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Hi Banana Fans, 

It's my first day around here. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge from high fat raw vegan to low fat raw vegan. It was great. I was all empowered. I felt I could already see the mangoes glowing through my skin when I looked in the mirror. I ran up the stairs, just because I could. I danced around after getting out of the shower. 

Then today happened. And I realized I don't like bananas that much yet. And for some reason I thought my skinny jeans would fit again after working so hard for 24 hours lol. And all those old voices in my head telling me that I am ONE BITE AWAY FROM BEING CLINICALLY OBESE, they came back with a vengeance and my creamy banana smoothie lodged in my throat. 

But I really want to give this a shot. A good one. I'm blogging about it at thisgirlglows.wordpress.com if you want to read along. Any encouragement would be so helpful and if you guys can point me towards any inspiring before/after threads that would be great. 

~ Ash 

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Hi, welcome and please remember: health, proper physique, skin glow etc. are all cumulative :) If you want something to work for you than you need to work for it. Day in day out ...

Hi, take it one day at a time and don't get discouraged!!!  I am only on day two myself, I am committing to it one week at a time.  I can do anything for 7 days!!!  You can do it!!!

remember that you will not like bananas ever if they are under-ripe! they need black spots all over. and if they ripened in an area below room temperature, forget about it. even if they are yellow with black spots they will still taste mildly unripe and starchy. try eating 20 of those! 

many people get turned off of bananas simply because they are unable to consistently maintain a supply of excellently ripe ones. When they're ripe I can sit down and eat 20 for lunch no problem. If they're even the slightest bit unripe i.e. just starting to get spots, or still a tinge of green at the stem, or not stored at room temp or above, I can eat maybe 12 before I get tummyache, and they taste absolutely gross after about 5. 

Good luck and keep up the + attitude! Read the Welcome Wagon here on 30BAD as well as Dr. G's book The 80-10-10 Diet. 

Welcome to the Banana Ways~
Why do people call it "taking the plunge" when starting raw first? I was all excited and inspired, and couldn't try out enough new fruits.


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