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Have you noticed that? I visited my family the other day and my 16 year old brother and all his friends were there. These are not partiers, actually, they all play sports. But what I noticed is that they all looked like S***. Big dark circles under their eyes, pale skin, looked older than their age...  Of course they were all eating chips and drinking chocolate milk and cokes. I asked my brother what he eats on a daily basis and he said, "i pretty much live of chocolate milk and burger king."  Gross. Processed food is all these kids eat. Seriously. It's disgusting. These kids were all thin too, I assume from playing sports, but looked so unhealthy. I feel bad for this next generation, they are being poisoned by foods they have grown up on and will continue to eat this way and die early. 

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Yes, I'm positive there are. And those people are anyone under the age of 18. 

A few years ago I got on FaceBook and was shocked to see that so many of the kids that I went to school with were not only overweight now but a lot of them already had grey hair even though they are only in their very early 30's.  (Not suprisingly a lot of them had at least 1 picture of themselves standing by a barbeque grill grilling up hotdogs and steaks :(


It's can certainly be sad to see others around you ageing and suffering, but it also feels good to know that you not only were able to avoid falling into that trap but that you can also inspire others to find this lifestyle as well. 

I know. I can't completely say I didn't fall into the trap because I ended up being 30 lbs overweight. I've always stayed away from fast food and dairy but I used to drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of meat. I started eating a lot more meat in my late 20's due to the low carb craze. 811 is helping me to take off all the excess toxic weight I've built up over the years. In the last 90 days I've lost 16 lbs, scale weight and dropped clothing sizes.    

 I had lost weight in the past (6 years ago) eating about 1300-1500 calories a day but I was starving and going crazy so I gained it back and have never attempted to lose the weight again. The thought of starving like that wasn't worth losing the extra weight.  But now I can eat as much as I want and the fat is flying off. I love it! I wish my eyes had been opened sooner. I thought I was doing good by staying away from dairy and most processed foods. I had no idea that meat I was eating was making me toxic. There is so much unlearning to be done in America. 

I completely agree, kids look awful these days. I graduated from high school a couple years ago and I always saw the football players eating Doritos, eating pizza, etc. Once, in my Sophomore year maybe, I was talking to a football player about his diet and he said "well I do football so I can eat (insert whatever crap food he ate)." We live in a calories-in-calories-out, everything-in-moderation society where children are taught as long as they eat a "balanced" diet and don't eat too much food, it doesn't matter what they eat. Just look at school cafeterias.

At my high-school kids could get pizza dripping in fat, spaghetti with meatballs, iced-cream, and other fattening foods. I forget who, but the people who regulate school kid's lunches decided to make it so that two tablespoons of tomato paste counts as one serving of vegetables! Because school lunches don't even slightly resemble the recommendations in the food pyramid even.

Ugh that makes me so mad when people say "well i do (sport), so i can eat whatever", not knowing that it actually does MORE damage to work out without a foundation of proper nutrients than it does to just sit there

I know what you mean. I grew up on fast food, candy bars, and chronic antibiotic use, and had plenty of problems (sickly, constant infections, etc). But the next generations keep having it worse than we did. And it sucks for them cuz they're not in control. They have well-meaning but ignorant parents—actually seems like child abuse. :(

I know what you mean. My little sister is 12 and has the biggest dark circles under her eyes and no energy. I remember my step dad giving her coke in her bottle at my son's age. He's only 19 months! I really feel for her as my mother doesn't try to get her to eat well.

I know what you mean. My little sister is 12 and has the biggest dark circles under her eyes and no energy. I remember my step dad giving her coke in her bottle at my son's age. He's only 19 months! I really feel for her as my mother doesn't try to get her to eat well.

Coke in a bottle? Call child protective services NOW, I'm not kidding. How horrible for you both to grow up in that toxic environment.

They may not die young but they are getting sicker and sicker. Mental and health issues. I don't think dark circles are heriditary. We have a family of 6 and the 4 oldest don't have them but the youngest 2 do. I think it's what they eat. Yes, kids to eat like crap but it's gotten progressively worse. 

I have dark circles as  well under my eyes. Get it from my dad who has them.  I use to seriously dislike how people would say "You look tired."  They have gotten better introducing way more leefy greens into my diet.  

Oh wow Peter, I had forgotten about the amount of drugs kids are on these days. It makes me actually feel grateful and lucky that I only grew up on constant antibiotic use but was never given any brain-altering drugs.

And then all these well-intentioned marathons, etc. to raise money to find the cure of childhood leukemia or whatever...


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