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My parents are iffy on letting me eat more than one durian per week because of the stories they've heard of it killing people :P, Is it really that bad or are people just trying to scare us away from it because of the bad smell?


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aside from the 30% fat i mean i wouldn't eat them every meal..

Interesting question, as many here in southeast Asia think so. I've heard locals say they can't eat durian because it causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and a myriad other things. However, current research shows that durian actually decreases blood pressure, and they are currently developing a cholesterol lowering drug from monthong extract. 

I'll be writing an article on this question at my site, durianyear.blogspot.com. Stay tuned for a more complete answer!

I've been eating it almost every day for the last two weeks and I am doing great!

From the research I have done it is only a problem if you mix it with alcohol because it disrupts the enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

I also think it is best as a mono-meal because mixing with other fruits can cause gas and bloating.

someone told me that durian causes people to trip out, similar to LSD, and that people have been known to stay tripping out.

it's most likely an urban myth. Then again .....

There's something funky going on with durian! I intend to get to the bottom of it :)

Agreed. There's a bit more to durian than meets the eye....but right now I don't believe it's a negative thing by any means! 

It has tryptophan which is one of these feel-good amino acids that is also in turkey and is sold as a supplement for depression. It gives a really nice-feeling buzz. It is known in Asia as an aphrodesiac!

Proper hydration with durian is CRUCIAL. I'm here in Thailand right now and a little over a week ago I was out cycling in the heat all day and underestimated how dehydrated I was by a long shot. Without drinking near enough water beforehand I dove into about 1500 calories (about a kilo of edible flesh) of durian (ghan-yao to be exact!). Later in the evening I had stomach cramps/pain that literally prevented me from breathing for some moments, rapid heart rate, sore muscles/joints, headache, etc. etc. It wasn't a fun night. My urine was extremely concentrated and smelly too. I won't say it's so much the durian's fault but more it was my fault for not being hydrated enough. 

Granted I probably wouldn't have had the same symptoms, or at least not so intensely, had I eaten watermelon and mangos for dinner, but being hydrated is key. Now just two nights ago I had my fair share of durian again but this time was vigilant on drinking enough water beforehand. Aside from the slightly sluggish feeling you get from making a meal of durian, I was completely fine. So there's nothing inherently "bad for you" about durian, it's just that most of the time when people eat it they mix it with alcohol, crappy food, and are severely dehydrated on top of it! 

I remember when we were in Thailand a few years ago with DR and Free, they said that you had to make sure you were WELL hydrated before eating durian and from memory they ate there durian mostly at dinner time as.their final meal of the day.

That's the way I always eat it too.

Those symptoms you got you can get just due to heat exhaustion and dehydration nothing to do with food. I have had that happen to me where I was in the sun all day and was dehydrated and violently sick, cramps, aching joints etc and did not have a bite after. Don't think Durian was responsible for those symptoms as you mentioned.

I have eaten at least 50 times and never have had to be extra hydrated to eat it, neither has my kids or wife.

It is possibility with Durian's high sulfur content that when mixing with other things may cause an issue.

Or the only other possibility is maybe it was sprayed with pesticides and it absorbs to much. Does anyone know how this fruit is when its is pesticided?


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