30 Bananas a Day!

Could somebody give some rough ideas of a simple meal plan for all nutrients?

if i ate
sunflower seeds,
soaked raisins,
and sometimes soymilk to get B12,

would i be missing any nutrients? which food should i add to list to get all nutrients i need?

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thanks for replying. I was actually meaning in mcg (it usually says that as well as the % of rda), not % of rda.

Fruits and veggies are not high in selenium. It depends on eating sufficient quantity of food to get enough. If you want a higher source, you can eat 1 brazil nut 2-3 times per week. That contains well over 100mcg per brazil nut.

Take care

Adam x
Thank you so much! I've seen Brazil nuts in the store but have never tried them. 1 nut every few days won't be a big deal even if I don't like them.
Could u give me simplified version of it.
When I analysed the meals last year, alot of them were deficient, due to their insufficient greens intake. Very low in zinc, protein, specific amino acids, essential fatty acids, and iron and calcium some days.

Also, they are only suitable for someone on a 2000calorie diet. Not good for very active women, and not at all good for men.

Take care

Adam x
Did u every come up w/ ur own list?

The 811 motto is simplicity in your meals and variety throughout the year. You can use cronometer to log your food and then you can see if you are meeting your nutritional targets across the course of a few weeks. You don't need to meet all your requirements in one meal or even one day. Besides, so long as you're eating plenty of greens and a few different fruits it is quite easy to meet your nutritional requirements eating HCRV.

Here is one day of my food diary to show you how easy it is to meet your targets:





The nutritional target settings in my cronometer are pretty much the 'normal' recommendations, however it is a good idea to ask around on this site as I have heard that some nutrients like sodium have unnecessarily high daily targets, read this article about nutrients:http://www.raw-food-health.net/Nutrition-Requirements.html#axzz1iQH.... Either way you can still see how many milligrams of each nutrient I got, and this was on a day that I was just under 3000 cals, usually I eat 3500+ per day.

B12 injections are the only quaranteed way to go about getting more B12, have a blood test to check all your levels and see if you need B12 shots.

You will get all the nutrients you need on HCRV, except vitamin D which you get from the sun, and perhaps vitamin B12 due to soil degradation and the need to wash fruit and veg due to pestice, herbicide, fungicide, suicide. All plant foods contain all 8 essential amino acids so don't worry about protein, there isn't even a medical term for protein deficiency because it doesn't exist.

Eat up, sleep up, play and stay hydrated!

Heh I've only just realised how old this post is :D




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