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30Bad seems to be dominated by these types of threads lately. 

So you've gained weight after years of abusing your body. Cry me a river. Perhaps instead of being so vain as to focus your entire existence around your waist measurement, take a moment to be grateful for the fact that you actually have food to eat. Take a minute to remember that you are privileged enough to be able to choose health. 

Millions of people in this world are starving to death, but your life is over because you think you're too fat to exercise. That'll help. Sit on the couch on your new fat arse wallowing in self pity. Or You could accept that your body needs time to heal and get out there and move your ass! 

This is how fat I've gotten on fruit after two years of following this lifestyle. AND folks, this is just after I went 40 days without a bowel movement and was retaining tons of water due to extreme stress!

There's all this talk of long timers supposedly gaining weight and have troubles with fitness. I haven't seen it yet. Where are the pictures? Who are these fat long term fruit eaters? I sure don't feel fat. I could list a whole lot of fit long term fruit eaters:

Kristina Carrillo Bucaram


Megan Mcdonnell

Teri Leventhal

Drew McCall Burke


Roziland Graham 

Gina Matthews 

Anne Osbourne

It goes on and on...

So instead of feeling sorry for your privileged self, find a hobby. Volunteer. Exercise. Live. Stop spending every moment of time stepping on the scale checking how much weight you've gained and be grateful for your life. 

End rant. 

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Totally agree with you Tarah! Well said :)

Great to hear Alison,

I had just read your post about your experience. It's wonderful that you've realized your health potential before things became seriously wrong. 

That's exactly what I mean. I was small enough to fit into a 00 when I was 14, after restricting my calories basically down to nothing and binge drinking. Of course I'm 6 inches taller than you, though. It wasn't a good look for me. 

You're absolutely right. It's beautiful to be able to eat with abandon and not feel any guilt. It's essential to your sanity!

+1  You are an inspiration, Alison.  :)

I think women need to remember feminism and take our sanity and our self worth back and stop trying to fit a body image that isn't possible for more than 5% of the population.

Hear hear!!! :D About time you ladies started running the world instead of stressing over some curves!

So true :)

SO proud of you Alison, what an amazing story! :)

Great post!

Well said! Aside from that your feeling great because alot of the heavyness from eating on the SAD diet is leaving your system and you may even have some "PEP" in your step as a result, you most probably would like to see some "Fruits" :) of our labour. But I guess we just have give it a bit of patience as the SAD diet most probably has done some crazy stuff to our systems' over time.............in HCLFRV.....paitence is a virtue.....Just keep doing what your doing and have fun! Its all good!

Just what I needed to hear!! I totally agree with you , thanks, you just became my inspiration.

Any advise for a 5 day newbie?

Water, fruit, sleep, exercise!

and LOVE :)

Amen to that!


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