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Hi guys,


I woke up last night with this annoying continuing pain in the left side of my stomach, and I am a little worried... what might this be? I don't like when something like this happen, makes me worried because of my history with laxative abuse. Perhaps it is my overconsumption of dried fruit? I ate 500 grams of dried figs and 250 grams of sundried raisins, and yesterday I ate 3400 calories according to cronometer. Does eating somewhat unripe bananas cause this kind of pain? I have never experienced this before... the bananas I ate weren't severely underripe, but lets say they could have been riper (just a few spots and firm but not hard) I am drinking lots of water, but the pain is still here... I know I have to wait and see if it passes, or else get checked out, but for now I am so worried, I know a lot of you are very informed on health and the body's workings, so I would really appreciate some input on my situation...


Thank you for reading!


ps. it is not my time of the month, so that can't be it.

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Hi there...


You could always try this tips next time you eat


and see if it makes a difference to your tummy

Hi Janne, thank you for the video. She is talking about a different kind of stomach pain though (at the top part of your stomach) I know that kind of pain, but what I am experiences is very low, like at my left hipbone, which is why I am worried at what it might be :(

I know that even slightly unripe bananas gives me all sorts of problems.


I assume you are eating dried fruits since there isn't so much else available so perhaps to substitute it for something else may not be an option for you. do you soak them before eating? maybe make sure too to not eat anything less than ripe bananas and see if that makes any difference.


Was this just a one time occasion or do you get it regularly?

Janne, thank you so much for thinking along with me while I am worried like this :)

To answer your questions, this is the first time I am experiencing this, or well that I am aware of... in other words, if this ever happened, it was a long time ago and I have forgotten about it.


I did not soak my dried fruits, i did notice that after I ate my 500 grams of figs (I ate them in about an hour time), I got quite tired, something that usually doesn't happen when eating lots of fresh fruits. I am eating them 1. because I love them and they fill me up. 2. because fresh fruit is so expensive where I live and I get a lot more calories in if I eat quite a large amount of dried fruits, compared to all the eating/spending I have to do on all fresh fruits, if I were to eat 30 bananas a day and just that, I'd be spending about 30 euros (42 US dollars) a day, that really adds up over the week. And since I like variaty, and eat all organic... it often turns out to be even more expensive than 30 euros a day.

I see. we're both living in the same hemisphere so I understand your situation in regards to availability. I would suggest to always soak dried fruit first though. I know from past experience it makes great difference whether they are soaked/non-soaked.


Personally I wouldn't be worried if it's not a regular pain. I would suggest trying to soak your dried fruit, making sure you eat only ripe bananas, try to relax and then see how it feels. <3

I will definitely soak the fruits from now on, I always forget to eventhough I know it is better!


Right now I am just worried it might be something like colitis or ibs or even a stomachperforation (yes I am slightly hyper-chondriac :P) but I guess if it was a stomach perforation I would be in screaming pain no?

you certainly would!

just try to stay relaxed about it :) and see if it feels better the coming days.



Thanks for the love Janne :) <3


I will just see what happens... right now I am just getting nauseous and am lacking sleep because I woke up with the pain, so it is really annoying, but I will try to get a few more hours sleep and do some exercise and see where that leads me. Fingers crossed.



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