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I have hypothyroidism, and when I started eating kelp/dulse/nori/etc. seaweeds a few days ago, I've had SO MUCH MORE energy, it is ridiculous! Would it be more beneficial to eat seaweed as a whole food (and get my iodine up thus) or take supplements instead? If supplements, what kind do you recommend or that have worked for you?

I realize the seaweed may be contaminated, but it's STILL a whole food. If I'm eating more healthy in general (811lfrv after all!!), I feel as though the toxins, incuding mercury, can be more easily eliminated. I also don't want to lose the benefits of eating whole foods, naturally! :D Suggestions?

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Iodine is the most misunderstood nutrient on the planet!  You really need more than 1 drop per day to displace fluoride, chlorine, and barium from your thyroid so that it can function properly:


I accidentally took waaaaaay way way WAY too much Lugols two days ago as I was doing the math wrong to convert to mg's. I ended up having like 70 drops in one day of 2% lugols.  My salivary glads became sore and inflamed (and still are a little sensitive to the touch), my mouth tasted like metallic for two days, and I had a weird come and go headache.  However--I also was full of energy.  The amount I ingested was very unsafe.  I'm curious--Does anyone know how long I should wait before taking again at the appropriate dosage? I'd like to take it again but do it correctly this time.  Any advice would be great.  How long do I wait? also--recommended # of drops per day? everyday? Thank you!

In the event of a nuclear power plant accident, the Japanese government gives those affected 50 mg of iodide/day to prevent thyroid cancer from the thyroid’s excessive absorption of radioactive iodine. Japanese typically consume high amounts of iodine/iodide in Kelp. http://healyourselfathome.com/HOW/NEWSTARTS/1_NUTRITION/MINERALS/IO...

So the Japanese typically get 50mg in their diet because their soils have been fertilized with seaweed.  So this 50 mg is in addition to their diet.  The U.S. recommends 100mg a day in a nuclear event.  We are having a nuclear event/s, it's just not being reported in the news much. So you just had twice the amount recommended by the U.S. government for a daily dosage.  

Article on latest Fukishima events: http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/02/08/unimaginable-levels-radiation...

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/feb/03/fukushima-daiic...

Wrong type of iodine, the iodine used to fill the receptors that would accept radiation is a much lower quality iodine than you want for dqily optimum health. Extensive information out there on this subject that is still accurate after 50 years.
The info on iodine is "infinitely" better lately. The recommended daily minimun up to lately is only enough not to get a goiter...up to 100 times that amount is needed for optimal health. Many times the minimum recommended is required to produce the 2-3 hormones that every organ in your body needs 1-2 of. Spend half hour reading several sites. They all agree, none contradict. I reversed a sugar problem in 2 days when adding the supplement. Also eating copious amounts of the Trader Joe's Wasabi flavored seaweed, the first one I could eat that did not overwhelm me with "fishy taste"....I eat 3-5 packages a day, and seem to like it instead of my cursed sweets addiction.
I do 5-7 drops in virtually every juice or beverage I make for myself, likely 30-35 drops/day.

The fog lifted in 24 hours for both my wife and me...and I had never even felt like I was in a fog...most peeps view me as '"hyperactive"...now I have a lot more focused enery without the ADD effect exaggerated.

>the Japanese government gives those affected 50 mg of iodide/day

"Wrong type of iodine"

Oh gosh, I totally missed that! So glad you pointed that out.  After lots of reading I take Lugol's 5% solution I get from J.Crow's.  50mg daily for a couple of months or so which is 8 drops.  I take it all at once in the morning. I notice my nails are stronger but not much else, maybe I will increase my dosage.

So interesting to read your experience Rock, are you taking the 5% lugols?

Different product, differing unit measurement.
I was using another product, my wife did a bunch of comparisons, chose thos product based on description and price.
I compared to "mine" and decided that there was virtually no difference.

She is happy to have it in her coffee and beer as well (I do not drink either of them)...

But she has no idea how much (and it is a lot) she (we) get daily, but she is happy with the results.

Pictures of what we use:
I have done very well the last 40 years avaoiding any "elemental" size mineral supplement, spendin the extra $ for "atomic" sized.
One description of the minerals in Lugol's is "Elemental", automatically an indication that perhaps only 3-5% is available for use by the body, which means the rest is stored "indefinitely" unused in the body, (not good) or immediatly flushed away as "unusable"...(also not good and EXPENSIVE). Only "atomic sized" or described as "colloidal" can pass through cell wals to be used. 100% of minerals/trace metals (essential ones) in plants are already "atomic", "colloidal" because it has been filtered to size by passing through the root, stem and leaf walls....
Note; the term "colloidal" is not an accurate description, but is used to describe "atomic" in mineral supplements. Colloidal actually means "so small as to stay in suspension"...which elemental sized particles can actually do also...just saying in case one of you wants to (accurately) refute the definition....

Thank you for this information. Looks like I will be throwing out the Lugols and switching over to the Nascen

Don't throw out anything based on unsubstantiated opinion from someone on the internet...and even if you vett it as accurate does not mean it is "worthless"...keep it for "backup" or to keep in the car or to take camping, etc...

After all, I may be inaccurate in may educated guess, as I did imply I have not duely investigated Lugol's yet.

Very good point, Rock.  I will do my research based on the information you have provided, rather than tossing my Lugol's.   Thank you for explaining your findings and sharing your experience with us.  I'm looking forward to learning more regarding iodine supplementation. 


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