30 Bananas a Day!

I keep craving salty cooked things all the time, its frustrating because I really want to change my lifestyle.

And i try my best to eat lots of dates and bananas but my teeth hurt me so much, i am tired and frustrated.

Any advice? Should i detox first before starting?

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The only way to detox is to stick to it!  Genuine question- how else would you try to detox??

i was thinking of living on water and lemon for few days till my salt cravings are gone.

btw is it okay if my teeth hurt  alot at first?

and how long will the detox symptoms stay if I stick with it?

I've been HCRV for 4 months now and I still have some detox symptoms.  I gained some water weight at first but that went away, also experienced some mild stomach and tooth pain during/right after meals.  Those are gone too!  My skin broke out pretty bad though and hasn't cleared up completely yet, but it is doing so slowly but surely.  Detox really depends on what your diet/lifestyle was like before HCRV.

I'd recommend against doing a water fast, especially first thing!  Wanna talk about giving yourself intense cravings?  That's a surefire way to do it =[

I'd say just commit to HCRV for 3 days.  If you make it through, commit for another 3 days, then a week, and so on!  It might be easier with a short-term goal rather than saying "I'm in this for life," right off the bat.

I guess I need to just renew my commitment to being a fruitarian daily so that I could keep up with this lifestyle especially at first. 

I enjoy the energy spikes and all that but right now my worst dilemma are my teeth and salt cravings which are both intertwined since I cant eat much fruit in one sitting because my teeth start to hurt badly right after I am done with second date O.o" thus leading me to crave salty food since i didn't eat enough calories. 

Salt can take months to completely vacate your body. Maybe even longer depending on the person. Throughout this process of salt leaving your body, you will have strong cravings. 

It honestly just takes will power and committing to 100% not eating salt. Every time you intake salt, you're falling further down the staircase and further away from your goal.

During the first 6 months to a year of HCRV, next to keeping consistent on your food intake, it's best to have as much variety as you can possibly afford. This will help immensely. 

Keep eating fruit as much as you can to keep your calorie intake up. Put yourself on zombie autopilot mode and try not to focus on what you're not eating. Just focus on getting those fruity calories in. It may not be as satisfactory as the stimulants in cooked salted foods, but as you progress consistently into this journey, your cravings for salt will fall and you'll begin to honestly only crave sweet fruits. 


A suggestion:

Eat as much fruit as you can during the day and when the salt cravings kick in, have savory, unsalted, dishes ready.


For example:

mono meals of honeydew and cantaloupe 

spiralized zucchini with a savory tomato/celery based dressing

blended celery, raw corn, and carrot soups

a box of cherry tomatoes

a simple salad with raw corn, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, spinach... etc, etc.. 


Can i eat dried tomatoes with garlic and corriander? or zucchini chips?

and from what I understand in your post that once salts completely leaves my body I will no longer crave it...wow thats good news I always thought I'll end up cursed with my salt love.

I can't rightfully recommend to eat dried foods and since garlic is toxic to your system, I wouldn't recommend that either.

However, if it's what keeps you off salt for the time being, that is more important than giving into a dish that contains salt.

Binging on unsalted plain potatoes or unsalted plain brown rice is better than binging on a vegan dish that contains salt and other nasty toxic chemicals.  

You won't feel as good eating dried foods or starchy foods that you have to hydrate in order to make palatable. But, giving up the salt entirely, 100%, for at least 6 months or more, can make all the difference when it comes to keeping strong with this lifestyle.

Also to add, unless you are drying your tomatoes yourself or getting them from a very reliable source, most store purchased sundried tomatoes do in fact contain salt, even if the package fails to record this ingredient.

Adding unsalted sundried tomatoes to a tomato sauce and poured on a salad (or just eaten as if it was a soup), can greatly help mend your temporary salt craving.


Is brown rice allowed in the 80/10/10 diet? 

Those are some awesome and simple savory suggestions! Even cantaloupe has a salty flavor to it.

If you are craving salt and concerned about your teeth eating more greens sounds like something worth trying.  If you want a high sodium / salty tasteing meal try making some zucchini past with a sauce made out of lots of tomatoes, celery, and rainbow chard.  (I had never tried rainbow chard until recently and I just can't believe how salty it tastes.)

Hi :)

I'm not 100% raw, but I decided to eat healthy and as much raw as possible.
So I had to cut off crisps.

And I was ADDICTED to crisps!!

My husband used to give me bag of crisps as a present, he collected me at the airport with flowers and crisps, at my mother's house there was always a tube of crisps when I visited her.... I could live of just crisps... 

The last pack of crisps I ate was in February 13th, this year, and when I decided to cut them off, my strength was to be positive.

I don't want to be addicted to something. If I eat something it's because I WANT eat it, not because it's a drug.
So don't think about how you miss salty stuff, think about your body that's becoming more healthy.

I also find really helpful if I keep my husband update with this choice. For example, every time I go to the supermarket, I send him a text "I've just did grocery shopping and I didn't buy any crisps. I'm soooo good! yeah!"
That make me feel better :) 

I tried kale chips but...i don't know...I'm not really into them.

It's not salty, but I prefer munching an apple. 


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