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I couldn't believe this......



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at least he's not hiding it anymore. Ha.


Some of the topics that I plan to cover in this newsletter include:

  • Tips on how to become a multi-millionaire, including my own story on how I accomplished this.
  • Free energy
  • Can a car engine really be altered to run on water?
  • What is my role in actually making this type of water engine?
  • The power of manifesting
  • Do UFOs exist?
  • What kind of research plan do I have underway with crazy technology to find out the truth about UFOs? (I’ve never yet seen a UFO and I want the truth!)
  • Connecting with spirit and the unknown
  • Preparedness
  • Tips on how to create a successful business
  • How to make a Webinar ;-)



I personally can't wait to see the articles on UFOs and the engine that runs on water! ;)



Chris Randall

Sweet Derek, thanks bro! 


I've seen a few documentary's similar to this as well, on sustainable vehicles etc. 


Unfortunately we probably won't see much of those anytime soon considering the "powers that be"

But that's okay I guess. I like riding my bike better anyway! :D



Chris Randall

There is no such engine. Electrolysis is well known and cannot be used to make such an engine that will run longer than a few minutes. Water has no extractable energy in practical means, besides nuclear fusion. Laws of thermodynamics.

Laws of thermodynamics are generalizations, so reality doesn't must "obey", it is perfectly possible that a new phenomenon exists and be discovered.

Laws of physics are a posteriori, they only have a descriptive value, reality rules.

Anyway I don't know if that kind of engine have been built.

Can't explain the science behind it, but I remember seeing this a while back and being pretty fascinated.

But the hydrogen comes from water, you put water inside the car and then the water is processed. And yes, it seems that in this case there isn´t any new phenomenon (unfortunately), this time thermodynamics laws can sleep calmly, hehhehe.

Ah, and thanks for the information, ;)

Which is???


Which is...
Raw foods is a billion dollar a year market, not surprising.
nice, good for him!
I also want to be a multi millionare. But with evil tactics? I rather be poor than being evil (again).


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