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Is it true? Bananas are one of the most Inflammatory Foods?

That's what the cashier told me today as I picked up my weekly case of bananas from Trader Joe's.  I told her I don't get any inflammation from them, and she said it's an internal inflammation, of the intestines.  I asked her how she eats her bananas, she said doesn't anymore, but when she did, she'd eat them when they were yellow, she doesn't like them spotty.  I told her that might be the problem, she said it makes no difference...

Naturally, she said she's read her books, and I told her I've read mine.  We decided to agree to disagree and go our separate ways.  I got things to do, ya know...  But I'm not finished!  I still need to know the truth!  Lol.  I know Dr. Graham's been eating bananas like a chimpanzee for years now, as well as Harley, and they both look pretty good; however, we all know outside appearance isn't everything.  So I just wanna know, has anyone else heard about this?  Does anyone know the science behind it?  Could it possibly be true?  Could we be harming ourselves and not even know it?  I mean, we were doing it the whole time we were eating the SAD diet.  It could be possible...

And lastly, just to clarify, I'm looking for some scientific facts on the subject.  Things like "Dr. Graham looks great for his age," or "Harley's a sexy banana-munchin, trailblazin, beast," although valid points, ain't gonna cut it for me.  I already know they look good and healthy.  I have eyes too.  Thing is, a lot of other athletes who aren't vegan look just as good and seem just as healthy.  I'm just sayin.  I need scientific facts.  :)

Hope we get to the bottom of this.

Peace, Love, and Seasonal Fruit,

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I'm curious, what exactly this "internal inflammation" does and would like to hear a reply from someone more scientifically inclined.

Or is this just more scientific mumbo-jumbo that people use to justify more of their bad habits and addiction to salt-laden foods?

Does this "internal inflammation"  effect the way you think, live and experience the world?

Does this "internal inflammation" cut down more trees and extinct more lives?

Does this "internal inflammation" reduce your already limited lifespan from 100 to.. 98?

Does this "internal inflammation" effect your ability to express imagination and creativity?

Does this "internal inflammation" cripple your ability to express the emotion of love? 

Does this "internal inflammation" effect you more negatively than.. everything else that people are shoving down their throats?


Even if their are a lot of non-vegans who "look good" and "feel great"; do their lives really help the worldwide problem of pollution, extinction, and deforestation?

There is more to this diet than health, science or "feeling good".  

I understand that perhaps different types of food matter may effect different bodies in a variety of ways. Such as allergic reactions or, as you say, inflammation. If someone eats a particular item once or twice and feels a certain way, be that negative, then by all means stop eating that item.

However, for the majority, the minor inflammation that bananas are accused of causing seem to be a moot point in the over all aspect of health.

I ask you this Stacy;

Is your B-12 level perfect?

Is your Vitamin-D level perfect?

Is your stress level perfect?

Have you been eating raw for 5+ years?

Is your hydration perfect?

Are you finished detoxing from any previous drug, alcohol, salt, or caffeine usage?

Could there be more to your joint pain than, "I ate bananas and experienced inflammation".

Also to add, Inflammation is the 4th stage of the 7 stages of disease (google this). It's the bodies attempt to cleanse the body of something that is seriously ailing it (being that you've already, prior to Inflammation, experienced Enervation, Toxemia, Irritation; which are due to something other than bananas)

Unless there is hard science to prove that not only does eating bananas cause severe inflammation which aids into the decline of overall health, which is obviously not the case for most people eating bananas (see durianrider, freelee, orangutans and the like), then why care if bananas did infact cause any inflammation?

Another thing to point out, if science does prove that eating a ton of bananas causes inflammation, then why not just have a more varied diet; which is promoted heavily by Dr. Doug Graham (instead of eating 20 to 40 bananas a day).

There are so many more things to worry about than bananas causing inflammation and to me this just seems like more crap spewed by people who are addicted to salt, seasonings and are contributing little if anything to the real cause.


(somebody did his homework before posting ;-))

+1. nanners are so soothing.

Judging by how lean bananas make people in the long run, Id say they lack inflammation factors. BUT the chemicals used on some bananas DEFINITELY could cause swelling in the body.

We know that high potassium diets keep you lean.

High sodium diets keep you puffy aka excessive edema.

Thats why bodybuilder use potassium supplements and cut out their sodium intake a few weeks before a comp so they 'shred up!'.

My biggest tip for weight loss is banana based.  

Can anyone show me an puffy fruit eater after a few years? Me either.

Ive got friends that eat junk and stay slim. BUT when they take time out they really get fat. Im talking FAT fat, not 'postural fat'. ;)

I experience lots of painful inflammation in my body (bursitis in my hips, painful inflamed spots on the skin of my fingers and toes) from eating certain foods (so far I know about tomatoes, potatoes, grains and damaged omega-6 fats), but not from bananas.  Last summer, before I figured out that tomatoes were a huge cause of this, I had my C-reactive protein levels checked with my blood work because I was worried that this inflammation might be affecting me at the level of inflammation in my arteries, which is supposed to be really bad for cardiovascular health.  My CRP levels came back below the least detectable limit, so no worries there.  Thus in my experience there are different kinds of inflammation, and just because you have one kind doesn't mean that you will have another kind.  However, I have never heard of bananas causing any kind of inflammation - they aren't contraindicated for people who have inflammatory diseases like RA, for example.  I don't have a scientific reference to prove that bananas aren't inflammatory (unless you're allergic to them, of course), but I challenge your cashier woman to produce any scientific reference to bolster her claim that they are.  Do you know what books she was getting this information from?

