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I'm a mother of two who hasn't slept in a week. Been eating nothing but fruit veg and rice and potatoes. For the first week I was clear, energetic, and it's become clear I at least have a gluten intolerance. (Don't we all)I am so tired now, I sleep for four hours a night for the past week. I can't afford even banana island for a week, so I have to eat cooked carbs for two meals a day. I could feel the clarity of this way of eating and I don't want to go back. I need more carbs. I am getting around 2000 maybe slightly less. What else can I eat to sustain this? I don't want to go back. Disclaimer I have been a 100% hclf vegan fruitarian before for about 4 months. I couldn't afford it then either but got such depth of understanding from my time there, which is not what I'm seeking this time around, I'm just journeying out of brain fog and mental confusion/split consciousness lack of clear energy. I have been getting 800-1000 calories of fruit for breakfast and then rice and veg or potatoes for lunch and dinner. This is my truth and need this community to rally and be honest about how I can be hclf vegan with a gluten free contingency( cooked or raw can't matter at this point because of the cost) thank you I love you all.

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rice has so little nutrition, if I were you I might try to stick with gluten free oatmeal and potatoes and veggie soups with your fruit meals in the day, basically a Gerson therapy diet, nutrient dense and grain free.  

Under eating can cause a week of feeling great followed by weakness and not sleeping, so you might try increasing your calories and see if you sleep well.  If you meed to you could add calories by making a drink of sugar and lemon, it's just lacking nutrition so eat everything else nutrient dense. 

Thank you, I am able to eat about 4 cups of rice per meal=160 per cup. Almost 600? Idk too tired to think. You think oatmeal would give me more than 600 per meal? Thanks so much. I remember someone saying something about grape juice, is there any other food that can help me supplement?

oatmeal is about the same as rice, just add some sugar to increase the calories.  organic carrot juice is calorie dense and very nutritious and cheap in most places. 

Where do you live?

I would consider moving stones to get blood testing.

What do you feed children?

i belive if you are super athletic/active, or recovering from imbalances, veriety of nutrients is key. But adding calories is as easy as adding sugar to your food, if your trying to add calories, i would consider: sugar, jams, corn and rice bread (flour is cheap as hell, it was created so that armies could travel longer distances, and small groups could recon ahead, it was the first military ration).
What does moving stones mean? Im wondering how long other people experience feeling starving all day to everything eventually leveling itself off.

I think some nutrient dense fats might balance out your calories and help you feel satisfied after a day of carbs. Depending on where you live, avocados might be cheap. If not, you can go for maybe hemp seeds (generally not cheap but great in nutrients), sesame seeds, nuts, or sunflower seeds. Nuts are generally a little pricey and sometimes hard to find raw and unsalted (not an issue if you don't mind cooked and/or salt). It seems to me that sunflower seeds would be easier to get raw and unsalted. Try going to a store where you can buy from the bulk bins to see if that's a better deal for you.

I hope you're feeling a little better in-balance by now!

Rice, dates, cane sugar, oatmeal, cereal, bananas, berries, melons, potatoes, noodles, beans,

Bed by 8-9 and rise early if you want your energy levels to improve.



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