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Intense Detoxification at 16 Month Mark *Updates- Please Share Your Insight!!*



Thought I'd provide an update for everyone regarding my detox. It has now lasted around a month, and over this period of time I've experienced intense waves of both diarrhea and constipation, both going in 3-4 day cycles. I've also had quite a bit of bloating, pimples breaking out on my face and body odor. It's interesting as in this time I've noticed that one of my severely receded gums that was once black is healing very quickly and turning back to pink. I really have no idea what this all means. 


I've also gained 10+lbs of who knows what. My definition has disappeared and I have a very bloated, flabby look. Cellulite has returned on the backs of my thighs, and I can not fit into the majority of my pants and shorts. It's a bit concerning. 


I've had constant indigestion and I've decided after a long month of digestive pain and discomfort to get a colonic. I'm going to hold out for a couple more weeks, but if this constipation/diarrhea cycle continues I really have to do something about it. I'm not usually an advocate for unnatural processes like this, but I'm becoming a little desperate at this point. Only around 30-50% of my usual excreted waste is coming out on any given day. I believe that this is cause for concern. 


Please, if anyone has any insight on what could be happening, or any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Nothing has changed with my food intake, exercise, sun, or sleep patterns. I'm eating mostly mono meals and plenty of fresh local produce. 



Hey everyone, 


Just to provide a bit of background I recently started eating overt-free for the summer. I've been eating simple fruits and veggies for 10 days now. I did this last summer and experienced a wonderful feeling of lightness and an increase in energy and endurance. 


In the first few days my digestion did some cleaning and I had already started to feel the benefits. I also had a white coated tongue for the first 5-6 days. Today, however, is a different story. I woke up and drank my usual litre of water and had a banana/date smoothie. For the rest of the day I had absolutely no desire to eat which is quite rare for me. I ate a few oranges at lunch and felt full immediately. Around 4pm I decided that I should probably eat something as I would be riding my bike to my Spanish lesson. I consumed a very small green smoothie, somewhere around 400 calories worth. 


I usually consume 3000 calories per day but I could barely get the food down today. Within the last hour or so I've been experiencing some pretty intense pain in the region of my large intestine. I had a two very dark and flaky bowel movements that were quite uncomfortable. I feel extremely dehydrated so I've been drinking a lot of water to help the process along. Also within the last hour I've experienced a large amount of water retention, bloating and gas. I've had a few similar experiences in the past while my digestive system was cleansing but never before with this pain. It feels very similar to the pain from my monthly flow while I was eating a SAD diet. 


Has anyone else experienced this before? I feel uneasy when there's pain and I don't understand the reason for it. 

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I think it's wise to note that I used to have bad digestion problems. Around once monthly I would vomit uncontrollably after a meal and not by choice. I had chronic constipation and for the first 15 or so years of my life I had a bowel movement every 4 or 5 days.

Throwing up is usually due to improper food combining along with unhealthy foods.


I agree that water only colonics can be beneficial, though I've only had one in my life and was not all that impressed with it.  Personally I have used a 2 quart enema bag filled with pure water many times and found this to be very helpful.  Water enemas helped me to get relief from an extremely painful gall stone a couple of decades ago.  At that time I took six of them one day due to the pain and this greatly helped.  Also my diet was improper at that time which likely was the cause of the problem.  The most beneficial remedy was that I stopped eating grains and went back to eating a large raw green salad every day.  This combined with the water enemas got rid of the pain from the gall stone within a week and it's not ever returned.

Hi Tarah,


I can't believe this is still going on!  Well be grateful you are at home and not on a trip right now!  It really is interesting that your gum is healing, this seems like a sign that your body is on the right track.  Gaining water would be normal if you are expelling old toxins.  The cellulite could be your body eliminating those toxins through the skin.  Same with the pimples and body odor.  How are you feeling energy wise?  Is the pain in the intestines mild or how would you rate it?  I wonder if a 3 day water only fast with complete rest would help.  This is probably the first thing I would do.  Have you been able to get complete or lots of rest on any days and has this helped?  Since you are better in the morning, it seems that your body is responding very well to rest.  If you haven't done it yet, I would spend a day or two or three in bed and see if that helps move things along.  