Do you know what books she was getting this information from?

Wish I did, I'll have to ask her next time I see her.  She said she's cut out grains and dairy from her diet already, but still eats a lot of chicken and fish; seems like she's on the right track.  I'll be sure to recommend 80/10/10 to her though, maybe we can help set her straight!  ;)  (LOL, just kidding, pushing beliefs on other people only serves to push them away.  Gotta be gentle and, above all, remember that LOVE is the ONLY Truth)

Peace, Love, Light,

I have always been allergic to bananas. Nothing serious just some mild irritation in the mouth. I have been eating them fairly regularly about 20 a day for the past month. I also switched to only organic bananas and haven't had any irritation in the past week. I have always been taught by many athletes and nutritionists years before I ever heard of this site that bananas are good for you. They help with all kinds of issues that you experience in high stress and physical jobs.  

I have a very sensitive system. I've always thought that I probably have an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. I have Raynaud's disease, which really points me in the direction of autoimmune, but am prone, when eating an inflammatory diet, to get asthma, allergies, skin problems, joint pain, etc. Maybe I'm just "sensitive." Regardless, my biggest indicator of if a food is inflammatory is if my fingers start to swell and my heart rate increases. I get none of these symptoms when eating bananas. Anyway, the googlers have done their research with inflammation indexes and things, so I figured I would offer a case study. 


Why would a species specific food be harmful to us in any way? Doesn't make sense does it?

All food matter is essentially "harmful" to our bodies. Fruit and tender leafy vegetable matter are only the least "harmful" because they digest faster in our system than other types of matter. If this easy to digest matter is to be blocked by matter that is not easy to digest, additional internal problems of course ensue.

The concept of life isn't so black and white. This concept also isn't a specific entity that has the ability to directly pick and choose what species eats what. We eat what we eat because that is what was most available to us as our bodies embarked on millions of years of evolution.

Some food matter that would be deemed acceptable to our digestive system and visually appear to be delicious, can be, in fact, poisonous. 

So, it doesn't make sense to ask why a species specific diet is mysteriously harmful to us, as all food is harmful to us, to an extent. The toxic byproduct that our cells release when they process glycogen is one of the major causes of aging. The excess load of toxins, due to compromised immune systems and poor dilution (water intake); due to lack of cell energy relating to added stress to a compromised digestive system: all will eventually result in disease, which of course, shortens our life spans even further.

Even knowing that all food, even the innocent fruit and leafy green, are harmful to us to an extent; doesn't mean we should fear it.

All other matter like wheat, animal products, feces, insects, tree bark, etc; are thousands of times more harmful than the food matter that we've evolved to process as a fuel in order to allow us to survive long enough to procreate. 

There is no other option. 

The core of our life is to find what food naturally appeals to us and is easiest to obtain with the least amount of effort; procreate; die and feed the worms and trees. Rinse and repeat.

All other concepts are just a manifestation of the ego.  

Wikipedia definition of "inflammation":

part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.[1] Inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli and to initiate the healing process. Inflammation is not a synonym forinfection, even in cases where inflammation is caused by infection. Although infection is caused by a microorganism, inflammation is one of the responses of the organism to the pathogen. However, inflammation is a stereotyped response, and therefore it is considered as a mechanism of innate immunity, as compared to adaptive immunity, which is specific for each pathogen.[2]

We are all familiar with this.

THEN, Google the Inflammation Factor System, which claims bananas are highly inflammatory, and you find through the link to Nutrition Data:


The IF Rating™ System

Monica Reinagel, a noted nutritional researcher, is the creator of the IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™ system. Before creating her system, she spent years studying systemic inflammation, and compiled data from hundreds of different research studies. Her system considers the inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects of more than 20 separate nutrients. In Nutrition Data's opinion, this rating system is the most sophisticated approach to date for predicting the inflammatory effects of foods.

Early in 2006, Monica authored the book The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, which provides simple guidelines for using her system to plan your diet, and includes IF Ratings for 1,500 common foods. Nutrition Data recommends this book to anyone considering using the advice of the IF Rating™ system. You can also learn more by visiting InflammationFactor.com.

NOW. Can anyone see, just by these few bits of information, how easy it would be for this science to be flawed? How do we know, first of all, that a person who is eating a standard diet isn't already prone to inflammatory responses to foods, and that those of us who are LFRV are not susceptible in the same way? 

The IF System is based on the inflammatory response the body has to 20 KEY NUTRIENTSThen, this is mistakenly applied to foods that contain these nutrients. It assumes that foods with higher concentrations of these nutrients much be inflammatory. There are so many problems with this! A food is made of many parts, and it is more than the sum of its parts.

Yikes. Another crappy system of Western Nutrition designed to confuse people for profit.



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