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Last month my period only lasted 2 days and was very light. I've been doing 80/10/10 100% for 8 months I've been thinking about it on and off. Most people would account that to low body fat and or undereating (which i'm neither of) but....


I've heard about other females on this forum completely stopping their periods. I also heard that periods are another way to get rid of toxic waste and primates only get periods once they're lead into captivity and fed against their natural diet, they're also able to reabsorb bi-products from their menstrual cycle. and when I think about it, it would be a burden in the wild, since predictors would be able to sense us much easier.


What are your thoughts on the subject? I'd love to learn more.


Discuss. :)

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Did you find that your skin cleared up as well? I've been fruity with no overt fats; and my skin seems worse :/. Also could you post that link where dr morse says that? It sounds very interesting. Thanks :)

it has cleared up now :) i gave up wearing makeup, focus on sleep, sunshine (sooo vital! during the winter i'll either travel to get my sun, or i'll go to tanning beds once every week to two weeks, and i sun gaze), yoga + 100 squats a day, hydration and eating juicy fruits, and cleanse my skin at night with one part castor oil and one part olive oil and then follow up with rose water and coconut oil :)
i couldn't find the exact video where he says that, but if you've got some time you could
a) search around youtube for it, or
b) email him your question and he'll answer it in a new video :)
before you get better, it could get worse. fruit just shows you your genetic blueprint, your cellular weaknesses. the beauty of being fruity ;) is that when we keep at it, the same thing that shows us what needs work has the power to heal us. it's just about us getting out of the way of what we want to occur so that it has the space to occur :) <3 much love and healing to you! it's all within you! your skin is beautiful and magnificent regardless of its condition. you're beautiful and magnificent and wonderful because you are, as you are.

It seems to me, and I could be wrong obviously because I'm a man....but based on the feedback i've gotten from girlfriends over the years.....the ones that ate healthier, albeit raw foodists or just high raw with some meat & dairy even..all had their cycles, but their cycles were def less intense.
The girls i've dated that were closer to SAD had more intense cycles. If you're not really getting a cycle all together, I would lean say you are probably under eating and that it's not an issue between raw vegan, meat eater, or SAD. 

Just my humble 2 cents.


Yes but think about it, no wild animals get periods so why should domesticated people and pets/zoo animals??

I too think lack of period is due to lack of calories or nutrients.

I am struggling with keeping a healthy weight.

I haven't had a period for far too long now and have NOT ovulated (I check my temperature every morning!). I have just gone back to eating a bit of cooked food. I still eat tons of greens and fruits but I am also eating cooked veg, pulses and wholegrains...let's see what happens!

Hi Melissa,

yay! I am pleased to hear that! Please let me know how things go for you! x

 Good idea Alycia, I will keep you posted, thanks for the suggestion! X

hi Aycia, as promised here is my update: I got my period finally (after 6 months)! yay! I have been eating still LOADS of fruit, but I have also included some cooked (steamed) veggies and pulses. However, I think that what made the difference was the introduction of more nuts, seeds and their cold pressed oils. I am going to stick to this now as I feel a lot more comfortable that my body is working! How are things going with you? XX

well, I am def eating many more calories but havent put on much weight at all. Actually I feel a lot better with a bit more on me, I was too skinny before and feeling uncomfortable, not feminine at all. I have sent you a message with a detailed meal plan! x


So what I'm taking up here is stopping your period IS unhealthy. However, 1-3 day light periods is what should be considered normal. Not the very painful 7 day periods many woman experience.
My thoughts are that if no wild animals have periods, it isn't natural that domesticated pets/zoo animals and humans should bleed with their cycle. It doesn't mean they aren't ovulating healthily, it just means they aren't HEMORRHAGING. Like the article says, if you had a hemorrhage anywhere else you'd see it as a bad sign..


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