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last night i woke up because i heard a crinkling sound coming from my kitchen area. i peaked out over my covers (my kitchen, bedroom and living room are all one room) and saw my dogs little bottom wiggling around while her nose was burried deep in my banana stash. 

I'm not surprised because sometimes i come home to find that she has pulled banana peels or mango pits out of my compost bucket to munch on. whenever i am chopping veggies, she waits patiently for stray pieces to fall on the floor. 

i dont have the money to buy her expensive vegan dog food, but im starting to think she might be able to live off of the scraps of my fruits and veggies. she seems to love them.

whenever i take her to visit my parents, my dad says "you are trying to turn this dog vegetarian" and i say "no dad. i just like to give her treats when she's good and i dont have left over lamb shanks in my freezer like you do."

i guess he's right though. people often remark on how they cant believe she actually likes some of the treats i through her way. i guess i am converting her. i just didnt realize it. in my opinion its all for the best. she could stand to lose some weight anyway.

anyone else have pets who have an unusual taste for fruits and veggies?

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Too cute.

My chihuahua is not a vegan but she also loves fruits and vegetables. Zucchini, mango, banana, lettuce, cucumber...Whenever I chop anything on the cutting board she comes running. :P

im glad im not the only one experiencing the cutting board phenomenon. she could even be in the other room and the second that knife comes down shes at my side.

ok this morning i mixed some cut up carrot into her dog food. i watched her pick out the carrot pieces, drop them on the floor in front of her food bowl, and them eat them all before eating her dog food. she always eats her favorite thing first so she must like them better. i going to  try to see if she can stay healthy if i replace half her food with raw fruits and veggies. i know dogs naturally would eat mostly animal protein but i also know they can thrive on vegan diets if they get the right nutrients. i think itll help me get her weight down a bit because shes gotten a little pudgy over the winter.

My dog loved carrots and bananas to the point that he wont let me eat em unless i share :)

Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores, and wolves in the wild eat lots of vegetable matter, and fruit when they can find it.

Both of mine are on vegan diets, and they're thriving. The terrier mix isn't as keen on fruit, though he loves his veg, but my lab mix is crazy for fruit. Especially dates! I'm not allowed to make a datorade without feeding some to him too. (And he nags me to go to bed at a sensible hour, and take lots of walks. Honestly, he's great for this lifestyle! :D )

The Jack Russell I used to have was the same. He lived to a ripe old age, and his favourite foods were red peppers and melons. He loved chillies and curries too, but that was back when I was a cooked-food vegan.

that's encouraging. she's a corgi and i want her to live a long healthy life. corgi's gain weight really easily and because of their long bodies it can put alot of pressure on their back. people call me crazy when i feel her "human food". i politely tell them there is no such thing as "human food". there is however human-made, dehydrated, preservative-filled "dog food" lol. 

i find more and more than she prefers fresh fruits and veggies over her dog food. i think I am going to slowly ween her off of it. do you have any suggestions what i should feed her to make sure she gets all her doggy nutrition?

my chihuahuas love my bananas and apples.  and for treats i give them frozen green beans.  they just cobble them up especially in the hot summer heat of texas.

ooo frozen veggies for treats? thats an excellent idea. i think i will give that a try!

yeah!!! they love them.  now whenever i open the freezer they think its SNACK time. Ha!

Yeperdoodles! :D

Lots of vegan dogs here, cooked and raw:

Topic 'Veg Pets - Dogs and Cats'

So cute


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