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So I come across the newest issue of Vitality magazine. Skimming through it I can't help but stop to read "Dental health does your whole body good. To keep your mouth and teeth healthy: Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, limit sugary snacks, ...". They had a few more obvious no-nos for teeth health but those two just made me mad!! I mean...it's just bothering me so much how health magazines are misguiding everyone. How about....eat MORE sugary snacks (fruit), stop eating krap....and don't touch fluoride?!?! I'm curious if anyone else came across this "helpful tip" in the Vitality magazine. Or has anyone come across similar "healthful" tips that just make you think "SAY WHAT>!>!>!??"

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Yeah its funny isnt it. Look at how little fruit people eat and how many weight loss and dental clinics there is around. Must be more longterm 811ers than the handful I know ;)


'dont ride a bike at 15mph cos its dangerous, drive a car at 60mph instead'.

lol! so truly annoying. How I wish automobiles didn't exist...oh no...more sexy fit people may exist if we actually had to WALK places....XD
Fluoride does zero to help tooth decay if used on the outside of the teeth. You have to ingest it (I live in Texas and they Fluorinate the water here). I somewhat doubt that ingesting it even makes a significant difference.

Apparently it is shown to help with younger children (maybe not the stuff in drinking water, but probably more like fluoride treatments at the dentist). After like 12 or 14, from what I've read, it ceases to help when applied to teeth.


As for ingesting it to help tooth decay, can you provide something to back that up? I'm interested to know if that is true. From what I know, fluoride is poison. 

Here is some interesting info on Fluoride. Toxic chemicals for everyone to drink....yum! Hopefully you have some kind of filter for that....So mean to have put that stuff in your water! I heard they did that to the water in some places here in MD. Meh.

Yes, Hitler was the first to put fluoride into the public drinking water because it makes people highly susceptible to suggestion, so then the rest of our governments had to find a reason to put it in ours.


This is an excellent talk on just how bad fluoride is:

DrBlaylock's Talk on Fluoride - YouTube


When I went to the dentist I requested that they didn't put fluoride in there and she sassed me. She told me not to believe everything that I hear and that fluoride is PERFECTLY safe and that I really needed it because my teeth were disgusting. I didn't even know what to say, I was too exhausted to argue and, to be honest, I didn't really have any statistics or facts to back it up (again, I was exhausted and couldn't think of anything).
Skip Vitality magazine, and check out Vibrance magazine instead.



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