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I have hypothyroidism, and when I started eating kelp/dulse/nori/etc. seaweeds a few days ago, I've had SO MUCH MORE energy, it is ridiculous! Would it be more beneficial to eat seaweed as a whole food (and get my iodine up thus) or take supplements instead? If supplements, what kind do you recommend or that have worked for you?

I realize the seaweed may be contaminated, but it's STILL a whole food. If I'm eating more healthy in general (811lfrv after all!!), I feel as though the toxins, incuding mercury, can be more easily eliminated. I also don't want to lose the benefits of eating whole foods, naturally! :D Suggestions?

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I am harvesting (weekly) kelp and other sea vegetables from the beaches here in SoCal, and feeding to composting worms, which really like kelp...then I use this iodine (and other mineral) rich compost to grow my wheatgrass and wheatsprouts for juicing, 8 ounces 5-6 days a week. That way, I get EVERY mineral/trace metal, in the exact proportions needed for life, and to not get unbalanced which can throw off the balance of dozens more.
While Wheatgrass advocates (which I have been one for 35 years) claim that wheatgrass juice has "every vitamin, mineral and enzyme" needed, I call "bullshit", because that can only be true if it is originally grown (or sprouted) in soil that contaims those minerals/metals....which I make sure it does by adding shale dust from multiple sources, kelps, and huge varieties of "vegetables gone bad".
Even the "best" of organics can be severely deficient in what they should provide, even organic gardens can have partially depleted soils...

Thank you both so much for your responses! It's such an interesting topic.  I must say---I have been bounding with energy and brain fog instantly diminished once I started supplementing with iodine.  Do you feel it's safe for me to go ahead and resume use of this supplement at 8 drops per day? of the 2% solution? It's been two days since my "overdose" and my glands are finally feeling normal again without pain.  The amount of energy I still feel at 4pm after work when taking iodine is amazing as this is the time I usually CRASH.  I also can say I am MUCH more focused at work.  and not nearly as cold as I usually am.  I've only been taking iodine since Saturday...in the pill form until my Lugol's came in the mail and I over did it.  Haha.  I appreciate your quick responses on this topic!


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