fast with mercury poisoning?  I can't find much info. on that. 


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