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So I'm having a major binge-out on cooked food today. One slip up a couple of weeks ago and I cant seem to get back on track! I dont know why I keep doing that. I feel like if I were to just have one cooked meal and stop then maybe thats OK but I just seem to go for everything that I like that is cooked. I havent had anything "unhealthy" (I guess it depends on your standards). I had some avocado, temphe, lentil soup, quinoa, basmati rice, brown rice pasta with homemade marinara sauce, edamame. Just wanna stay home and eat. I had planned to do a 30 day raw commitment like many of you suggested but couldnt even get through 3 days. I started feeling really nauseous at the thought of raw food and was only able to handle oranges. I dont know why that happened! I got really depressed too and was obviously not getting enough cals. Everyone has been so supportive here and I feel embarrassed that I keep failing and posting about  it but I cannot shake the feeling that this is what I need to do so I just need advice I guess. What have your methods been for sticking this out longer?

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Ok so in the past when I screwed up badly (cook food overeating) I would try and stuff myself the next day with only raw fruits. Did not work because the cooked food would clog up my intestines and make the fruit that I would eat ferment in my system, cause bloating and major gas, rather than digest correctly, leading me to under eat calories and therefore go back to cooked at night because I would be starving. 

But the solution I have found on the times I messed up and got back on track real quick, was to wake up and drink about a liter of water. Then go out for a jog, (sometimes Jog/weightlift combo) and burn myself out (carb wise), so that after the workout I would have burned up/jumpstart the burning up process of the food still in my system from the night before. Then after the exercise I would drink another liter or so of water to maintain hydration and help move the food farther out of my system, which will allow me to carb the hell up on juicy fruits about two hours or so after the workout, when I would be feeling hungry. From then on its really a mental thing rather than not getting enough calories to stay raw type of thing (and having tons of fruit around to munch on instead of finding cooked stuff helps). Good luck, PS STOP THINKING NEGATIVE GDI, Think POSITIVE LOL

Hey Greg, that makes a lot of sense! Every time I've eaten cooked food and tried to go back to raw the next day, I would just end up feeling really nauseous and repulsed by fruit. I'm going to try that tomorrow. So you're saying that I should wait about 2 hours after workout to eat? I usually do about 90 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga in the morning and eat as soon as I get back. Should I just come back and drink a bunch of water?

Yes drink water You need to give your body a chance to continue to rid the intestines of food, and burn up all the calories you ingested. Then when its farther in your system and wont interfere with a mono fruit meal, youl be good. Good luck!

A good way to get back on track for me, is to do a short juice fast. It's like pushing the reset button. It helps me re-gain self-control and by the end of it, I am dreaming of raw fruits and veggies :)

I would love to do that Caitlin but I dont have a juicer :( I have been drinking a lot of OJ lately

I think what's important mostly (and I speak as someone that has gone through this plenty of times) is the way you think about living fruity, if you approach it by using phrases like "what have your methods been for sticking this out longer?" it almost sounds like punishment or a jail sentence, you know what I mean?

Personally, I will have foods that are not optimal sometimes (like last week actually!) that contain salt or things like cooked grains, but i do not beat myself up about it... it's still vegan, it's still low on the fat side, which i think is the most important thing of this lifestyle.

I think when you feel that living hcrv fruity is a limitation, and you "can't eat" the foods you kind of want to eat.. like  the foods you're familiar with, like cooked fatty foods that give you that heavy full feeling easily (which really can be addictive! I know!) you are more prone to go back, no matter how bad you KNOW you will feel the day after, or even an hour after.

I am also still learning, but I do know that the way you look at things really has influence on how you experience this lifestyle and whether you 'fail' or not.

Hey Apollonia, thats great advice! I guess I really do view this as a "diet" of sorts but I think its just what I'm used to. I remember feeling like this when I gave up junk and refined sugars years ago. At first, eating fruits and veggies was really hard and I kept giving in and pigging out on junk. This reminds me of that. Now my junk is cooked food lol. The point is that  I need to view this as a lifestyle shift, rather than just another diet that I'm trying to make work longer. I know this is what I want to do so I need to not worry about it if I have a slip up. Its just so hard because I feel like shit when I eat cooked. If i just have a small amount of cooked I'm OK, but I can never just have a small amount because I always want more. Cooked food is never satisfying until I'm sickeningly full


I felt like this yesterday, too.  Today, I woke up and drank 1 liter of water.  I went out for a hike with my two youngest kids for almost 2 hours, looking at wildflowers and birds.   Drank a bunch more water.  Ate a big fruity meal and talked to a friend on the phone.  Ate another big fruity meal.  I looked at all the encouraging comments on my blog and thanked everyone individually for those comments.  I feel 100% better.  

Why obsess about "failing" or about making it to a giant goal?  Just focus on getting through this day the best you can.  At the end of the day, write down all of the things you did right and that you enjoyed, rather than going about what you did "wrong" or how you "failed."   (I had parents who always focused on the part of the job that I didn't do perfectly, rather than what I DID do right.  This was a longstanding pattern for me to break in how I treated myself.)

As far as nausea at the thought of raw foods... I find this can happen to me with eating huge monomeals of dates or plain bananas.  Sometimes, just changing the food a little bit helps. I eat dates with apples or celery to cut the sweetness.  I mix bananas with berries or mango.  Usually I start feeling better after I start getting the calories into me.

You are doing great!  And I'm not just saying that.  Hugs!

Hey Greenmama, the paragraph about what you did today made me smile. It really sounds so fantastic. Youre right. I shouldnt see this as a failure but just as a learning experience. Whats difficult about this is that I feel so shitty when I eat cooked that it makes me mad at myself for doing it. Then when I start eating raw again I cant seem to get the calories in because I feel nauseous at the thought of ANY fruit. I havent been able to eat bananas for a while now because this happened just last week too. But I'm gonna get through this I know! I just need to stop looking at this as all or nothing

Glad it helped, Viktoriya.  I know that yucky cooked food feeling.  Are you just really longing to feel healthy and vibrant and joyful?  Are you longing to feel that it is in your power to choose what would make you feel the best physically and emotionally?

Yes I absolutely am! I have moments where I just feel like something is off. The only time that I did not feel this way was when I went 100% fruity for 2 weeks straight. Thats why I am so adamant about making this work! When I eat 100% raw, I feel like I can deal with problems better. Nothing is so much of a big deal. I love that feeling of being in control! I have it in me. I'm meant to be happy, energized, calm, and radiant. Its my birthright! I'm tired of feeling off because of not eating right


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