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I'll be on Kopangan from March 15-19 ..... haven't been to Samui ..... but heard its been overrun by the grey nomad- white sock brigade ...thus more upmarket hotels and development... Kopangan more laidback and still a great range of fruit in Thongsala the main port town ++++ a number of fruit stalls around the island. .... check Samui first ..... then you can boat across ........ by the way we stay on the West side of the island away from the Full moon party beach ....... try Laem Son II bungalows in Seri Thanu area ..... well shaded huts under coconut trees plus beautiful sunsets .......

I am, Choeng Mon (northeastern Samui), very quiet for Samui.


Samui is more upmarket  than Pha Ngan (which I'm currently visiting) but fruit prices seem to be pretty much the same. Pha Ngan is more laid back & more quiet, which does not necessarily mean laid back & quiet, depends on where you stay. It's generally more difficult to find quiet & peaceful spots on Samui than on Pha Ngan. Samui also tends to be more expensive, at least housing wise. Samui has more fruit markets around the island, Pha Ngan seems to be pretty much Thong Sala only.


Get in touch if you'd like to know more :-)

how is the durian report on ko samui and phang gan?

for March 2012?

Jesse is right on....i love stayin on the bungalows on the sand with 30minute walk to durians or less......jesse ya get any Durian Bans, or other unique varieties, maybe a sticky Chanee occasionally?  I can live with monthongs, dont get me wrong...big Yellow fricking Cream Puff!

You'd probably be better off asking someone more experienced, but as a novice, I can't say I've fallen in love with the durians available now. Not disgusting but not good either... Though some people I know eat them with gusto. A seasoned veteran could no doubt give a more complete report, and maybe they are good and it's just me who doesn't like them much (I've only had half a dozen, and hadn't had any before I came here, so I'm as green as they come).


There's certainly more of them around now, from small ones to pretty big 'uns. I have no idea which varieties they are, but there are clearly different ones as they look, smell and feel different, from pale green ones with hardly any scent to dark brown ones with a very spicy, rich odour.


I'll most likely be on Pha Ngan until late May, possibly longer. Anyone & everyone welcome to come by :-)

I prefer Pha Ngan to Samui as well.

Samui felt a lot more tourist orientated.

You may want to check out The Sanctuary on Pha Ngan where you can do a juice fast and they have a cafe with pretty good raw and vegan food :)


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