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Lierre has became the 'authority' on why vegans fall apart yet she wasnt even a vegan!!


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looks like ning still requires that you use the old embedded code style to get this stuff to show up.

there is a checkbox which let's you get it to show up.


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Isn't it amazing how much one little sentence/sound bite can teach you about someone?   


Very good analogy when you said that her saying that she was a vegan for 20 years and she binged on eggs and dairy every chance she got is like someone saying that they walked to work everyday for 20 years but they took public transportation every chance they got. 


It's not just the fact that she openly admited to eating eggs and dairy while she was calling herself a vegan, but the fact that she said it so carelessly as if it was no reason that she couldn't still claim that she was vegan all that time. 



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