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My teeth haven't been sensitive till about a month ago and now that I look in the mirror I can actually see exposed dentin on two of the teeth on the left side of my mouth! Those two teeth I have to brush crazy slow cause if I just barely touch a bristle to the exposed part it hurts like you have no idea.

I think my date eating has caused a little bit of this. I usually eat dates before bed and I have noticed my teeth turning sensitive as I eat them or briefly after eating them. I eat them whole by the way.

I also eat about ten oranges everyday as well. I haven't felt my teeth get sensitive while eating those, but I do blend my oranges with my greens so maybe that helps. 

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to improve my teeth and hopefully grow back my enamel? I really don't want to give up my oranges and dates. They are a big part of my diet and if I took them out I'd pretty much turn into a banana only guy. 

I really hope this improves. There are a few people who are really betting on this diet to hurt me in some way and I don't want to give them any satisfaction.

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Actually I noticed that oranges do get a lot sweeter after a week or two being stored in room temperature. I never even eat them immediately after purchase anymore.

Not that I would recommend them to anyone with teeth issues anyway.

My observation too. Same with pineapple.

I was brushing hard before I turned LFRV. I definitely brush slow and soft now so no worries there.

Yeah, even though oranges are amazing they tend to be a real gamble. When you buy your produce by the case it's very hard to know if all your fruit is ripe and ready. Oranges are hard to determine if they are ripe to begin with. You have to actually cut them open and then taste.

Rawfruitygoddess, i can find non fluoride toothpastes, but not ones that are also non glycerin.  What kind do you use?  Thanks....

anyone have any information on xylitol in toothpaste and electric toothbrushes?

xylitol is a  natural sugar that also happens to to help get rid of the bad bacteria in the mouth, so it's good.

great info, thanks christine :)

I wouldn't eat xylitol, personally, b/c it's  man-made (factory produced) chemical. 

DR had something to say about it in his vid on youtube about David Wolfe (the one addressing how DWolfe said something about having a fruit habit is like having a cocaine habit.)

DR said xylitol's made in a factory, it's a white powder, etc.

It's a chemical and I know there are some who are sensitive to it (those w/ digestive issues, in particular.)  My son has issues w/ it. 


Ok Brian honestly, if you want to play it completely SAFE as can be here this is what i say ( as i have felt some stuff with my teeth too - which i think only has improved since going 80/10/10 - they were far bad before this )

1. Personally i say ween off the dates (IF they are dehydrated and have no water as part of them) stick to only NON stick foods. keep an eye out for the ease of your teeth if you know what i mean :) > look for real true whole foods (which any processes make them lesser) then you can incorporate what you must (like the dried fruit as you must as i am doing) a temporary adjustment you can make can be to up your bananas (yummy) and decrease your dates as you can (while still getting your carbs and cals in as you need :) )

2. TAKE IT EASY ON YOUR TEETH <3 give them healing time as you do not interrupt them with POKING at them (oh what is this ouch it hurts see!) or even chewing your food with them (use others while they heal) brush and take care of them oh so gently as it is a very touchy subject i know you understand what i mean here!.

3. STRESS: sleep and REST more even is great silence your mind and breathe as this will help your healing process and get rid of your STRESS this is big because your teeth and stress are so highly related! ( as im sure you are stressing about this lifestyle ("diet":p) and many other things! you are not super being amazing as much as you think you are :) keep that to a minimum and get humbled by nature )

so i think stress and relaxation is the most important lets renumber these.

1. Stress and Relaxation.

2. REST/healing

3. being number 2. up there - take care(TLC) of your teeth baby!

3. honesty / detoxation (as this will come one way or another)

and as a side note which number 1. up there WATCH YOUR FOODS FOR REAL buddy - you are your our smartie.

i hope this message helps as i have put part of me into it.

my brother went through so many baaaad bad things with his teeth :( he is not near an 80/10/10 diet hehe but he is and was ( at that time ) much stress and electronics (oh yeah lights at night cover your eyes lights hurt you! - for real this will help your teeth mayne!) and DRUGS and well then of course your ol dentist! and he had a very hard time :(

keep your electronics and volume low!

aand DOUG-EE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0a8VWAtwMQ

see its 8 PM and i am on this doing this far too late this is a mistake turning it off now night!

human touch might make your teef feel better too :))))))))))

What are you using to brush your teeth? If it is a toothpaste with abrasives (silica, etc) it will be difficult, if not impossible for your teeth to remineralize.  I like to use Dr. Bronner's bar soap - it gets my teeth clean, and is much gentler than abrasive toothpaste.  Also, be sure to rinse well with water and floss gently after every meal. And remember to eat some veggies too - they are way more mineral-dense than fruit.

I live in Seattle, and I've noticed that most of the organic oranges in the last month or so have been very under ripe.  Navels and Valencias right now are terrible, but I've been finding delicious Cara Cara oranges that are perfectly ripe and sweet at Madison Market and PCC.  Clementine tangerines are also pretty good, and blood oranges are sometimes ripe (pick the softer ones).  It's hard to buy citrus by the case because you can't pick out the ripe ones, and you end up wasting your money on unripe fruit.  You can still find locally grown pears by the case, and they actually will ripen after you bring them home.  They also have much lower acid than citrus, and are easier on the teeth.

I actually just use water. Toothbrush and water.

Oh yeah Valencias are pretty under-ripe now. I switched to minneolas a few weeks ago. I'm not much for pears honestly.

I think what everyone here has been saying is good. :)
To play it safe, I'd stay away from the citrus until your teeth heal just in case it's not quite ripe (though I think since you blend and drink it's not that bad, but make sure you rinse with water after). Blend your dates, either just with water or with bananas. Try to stay away from chewing so much, or eating hard things like apples. Basically blend everything and eat soft fruits lol.

Someone mentioned to eat vegetables too as you need the minerals (especially when healing your teeth!), do you eat them often? Try adding a large salad every night or every other night. I find that eating some celery after fruit leaves my teeth feeling clean, others on here have said the same thing so maybe there's something to it. :) Even though I just said try to not chew so much or eat hard things, lol. But eating vegetables feels different on my teeth than the sugary fruits.

Also, rest! It's something simple that many put off or just take for granted. But resting means healing.
How long do you brush for? I brush just with water usually morning and night, but only for about a minute each time.

Wishing you the best with this, let us know how it goes. :)


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