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I haven't been watching Dan's videos for very long, I stumbled upon them and started watching them recently, and for the most part I really enjoy them. He's got a really good attitude and outlook on life. Just one problem: I'm pretty sure he's undereating big time. I know Harley made a video about this, but I don't know if he understands how much fruit he should eat! You guys might be familiar with the videos he's been posting about his cross country bike trip. Now, cycling like that burns major calories, so you've gotta be packing 'em back in or you're going to bonk out big time.


Check out this video, where he does like 15 hours of riding on just 30 bananas: 





Now, if we do some quick calculations, you can see he's in the negative big time. I know this isn't completely accurate, but it gets us in the right direction: If you take a 150 lb. man and he rides his bike just 10 hours at 12-14 MPH (which is much less than Dan actually did), he'll burn up just shy of 6,000 calories, just on that physical activity alone. Not factoring in his basal metabolism or the fact that he was riding straight into a head wind for most of the ride. 


Towards the end of the video he mentions he took a supplement, and when I checked it out it contained ginseng and other herbal stimulants. Something like that is definitely going to burn him out too. 


In this next video, he mentions that he did an entire day on about 2 gallons of carrot juice, which would be about 3,000 calories worth according to CRON-o-Meter. 




When I see someone walking down the street and they don't see the manhole they're about to fall into, I say something. Not because I feel obligated to, but because I truly want to see people be happy and healthy vs. burned out and sick. I've reminded my dad (who's severely diabetic, type 2) that he could reverse his diabetes in a week or two if he made changes in his diet/lifestyle. So far, he's done nothing, but at least I know he got the information, from then on it's his choice. 


So let's all send Dan some advice on how to get his carbs in at his "Ask Dan" section on his site here.


His cross country bike trip is really inspiring and I think he's spreading a lot of good information, just not the 100% whole story (like eating enough calories from fruit!). I don't want to see him going off the deep and and binging on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups again! 

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I think Dan is learning that if you want to have high cardio or high muscle then you need to eat a lot of carb cals each day. Same holds true for high vigor.


For someone that doesnt have a history of bike touring, DTM is doing a premium effort.


Bike touring in the US is great cos if you bonk really bad in a day, you can just find a supermarket and restock and have an easy day the next and keep on rolling. Thats the beauty of bike touring, there is no clock or overall classification so you can ride 10 mins a day or 10 hours a day and it doesnt really matter.



If he bonks out, he will learn from it.  He may binge on something not so great, but he'll live.  But most importantly LEARN to eat more.  It sounds like he's already learning this.  I don't think it is anything to worry about.  He clearly would never abandon the lifestyle completely, and we all make mistakes.  I love Dan!

Yeah, you guys are right, if he does bonk out he'll learn from it and hopefully do better next time. 


I was just really concerned because it's not really the same as hitting the wall three quarters through a marathon because you didn't eat enough carbs, it's more like chronically undereating by thousands of calories, and that can spell severe physical and psychological issues....we definitely all make mistakes, but if I had someone stop me before I made the mistakes I've made in life, I would be eternally grateful! The information I've gotten from members of this site actually has done just that! 



Chris Randall

He supplements. And he also eats >10% cals from fats. Cool guy though.

You're right, he might. But, on your calorie calculations, don't forget that a large portion of energy still comes from bodyfat calories, maybe 50%, so perhaps the deficit isn't as big.

Good point Diospyros, long aerobic activities like that would burn a fair bit of fat. But look at Dan, he hasn't got much fat to burn! 


Maybe I'm overreacting a bit, but I've seen and experienced the effects of undereating, it's nothing to mess around with. I just didn't want to see it happen to Dan if it could be avoided, he seems like a really great guy. 



Chris Randall

Oh bonk, not boink, never mind. You guys, shaking the date juice!
I like Dan.  I think he knows what he's doing.  He actually packed on some weight  from eating nuts as he mentioned.  Just cuz he only ate 30 bananas one day doesn't mean he's calorie deficient.  He could've eaten a whole bunch of things the day before...or after the ride even.  Who knows?  We only see what we see in the videos.  I really like his message though.  I think he's positive, light-hearted, and a nice counter-balance to Durianrider and Freelee's more hard-core, tough love kind of message.  Dan is more of a free thinker and inspiring figure.  I hope he continues to make more and more videos.  I've been missing him lately!
Dan seems to know what he's doing. I really don't think we need to draw attention to him in this manner.
He's cute:) so I hope he learns to carb up soon!
I watched his vlog last week and I thought the same thing Chris, 30 bananas for the day while biking 15+ hours!  You've gotta be kidding!  But we know he has seen DR's advice so hopefully he is experimenting with it.  It never hurts to get reminders! :)  I agree with you and DR, if you see someone walking towards a manhole cover with the hole off, warn them!
I was amazed that in the last video that he advised this woman to juice all day and eat like 900 calories a day- 3 bananas for dinner?? And she seems to be coming from a pretty standard diet.  That's going to cause some serious physical and mental distress for her and from my point of view seems so completely irresponsible to advise to someone!


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