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I have tried multiple times to go raw now and I just don't know what I am doing wrong.

I've been getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, eating more fruit than I could have ever imagined, getting sun and exercise, BUT I STILL can't stop thinking about COOKED FOOD! And, I was feeling so nauseous today (from what felt like a sugar overload) on the way home from work that I made a bowl of whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and instantly felt more grounded and ready to get work done.

I am just super addicted to cooked food or what is the deal? Going vegetarian felt good to me, vegan even better, high-carb low-fat cooked vegan even better (because it cut out a lot of unhealthy vegan foods I had been eating), but this raw thing has reminded me of my anorexia days I feel so bad (no, I wasn't undereating! I started off the day with 10 bananas for breakfast and for lunch ate 20 dates, all the while chugging water).

I know Freelee has said that she resorted to cooked food because she was undereating on fruit, but how is it that right after I down a 10 banana smoothie and I am stuffed, that I still can think about cooked food?? Am I trying to jump into this too fast?? I don't want to waste my big crate of bananas I just bought! Any words of advice are very, very welcome :)

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Awesome!! I hope it is like this for me eventually :)

Trying it right now with my breakfast of 6 bananas :)

If I don't eat enough greens (like, at least a pound a day), I start to feel very unbalanced and kind of disoriented.

That's very interesting, I'll have to experiment with that!

First I am going to say your not a downer! You have the right to feel this way... I have been learning that since I went vegan and then raw vegan is that is listening to your body and not nessecarily what everyone else is saying. Not that what they are saying is wrong just that is may not quite be 100% right for you. That is what I am finding in my personal journey with all this.

I have found trying to force my body more food then it need made me miserable and physically uncomfortable. I asked around about this and I was always told eat more sleep more drink more but what if you are alreading doing that? Also my energy went down not up. My personal thought after a few months of this was my body was using so much energy to digest and did not leave much for me even with the sleep sugar water ect.  So I decided to keep researching which I have been doing since I started on this path back in Jan. I also found that eating more fruit also made be sick to my stomach and eating more greens seemed to help Me! Thats me. I don't seem to crave to bad but I wonder if we are craving some healthy seemed veggies if there is a reason for it. We all want balance. We all want to feel good. We are Lookin for OPtimal Health, Have energy the natrual way with out stimulent ect that is why we took this journey. So remember everyone is different, Everyones journey is different. Don't let people think for you! Get informaiton and make your own intellegent decision. Experiment with what works for you and your body and what is going to bring you optimal health.

The truth is that is what we are here for right?

Exactly!! Thank you :)

I ate fruit all day then had a large salad with one cooked starch or grain at night when I first started. Then when I thought I could handle it without feeling deprived I would eat all raw. Felt great on those days! I exercised, slept good and drank enough water but it wasn't until I got my finances in order that staying on this diet became easy. Maybe some other aspect of your life is not what you want it to be. Luckily the 80 10 10 diet and lifestyle reduces stress, increases clarity, adds physical strength, and allows you address any problems much easier. This was true for me, hope things get easier.

I hope so too. To be honest eating a large amount of fruit has only made me feel slightly nauseous most the time and has kept my thoughts constantly on foods (other than fruit!) I know Freelee and Durianrider claim that this lifestyle is for everyone if they do it right, but I felt so much better transitioning to veganism than I feel now. Shouldn't something that's right feel right?? You're supposed to listen to your body, and my body has been telling me SUGAR OVERLOAD after every fruit meal (even if I down a ton of water). Just thoughts. I want to be a happy vegan, not a crabby, craving other foods vegan. I've tried eating more fruit but that only makes my stomach feel funny.


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