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My name is Juliane and I decided to get on the lfrv diet to cure some of my recent digestive as well as skin problems.

I started to have really dry eyes and developed a red rash on my face, which after a while remained and is omnipresent. Grrrrr. I was diagnosed with rosacea as well as ocular rosacea and eventually also with rapid gastric emptying.
Pretty much, I'm not digesting my food and I see it undigested coming back out. Very frustrating.
I know that the skin problems are cased by the digestive issues and so I decided to change my diet.

One month ago I stopped eating my 25 food intolerances and then 2 1/2 weeks ago I decided to cut fruit out completely... but I had never felt any worse and I did some more research.
I feel the lfrv diet can make me healthy but I am often doubting myself.

For example, my face was more red today than ever before and my stool has more undigested food in it than ever before.

When should I see improvement in the digestive issue?
I really need some supportive words. Plus my diet seems sooooooooo boring. Eating one fruit gets old and at the end of the day I feel sick of that fruit...


PS; I have food intolerance to tomato, which makes it hard to get something zesty, which I really need.

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Hi Juliane, welcome. I am not able to offer you assistance but I hope someone else on the forum has some experience here.
Hi Juliane,

Welcome! I have leaky gut and multiple food intolerances. I also have rosacea which at times spreads to the eyes. I have bacterial vaginosis and candida overgrowth. I started doing 811rv a year ago. The longest I have maintained it at 100% is 6 months. I eat 811rv about 99% of the time. It does take practice and perserverance. I have been up and down with my symptoms and also see undigested food in my stools. I recently discovered that I have a high level of oxalates in my urine which indicates that I am not processing the oxalic acid in my food. Apparently, this can either cause leaky gut (and all it's symptoms) or be caused by a leaky gut. I am now eating a low oxalate diet which is 811rv--limiting my food choices even more. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks and have noticed a big improvement in my symptoms. I am hoping that this will resolve my long standing health problems.

How do you know you have leaky gut? Have you been tested? How long have you had problems? I can give you more history on my ordeal if you are interested. I am wondering if anyone else on here has healed leaky gut. The food intolerances and oxalate issue have made it difficult for me to heal. It is also difficult to find a doctor who understands all of this stuff. Just eating 811rv did not work for me. Even when I was 100% for months at a time, I still got pretty bad symptoms after I would eat a meal. Because oxalic acid is present in all fruits and veggies, I was getting more than I could handle just about every day. Now that I've cut it way down, I'm beginning to feel better. Hope this helps.
Meditation helps a great deal with leaky gut and food intolerances and skin issues. Go to Dr. Stoll's website and read about Skilled Relaxation but ignore the diet advice. LFRV is the best diet wise.

Best of luck to you!
Hi Johanna.
I was never diagnosed with leaky gut and therefore don't KNOW that I have this. I am assuming as I have all of the symptoms. Howevere, these symptoms could also be a varietyy of other conditions, such as heavy metal toxicity or parasites. In a way though, even those other conditions cann affect your gut, be caused by leaky gut or cause leaky gut... so it defintiely is a good idea to treat it as if I do indeed have it. Regular doctors diagnosed me with rosacea and rapid gastric emptying, which I wonder is just a fancy word of saying "leaky gut". My stomach problems didn't really start until I took a 2 week dose of antibiotics, so another clue as for it to have to do with the stomach.
I'm also doing a parasite cleanse just in case.
I would love to hear more about your experiences.


Day 9 of 80/10/10...
Sounds like you do have leaky gut (don't know for sure), but You sound like my girlfriend who definitely had it.
She decided to go 100% 811rv with me for the month of August. She started on the 3rd 7 days ago with zero
slip ups. She no longer has food intolerances tomatoes etc. She feels "better than she thought possible" in her words.. The bottom line is, if you stick with this 100% by the book, you will break through to the other side with optimal health. You might have to get worse before you get better, but it will happen. Try doing mono meals to begin with for you digestion. Good luck with everything and never give up! :)
Hi Juliane,
Do you drink only filtered water?
Welcome! You seem to have much healing to do. I wish you the best of luck (luck=living under correct knowledge).



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