The body is a miracle and knows what it is doing and you are giving it all the best conditions for health.  If it was radiation poisoning, I would think you would have had symptoms long before now.  I don't think pregnancy would cause the symptoms you are having, I have never heard of it.  You said you felt the benefits from the first bit of healing/detox you experienced.  From everything you have described, it seems to me like your body is doing some good things for you, I would help it along by giving it more rest, physically lying down with eyes closed, digestive wise however you can (maybe a short 3 day water fast), mental/emotional rest.  Wishing you the best, lovely Tarah! :)




Hey Ednshell,


Wonderful reply! Thank you! I agree. It feels like detox and really, it's what I've always wanted; to get all of the old toxic build up out of my body. I am very grateful that I am at home. 

The intestinal pain has mostly subsided. It's nothing like it originally was. It's only discomfort now. 

Do you think that a three day juice fast would also be beneficial? I cannot imagine giving up food! Maybe even watermelon and orange juice...Or something of that nature. Juicy fruits and the like.

Unfortunately I have been pretty underslept this past week or so. We were staying at a friends cabin and then attended a music festival that went late into the night & didn't get much sleep. I've only slept about 7 hours per night for a week and I can definitely feel it. I woke up very exhausted this morning and have taken the day to rest and relax. Early bed time tonight also. 


I agree about the radiation poisoning. I was in Otsuchi in March, and have not experienced symptoms up until 1 month ago. I also do not believe that I am pregnant as I am very careful. I will get all of this tested either way simply to rule it out. 


Thanks again for the lovely reply :) 

I think an orange juice fast is a great idea, with the pulp of course.  Watermelon might be good too if you are able to get in enough calories.  I would do one or the other.  Since you have been under rested, if it were me, I would try the extra rest and see how that effects things while eating normally for a few days and then do the mono fast.
This is so funny, I just went on this website to look up if anyone was going through detox like i am. i have been raw for 3 months, on the raw fruit low fat vegan diet. Mostly fruits and veggies, and occasionally some seeds and nuts. i went raw for thyroid issues, and did not want to be on medication. A lot of my thyroid symptoms seem to be less, BUT I have had constipation and diarhea for the past 3 months... it also goes in cycles, and I also get painfully bloated, and also feel like I've gained weight. Should I do a colonic or a salt water cleanse? Or is all this just part of detoxifying and should i be patient? If anyone knows any answers to this I'd love to hear it too!!! Like how long does detox take? tarah hope you found the answers you were looking for!

Lucy, I am being patient. Unfortunately I cannot take a few days to rest at this time, but if you can it comes highly recommended from many senior members here. 


I am getting blood work done today to see if I have any deficiencies and or abnormalities. But since you're very new to 811 I would increase the amount of exercise you're doing and be sure to drink plenty of water. I had some similar symptoms when i started 80/10/10 though not as severe. 


It also depends on your eating history and what you were eating prior to this lifestyle. 

Bit of an update this morning. I had the best bowel movements that I've had in over a month. I had two very large movements this morning, around twice the size of the average before this detox. They we're healthy, but in the shape of around 1ft of colon. Crazy! 


I feel much better!

:D  Peace, PK

Yay!  Lol, nothing like a good poop! ;)


Louise Hay's affirmation for bowels from You Can Heal Your Life:

Letting go is easy.  I freely and easily release the old and joyously welcome the new.

Love that book Ednshell!


I'll take a look through it, I have a thrift store copy here. 

It has some great stories eh?  I once repeated the I love and approve of myself affirmation for 2 days, I had an unexpected experience, suddenly it was like a veil was lifted and I could see how everyone around me attempted to seek approval from others, strangers and family, it was quite amazing, it wore off after a couple of days.


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